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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Installed221: gnome-chemistry-utils (1610d 3h 48m, test2019), cups-filters (1593d 15h 46m, test2019), slurm-llnl (1476d 21h 46m, test2019), monkeysphere (1476d 21h 46m, test2019), libgovirt (1476d 21h 46m, test2019), basez (1476d 21h 46m, test2019), havp (1476d 15h 44m, test2019), dansguardian (1476d 15h 44m, test2019), flpsed (+b9, 1476d 15h 44m, test2019), pnm2ppa (+b10, 1476d 15h 44m, test2019), 11: gnustep-base (1322d 21h 50m, test2019), python-pgmagick (1322d 21h 50m, test2019), opensmtpd (1304d 15h 45m, test2019), glib-networking (1161d 21h 50m, test2019), c-icap-modules (1161d 21h 50m, test2019), swt-gtk (1161d 15h 47m, test2019), evolution-data-server (1146d 15h 50m, test2019), ipe (+b25, 1128d 15h 35m, test2019), mlpost (+b22, 1128d 15h 35m, test2019), bacula (1119d 15h 47m, test2019), 21: gnome-color-manager (+b2, 1080d 15h 50m, test2019), tcpdump (1046d 21h 49m, test2019)