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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted81: uclibc (2553d 14h 42m, tried 27 times, testbuildd), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (2553d 14h 4m, tried 28 times, testbuildd), getdp (2553d 13h 24m, tried 23 times, testbuildd), numactl (2553d 13h 14m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), openni (2553d 12h 35m, tried 10 times, testbuildd), sdrangelove (2553d 11h 41m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), groonga (2553d 10h 26m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), apophenia (2552d 8h 59m, tried 11 times, testbuildd)
Installed341: gnome-media (2595d 12h 51m, testbuildd), smemstat (2595d 12h 51m, testbuildd), xmobar (2595d 12h 51m, testbuildd), libytnef (2593d 5h 29m, testbuildd), libosip2 (2557d 18h 43m, testbuildd), pjproject (2499d 18h 46m, testbuildd), opensaml2 (2401d 18h 31m, testbuildd), vlc (2396d 12h 42m, testbuildd), libxtst (2379d 48m, testbuildd), p7zip (2321d 18h 49m, testbuildd), 11: soundtouch (2183d 44m, testbuildd), evolution-data-server (2151d 6h 47m, testbuildd), libgit2 (2120d 48m, testbuildd), discount (2105d 18h 44m, testbuildd), gnuplot5 (2027d 18h 48m, testbuildd), ldb (1932d 18h 47m, testbuildd), rdflib (1915d 6h 32m, testbuildd), cups-filters (1849d 6h 45m, testbuildd), pdns (1808d 51m, testbuildd), bzip2 (1792d 18h 51m, testbuildd), 21: subversion (1750d 12h 49m, testbuildd), libextractor (1749d 18h 44m, testbuildd), dnsmasq (1736d 48m, testbuildd), python3.4 (1732d 18h 44m, testbuildd), havp (1709d 51m, testbuildd), nfs-utils (1700d 49m, testbuildd), milkytracker (1698d 49m, testbuildd), libice (1664d 18h 47m, testbuildd), 389-ds-base (1659d 49m, testbuildd), yodl (1506d 50m, testbuildd), 31: exim4 (1489d 12h 50m, testbuildd), zziplib (1447d 6h 48m, testbuildd), picocom (1447d 49m, testbuildd), nss (1444d 18h 48m, testbuildd)