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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Installed301: pdfresurrect (908d 11h 40m, test2019), zsh (908d 11h 40m, test2019), gnome-session (+b1, 899d 23h 46m, test2019), python-apt (885d 17h 34m, test2019), flac (874d 11h 46m, test2019), gssproxy (873d 11h 46m, tried 2 times, test2019), openjpeg2 (838d 17h 27m, test2019), firejail (836d 5h 37m, test2019), libbsd (828d 17h 42m, test2019), spamassassin (790d 8m, test2019), 11: busybox (786d 17h 34m, test2019), xorg-server (773d 5h 48m, test2019), zabbix (766d 23h 55m, test2019), pjproject (764d 23h 55m, test2019), subversion (754d 17h 53m, test2019), eterm (718d 5h 44m, test2019), rxvt (717d 23h 46m, test2019), htmldoc (696d 11h 47m, test2019), sogo (684d 17h 41m, test2019), pillow (675d 5h 45m, test2019), 21: mupdf (611d 17h 54m, test2019), weechat (605d 5h 41m, test2019), faad2 (580d 23h 54m, test2019), jbig2dec (576d 11h 53m, test2019), cups (575d 11h 43m, test2019), libmspack (573d 17h 30m, test2019), bind9 (572d 11h 20m, test2019), python-formalchemy (+b1, 567d 11h 54m, test2019), ntfs-3g (557d 11h 51m, test2019), libntlm (545d 23h 46m, test2019)