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Build-Attempted81: libexplain (1466d 16h 22m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), libecap (1466d 16h 11m, tried 8 times, testbuildd), python-pysam (1466d 14h 45m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), globus-proxy-utils (1464d 22h 45m, tried 6 times, testbuildd), abiword (1073d 15h 12m, testbuildd), nifti2dicom (976d 9h 32m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), gupnp (320d 16h 43m, testbuildd), passepartout (+b3, 306d 16h 20m, testbuildd)
Installed1041: cgview (1528d 13h 38m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), mruby (1528d 13h 38m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), kgoldrunner (1528d 13h 38m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), gegl (1528d 13h 38m, testbuildd), ruby-unf-ext (1528d 13h 38m, testbuildd), galax (1528d 13h 38m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), flare-engine (1528d 2h 45m, testbuildd), magics++ (1528d 2h 45m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), okteta (1528d 2h 45m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), acl2 (1525d 15h 54m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), 11: libiscsi (1524d 5h 4m, testbuildd), ocamlbricks (1522d 17h 2m, testbuildd), python-pyaudio (1522d 11h 2m, testbuildd), zimlib (1522d 5h 4m, testbuildd), racket (1520d 5h 5m, testbuildd), aptitude (1519d 5h 4m, testbuildd), man2html (1516d 11h, testbuildd), mldonkey (1514d 5h 4m, testbuildd), tecnoballz (1513d 5h 4m, testbuildd), gfsview (1509d 23h 4m, testbuildd), 21: init-system-helpers (1507d 17h 1m, testbuildd), mate-panel (1507d 5h 3m, testbuildd), android-platform-frameworks-native (1507d 5h 3m, testbuildd), android-platform-development (1506d 23h 4m, testbuildd), hydra (1506d 5h 2m, testbuildd), torcs (1498d 5h 4m, testbuildd), pcmanfm (1495d 5h 3m, testbuildd), 9wm (1491d 4h 59m, testbuildd), quadrapassel (1489d 4h 59m, testbuildd), qjoypad (1488d 4h 20m, testbuildd), 31: sysstat (1487d 2h 14m, testbuildd), lapack (1485d 4h 33m, testbuildd), coyim (1484d 5h 2m, testbuildd), pd-flite (1483d 5h 3m, testbuildd), tnef (1483d 5h 3m, testbuildd), cubemap (1483d 5h 3m, testbuildd), pam (1482d 5h 4m, testbuildd), konsole (1481d 13h, tried 50 times, testbuildd), gcc-6 (1481d 10h 59m, testbuildd), gecode (1479d 5h 3m, testbuildd), 41: dacs (1478d 5h 1m, testbuildd), mate-terminal (1478d 5h 1m, testbuildd), e2guardian (1478d 5h 1m, testbuildd), libcrypto++ (1477d 5h 1m, testbuildd), porg (1477d 5h 1m, testbuildd), runit (1476d 5h 2m, testbuildd), netcfg (1476d 5h 2m, testbuildd), czmq (1475d 5h 3m, testbuildd), libmwaw (1474d 10h 59m, testbuildd), ros-pluginlib (+b1, 1468d 23h 2m, testbuildd), 51: ros-robot-model (+b1, 1468d 17h, testbuildd), libwpd (1355d 1h 42m, testbuildd), bridge-utils (1355d 1h 42m, testbuildd), caja (1355d 33m, testbuildd), trace-cmd (1354d 16h 56m, testbuildd), ipsec-tools (1342d 23h 24m, testbuildd), ruby-ox (1291d 16h 59m, testbuildd), tdbcodbc (1291d 16h 59m, testbuildd), libvhdi (1200d 17h, testbuildd), virt-what (1200d 17h, testbuildd), 61: ncurses (1200d 17h, testbuildd), bareos (1200d 17h, testbuildd), libmad (1145d 14h 37m, testbuildd), asterisk (980d 11h 35m, testbuildd), qtsmbstatus (+b8, 938d 10h 58m, testbuildd), knowthelist (+b5, 873d 13h 34m, testbuildd), wvstreams (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), espeakup (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), ssh-agent-filter (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), mpqc (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), 71: libapache2-mod-perl2 (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), astroml-addons (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), rtkit (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), linux-igd (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), courier (857d 10h 58m, testbuildd), libpng1.6 (787d 23h 1m, testbuildd), r-cran-igraph (787d 23h 1m, testbuildd), choose-mirror (787d 23h 1m, testbuildd), sox (654d 16h 58m, testbuildd), sdl-image1.2 (654d 16h 58m, testbuildd), 81: librecad (654d 16h 58m, testbuildd), file (606d 11h 1m, testbuildd), libpst (500d 17h 3m, testbuildd), libofx (500d 17h 3m, testbuildd), pykaraoke (500d 17h 3m, testbuildd), perl (339d 17h 3m, testbuildd), file-roller (339d 11h, testbuildd), libapache2-mod-auth-openidc (328d 17h 5m, testbuildd), greenbone-security-assistant (+b1, 306d 10h 48m, testbuildd), scribus (+b1, 306d 10h 48m, testbuildd), 91: tigervnc (259d 10h 55m, testbuildd), fastd (240d 11h 2m, testbuildd), gdm3 (229d 17h 2m, testbuildd), rclone (216d 22h 53m, testbuildd), gnome-screensaver (+b6, 195d 17h 2m, testbuildd), sympa (187d 17h 3m, testbuildd), shadow (97d 16h 53m, testbuildd), shibboleth-sp2 (96d 4h 59m, testbuildd), xterm (95d 3h 58m, testbuildd), python3.5 (78d 16h 39m, testbuildd), 101: libebml (65d 10h 46m, testbuildd), opendmarc (58d 23h 9m, testbuildd), caribou (19d 17h, testbuildd), squid3 (9d 10h 54m, testbuildd)
Uploaded11: gv (+b1, 1019d 9h 27m, testbuildd)