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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Installed261: pdfresurrect (319d 52m, test2019), zsh (319d 52m, test2019), gnome-session (+b1, 310d 12h 58m, test2019), python-apt (296d 6h 45m, test2019), flac (285d 58m, test2019), gssproxy (284d 58m, tried 2 times, test2019), openjpeg2 (249d 6h 39m, test2019), firejail (246d 18h 48m, test2019), libbsd (239d 6h 53m, test2019), spamassassin (200d 13h 20m, test2019), 11: busybox (197d 6h 46m, test2019), xorg-server (183d 19h, test2019), zabbix (177d 13h 7m, test2019), pjproject (175d 13h 6m, test2019), subversion (165d 7h 4m, test2019), eterm (128d 18h 55m, test2019), rxvt (128d 12h 57m, test2019), bluez (111d 56m, test2019), htmldoc (107d 58m, test2019), sogo (95d 6h 53m, test2019), 21: php7.0 (92d 18h 56m, test2019), pillow (85d 18h 57m, test2019), redis (49d 7h 3m, test2019), mupdf (22d 7h 5m, test2019), uwsgi (16d 7h 5m, test2019), weechat (15d 18h 52m, test2019)