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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Installed251: ntfs-3g (938d 46m, test2019), gnome-chemistry-utils (902d 18h 42m, test2019), cups-filters (886d 6h 39m, test2019), nghttp2 (775d 6h 39m, test2019), libgovirt (769d 12h 39m, test2019), basez (769d 12h 39m, test2019), monkeysphere (769d 12h 39m, test2019), slurm-llnl (769d 12h 39m, test2019), dansguardian (769d 6h 37m, test2019), havp (769d 6h 37m, test2019), 11: flpsed (+b9, 769d 6h 37m, test2019), pnm2ppa (+b10, 769d 6h 37m, test2019), python-pgmagick (615d 12h 43m, test2019), gnustep-base (615d 12h 43m, test2019), opensmtpd (597d 6h 39m, test2019), cups (454d 12h 44m, test2019), c-icap-modules (454d 12h 44m, test2019), glib-networking (454d 12h 44m, test2019), swt-gtk (454d 6h 40m, test2019), evolution-data-server (439d 6h 43m, test2019), 21: mlpost (+b22, 421d 6h 28m, test2019), ipe (+b25, 421d 6h 28m, test2019), bacula (412d 6h 41m, test2019), gnome-color-manager (+b2, 373d 6h 44m, test2019), tcpdump (339d 12h 43m, test2019)