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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Installed301: pdfresurrect (1292d 18h 34m, test2019), zsh (1292d 18h 34m, test2019), gnome-session (+b1, 1284d 6h 40m, test2019), python-apt (1270d 28m, test2019), flac (1258d 18h 41m, test2019), gssproxy (1257d 18h 40m, tried 2 times, test2019), openjpeg2 (1223d 21m, test2019), firejail (1220d 12h 31m, test2019), libbsd (1213d 36m, test2019), spamassassin (1174d 7h 2m, test2019), 11: busybox (1171d 29m, test2019), xorg-server (1157d 12h 42m, test2019), zabbix (1151d 6h 50m, test2019), pjproject (1149d 6h 49m, test2019), subversion (1139d 47m, test2019), eterm (1102d 12h 38m, test2019), rxvt (1102d 6h 40m, test2019), htmldoc (1080d 18h 41m, test2019), sogo (1069d 35m, test2019), pillow (1059d 12h 40m, test2019), 21: mupdf (996d 48m, test2019), weechat (989d 12h 35m, test2019), faad2 (965d 6h 48m, test2019), jbig2dec (960d 18h 48m, test2019), cups (959d 18h 38m, test2019), libmspack (958d 25m, test2019), bind9 (956d 18h 15m, test2019), python-formalchemy (+b1, 951d 18h 48m, test2019), ntfs-3g (941d 18h 45m, test2019), libntlm (930d 6h 40m, test2019)