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BD-Uninstallable831: haskell-yesod-json (1652d 3h 36m), otb (1652d 3h 36m), fuse-umfuse-fat (1652d 3h 36m), guest-templates (1652d 3h 36m), woo (1652d 3h 36m), sra-sdk (1652d 3h 36m), xen-api (1652d 3h 36m), ncbi-vdb (1652d 3h 36m), srst2 (1652d 3h 36m), openscad (1652d 3h 36m), 11: libnora-ruby (1652d 3h 36m), xen-api-libs (1652d 3h 36m), libvcflib (1652d 3h 36m), trinityrnaseq (1652d 3h 36m), thepeg (1652d 3h 36m), ariba (1652d 3h 36m), xserver-xorg-video-glide (1652d 3h 36m), fsm-lite (1652d 3h 36m), arrayprobe (1652d 3h 36m), foobillard (1652d 3h 36m), 21: rhmessaging (1652d 3h 36m), ghdl (1652d 3h 36m), portslave (1652d 3h 36m), openais (1652d 3h 36m), llvm-toolchain-snapshot (1652d 3h 36m), giira (1652d 3h 36m), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (1652d 3h 36m), clang (1652d 3h 36m), libodbc-ruby (1652d 3h 36m), libdr-tarantool-perl (1652d 3h 36m), 31: ocropus (1652d 3h 36m), mlton (1652d 3h 36m), libjdic-java (1652d 3h 36m), libopengl-ruby (1652d 3h 36m), gubbins (1652d 3h 36m), gfcui (1652d 3h 36m), mingw32 (1652d 3h 36m), gnat-4.4 (1652d 3h 36m), fuse-umfuse-ext2 (1652d 3h 36m), sugar-hulahop (1652d 3h 36m), 41: libkrb5-ruby (1652d 3h 36m), gdc-4.6 (1652d 3h 36m), libfcgi-ruby (1652d 3h 36m), mod-proxy-html (1652d 3h 36m), plastimatch (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-happstack-ixset (1652d 3h 36m), herwig++ (1652d 3h 36m), crac (1652d 3h 36m), soya (1652d 3h 36m), libaugeas-ruby (1652d 3h 36m), 51: libuconv-ruby (1652d 3h 36m), semidef-oct (1652d 3h 36m), libfusefs-ruby (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-shakespeare-js (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-hamlet (1652d 3h 36m), camitk (1652d 3h 36m), utopia-documents (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-shakespeare-text (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-shakespeare-css (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-comonads-fd (1652d 3h 36m), 61: haskell-hledger-chart (1652d 3h 36m), ovito (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-happstack-data (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-process-conduit (1652d 3h 36m), salmon (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-happstack-state (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-hledger-vty (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-data-object-yaml (1652d 3h 36m), itksnap (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-shakespeare-i18n (1652d 3h 36m), 71: hbro (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-notmuch-web (1652d 3h 36m), spades (1652d 3h 36m), hbro-contrib (1652d 3h 36m), rapmap (1652d 3h 36m), haskell-convertible-text (1652d 3h 36m), ginkgocadx (1652d 3h 36m), linux-signed (1652d 3h 36m), yade (1647d 18h 29m), urweb (1642d 13h 37m), 81: debian-installer (462d 1h 38m), rust-cbindgen (398d 19h 39m), linux-latest-4.19 (8d 13h 45m)
Build-Attempted971: gfccore (1587d 22h 13m, tried 30 times, bm-wb-02), libqglviewer (1587d 21h 58m, tried 8 times, bm-wb-02), acovea (1587d 21h 53m, tried 30 times, bm-wb-02), mingw32-binutils (1587d 21h 46m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), ocamlgsl (1587d 21h 42m, tried 13 times, bm-wb-03), apf (1587d 21h 41m, tried 16 times, bm-wb-02), asterisk-chan-capi (1587d 21h 36m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-03), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (1587d 21h 21m, tried 30 times, bm-wb-02), bagel (1587d 21h 19m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-03), bio-eagle (1587d 21h 8m, tried 7 times, bm-wb-03), 11: cde (1587d 21h 1m, tried 30 times, bm-wb-03), bino (1587d 20h 59m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-02), ck (1587d 20h 58m, tried 5 times, testwandboard), consul-migrate (1587d 20h 50m, tried 16 times, bm-wb-02), criu (1587d 20h 47m, tried 3 times, mb-lxc-01), djbdns (1587d 20h 46m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), cross-binutils (1587d 20h 42m, tried 26 times, bm-wb-02), cpl-plugin-xsh (1587d 20h 41m, tried 30 times, testwandboard), efitools (1587d 20h 37m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-02), eclipse-titan (1587d 20h 30m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), 21: ezquake (1587d 20h 23m, tried 4 times, testwandboard), compiz (1587d 20h 20m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), freefoam (1587d 20h 19m, tried 8 times, mb-lxc-01), grpc (1587d 20h 15m, tried 21 times, mb-lxc-01), haskell-cryptol (1587d 20h 10m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), form (1587d 20h 1m, tried 8 times, bm-wb-02), haskell-type-level (1587d 19h 55m, tried 26 times, mb-lxc-01), intel-processor-trace (1587d 19h 52m, tried 10 times, mb-lxc-01), ioapps (1587d 19h 50m, tried 30 times, mb-lxc-01), gambc (1587d 19h 49m, tried 9 times, testwandboard), 31: jocaml (1587d 19h 47m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), libmlx5 (1587d 19h 45m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), ibam (1587d 19h 44m, tried 30 times, bm-wb-02), libnunc-stans (1587d 19h 42m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), libretro-mupen64plus (1587d 19h 33m, tried 9 times, bm-wb-02), libtango (1587d 19h 29m, tried 19 times, mb-lxc-01), listaller (1587d 19h 22m, tried 13 times, mb-lxc-01), mdp-src (1587d 19h 21m, tried 7 times, bm-wb-02), libsoundio (1587d 19h 17m, tried 17 times, bm-wb-03), mensis (1587d 19h 16m, tried 5 times, mb-lxc-01), 41: mpi-testsuite (1587d 19h 13m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-02), msrtool (1587d 19h 11m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-03), ne10 (1587d 19h 9m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), nsd3 (1587d 19h 6m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), numactl (1587d 19h 4m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), open-axiom (1587d 19h 1m, tried 30 times, mb-lxc-01), openmpi1.6 (1587d 18h 52m, tried 11 times, mb-lxc-01), orpie (1587d 18h 49m, tried 16 times, mb-lxc-01), ngs-sdk (1587d 18h 45m, tried 4 times, bm-wb-03), percona-xtradb-cluster-galera-2.x (1587d 18h 35m, tried 18 times, bm-wb-03), 51: osrm (1587d 18h 32m, tried 9 times, mb-lxc-01), networkmanagement (1587d 18h 28m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), perftest (1587d 18h 27m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-03), pgloader (1587d 18h 22m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), php-apc (1587d 18h 21m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), pocl (1587d 18h 14m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), prboom (1587d 18h 8m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), pyside-mobility (1587d 18h 7m, tried 30 times, mb-lxc-01), qtjsbackend-opensource-src (1587d 18h, tried 29 times, mb-lxc-01), qutecsound (1587d 17h 55m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), 61: rt-app (1587d 17h 53m, tried 10 times, mb-lxc-01), pinot (1587d 17h 47m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-03), qstopmotion (1587d 17h 45m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), ruby2.1 (1587d 17h 42m, tried 18 times, mb-lxc-01), slang-slirp (1587d 17h 41m, tried 29 times, bm-wb-03), sortmerna (1587d 17h 40m, tried 11 times, mb-lxc-01), snap-aligner (1587d 17h 39m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-02), tlsdate (1587d 17h 36m, tried 19 times, mb-lxc-01), ulogd (1587d 17h 33m, tried 11 times, bm-wb-02), varnish-agent (1587d 17h 32m, tried 29 times, mb-lxc-01), 71: tarantool (1587d 17h 29m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-03), wiredtiger (1587d 17h 22m, tried 12 times, mb-lxc-01), wmmail (1587d 17h 18m, tried 29 times, bm-wb-03), xf86-video-msm (1587d 17h 18m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), yp-tools (1587d 17h 16m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), sdrangelove (1587d 17h 14m, tried 9 times, testwandboard), wesnoth-1.8 (1587d 17h 12m, tried 29 times, bm-wb-02), xhprof (1587d 17h 11m, tried 30 times, bm-wb-03), 3dldf (1587d 16h 34m, tried 8 times, mb-lxc-01), monav (1587d 16h 34m, tried 9 times, bm-wb-02), 81: slic3r-prusa (1587d 16h 3m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), rivet (1587d 15h 50m, tried 6 times, bm-wb-03), cone (1587d 15h 44m, tried 16 times, testwandboard), sflphone (1587d 15h 15m, tried 17 times, mb-lxc-01), firefox (1587d 14h 59m, tried 3 times, mb-lxc-01), iceweasel (1587d 14h 26m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-02), tulip (1587d 13h 38m, tried 11 times, bm-wb-03), libsis-jhdf5-java (1587d 12h 26m, mb-lxc-01), krita (1587d 12h 11m, tried 6 times, testwandboard), sagemath (1587d 11h 20m, tried 5 times, bm-wb-03), 91: librsb (1477d 2h 33m, bm-wb-04), trafficserver (1148d 18h 19m, bm-wb-02), nifti2dicom (1098d 12h 7m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), chromium-browser (1050d 12h 23m, testwandboard), libb2 (979d 22h 15m, bm-wb-03), chromium (936d 18h 52m, mb-lxc-02), golang-1.8 (223d 19h 24m, mb-lxc-02)
Built81: cpuburn (1649d 21h 38m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), kvmtool (1649d 18h 37m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), openni-sensor-pointclouds (1649d 14h 20m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), openni-sensor-primesense (1649d 14h 8m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), julia (1649d 8h 19m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), qtwebengine-opensource-src (1597d 20h 45m, bm-wb-01), llvm-toolchain-7 (399d 15h 47m, mb-lxc-01), linux-4.19 (8d 10h 33m, bm-wb-04)
Installed151: falconkit (1649d 18h 18m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), ball (1647d 18h 29m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), latex-sanskrit (1647d 18h 29m, bm-wb-03), octave-openmpi-ext (1647d 18h 29m, bm-wb-01), mlucas (1636d 7h 39m, bm-wb-02), pixbros (1607d 18h 6m, bm-wb-03), libp11-openssl1.1 (1595d 19h 36m, bm-wb-01), inn (1590d 19h 35m, testwandboard), haskell-token-bucket (1587d 19h 37m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), libsis-base-java (1587d 13h 36m, tried 11 times, mb-lxc-01), 11: agda (1587d 7h 36m, tried 4 times, mb-lxc-01), aufs (1486d 53m, mb-lxc-01), llvm-toolchain-4.0 (1161d 13h 34m, bm-wb-02), nasm-mozilla (776d 13h 32m, testwandboard), gcc-mozilla (389d 13h 38m, bm-wb-01)