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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted11: kamailio (2044d 3h 57m, bm-wb-03)
Built31: jocaml (2560d 3h 54m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), xf86-video-msm (2560d 2h 1m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), iceweasel (2559d 3h 4m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03)
Installed501: minicom (2537d 12h 52m, bm-wb-03), postfix (2537d 12h 52m, bm-wb-03), ndoutils (2537d 12h 52m, bm-wb-03), gnome-screenshot (2537d 12h 52m, bm-wb-03), ettercap (2504d 6h 52m, bm-wb-03), ruby-fast-stemmer (+b2, 2469d 18h 52m, bm-wb-03), c-ares (2461d 49m, bm-wb-03), gnats (2461d 49m, bm-wb-03), fontforge (2423d 6h 49m, bm-wb-03), newsbeuter (2402d 18h 50m, bm-wb-03), 11: bchunk (2351d 48m, bm-wb-03), ruby-ox (2321d 49m, bm-wb-03), libxi (2321d 49m, bm-wb-03), openocd (2277d 12h 43m, bm-wb-03), bwm-ng (2125d 45m, bm-wb-03), mactelnet (2125d 45m, bm-wb-03), ant (2083d 5h 57m, bm-wb-03), cgit (2081d 6h 49m, bm-wb-03), fuse (2071d 18h 12m, bm-wb-03), gdm3 (2050d 18h 43m, bm-wb-03), 21: sympa (2035d 18h 50m, bm-wb-03), mono (1993d 18h 50m, bm-wb-03), agg (1901d 20h 59m, bm-wb-03), mumble (1897d 43m, bm-wb-03), netmask (1896d 18h 51m, bm-wb-03), uriparser (1884d 18h 48m, bm-wb-03), freedink-dfarc (1879d 43m, bm-wb-03), atftp (1801d 18h 44m, bm-wb-03), samba (1791d 12h 45m, bm-wb-03), dosbox (1746d 4h 9m, bm-wb-03), 31: expat (1685d 51m, bm-wb-03), python-psutil (1611d 18h 43m, bm-wb-03), openslp-dfsg (1592d 49m, bm-wb-03), squid3 (1590d 49m, bm-wb-03), harfbuzz (1583d 45m, bm-wb-03), cyrus-sasl2 (1580d 50m, bm-wb-03), python-apt (1546d 50m, bm-wb-03), wget (1539d 18h 45m, bm-wb-03), suricata (1539d 48m, bm-wb-03), libpam-radius-auth (1516d 46m, bm-wb-03), 41: libusbmuxd (1510d 12h 49m, bm-wb-03), firebird2.5 (1509d 50m, bm-wb-03), weechat (1484d 18h 48m, bm-wb-03), libpam-krb5 (1477d 50m, bm-wb-03), eog (1452d 18h 46m, bm-wb-03), apt (1433d 18h 45m, bm-wb-03), transmission (1424d 50m, bm-wb-03), dbus (1411d 18h 51m, bm-wb-03), libupnp (1409d 18h 48m, bm-wb-03), php5 (1389d 50m, bm-wb-03)