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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted71: hyperestraier (2288d 19h 7m, tried 5 times, testwandboard), msrtool (2288d 19h 2m, tried 5 times, testwandboard), open-axiom (2288d 18h 49m, tried 5 times, testwandboard), rhmessaging (2288d 18h 32m, tried 5 times, testwandboard), thoggen (2288d 18h 7m, tried 5 times, testwandboard), vnc4 (2288d 17h 7m, tried 6 times, testwandboard), xbmc (2076d 5h 26m, tried 2 times, testwandboard)
Built21: xf86-video-msm (2352d 11h 20m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), gcc-mozilla (2352d 1h 12m, tried 2 times, testwandboard)
Installed241: rpcbind (2327d 11h 58m, testwandboard), rzip (2311d 5h 53m, testwandboard), libical (2308d 19h 35m, testwandboard), picocom (2305d 5h 59m, testwandboard), apng2gif (2300d 11h 55m, testwandboard), swftools (2285d 21h 3m, testwandboard), vorbis-tools (2274d 5h 56m, testwandboard), libgcrypt11 (2270d 17h 55m, testwandboard), freeradius (2220d 5h 56m, testwandboard), connman (2214d 21h 55m, testwandboard), 11: openexr (2214d 5h 55m, testwandboard), botan1.10 (2178d 5h 52m, testwandboard), erlang (2108d 11h 57m, testwandboard), gifsicle (2083d 23h 49m, tried 3 times, testwandboard), libgd2 (2073d 17h 55m, testwandboard), mailman (2053d 11h 55m, testwandboard), pound (2048d 23h 56m, testwandboard), python-crypto (2046d 17h 53m, testwandboard), xmltooling (2032d 23h 58m, testwandboard), exempi (2012d 5h 56m, testwandboard), 21: xerces-c (2004d 5h 58m, testwandboard), sdl-image1.2 (1996d 5h 54m, testwandboard), ruby1.8 (1979d 11h 56m, testwandboard), firebird2.5 (1961d 5h 55m, tried 2 times, testwandboard)
Uploaded11: iceweasel (2352d 12h 36m, testwandboard)