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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted81: uclibc (2103d 14h 47m, tried 27 times, testbuildd), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (2103d 14h 9m, tried 28 times, testbuildd), getdp (2103d 13h 29m, tried 23 times, testbuildd), numactl (2103d 13h 19m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), openni (2103d 12h 41m, tried 10 times, testbuildd), sdrangelove (2103d 11h 46m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), groonga (2103d 10h 32m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), apophenia (2102d 9h 4m, tried 11 times, testbuildd)
Installed341: gnome-media (2145d 12h 56m, testbuildd), smemstat (2145d 12h 56m, testbuildd), xmobar (2145d 12h 56m, testbuildd), libytnef (2143d 5h 34m, testbuildd), libosip2 (2107d 18h 49m, testbuildd), pjproject (2049d 18h 52m, testbuildd), opensaml2 (1951d 18h 37m, testbuildd), vlc (1946d 12h 48m, testbuildd), libxtst (1929d 53m, testbuildd), p7zip (1871d 18h 55m, testbuildd), 11: soundtouch (1733d 50m, testbuildd), evolution-data-server (1701d 6h 53m, testbuildd), libgit2 (1670d 53m, testbuildd), discount (1655d 18h 49m, testbuildd), gnuplot5 (1577d 18h 54m, testbuildd), ldb (1482d 18h 52m, testbuildd), rdflib (1465d 6h 38m, testbuildd), cups-filters (1399d 6h 50m, testbuildd), pdns (1358d 56m, testbuildd), bzip2 (1342d 18h 56m, testbuildd), 21: subversion (1300d 12h 55m, testbuildd), libextractor (1299d 18h 49m, testbuildd), dnsmasq (1286d 54m, testbuildd), python3.4 (1282d 18h 49m, testbuildd), havp (1259d 56m, testbuildd), nfs-utils (1250d 54m, testbuildd), milkytracker (1248d 54m, testbuildd), libice (1214d 18h 52m, testbuildd), 389-ds-base (1209d 54m, testbuildd), yodl (1056d 56m, testbuildd), 31: exim4 (1039d 12h 56m, testbuildd), zziplib (997d 6h 54m, testbuildd), picocom (997d 54m, testbuildd), nss (994d 18h 53m, testbuildd)