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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

BD-Uninstallable81: discosnp (1913d 12h 39m), algobox (1913d 12h 36m), enki-aseba (1913d 12h 35m), fraqtive (1913d 12h 35m), mm3d (1913d 12h 34m), virtualjaguar (1913d 12h 33m), tetzle (1913d 12h 33m), shelxle (1913d 12h 15m)
Build-Attempted171: r-cran-samr (1812d 14h 50m, tried 21 times, test2019), tiledarray (1812d 14h 49m, tried 24 times, bm-wb-04), r-cran-httpuv (1812d 14h 44m, tried 21 times, testwandboard), iannix (1812d 14h 41m, tried 28 times, testbuildd), oclgrind (1812d 14h 24m, tried 18 times, bm-wb-03), kubrick (1812d 14h 15m, tried 25 times, bm-wb-02), acl2 (1812d 10h 51m, tried 18 times, bm-wb-04), nbibtex (+b1, 1763d 3h 30m, testwandboard), bashdb (+b2, 1759d 18h 48m, mb-lxc-01), perl (1414d 9h 4m, tried 2 times, test2019), 11: openexr (1385d 5h 25m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), tigervnc (1288d 5h 11m, tried 5 times, bm-wb-03), lava (+b1, 1219d 23h 39m, test2019), flatpak (1190d 5h 18m, tried 3 times, testbuildd), glib2.0 (1092d 17h 10m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-02), tor (996d 17h 18m, tried 74 times, mb-lxc-01), gcc-mingw-w64 (978d 11h 49m, tried 4 times, bm-wb-03)
Built21: emacspeak-ss (+b3, 1727d 12h 36m, bm-wb-03), singular (+b3, 1727d 11h 6m, test2019)
Failed451: betaradio (+b8, 2544d 9h 11m, wbadm), garmin-plugin (+b11, 2544d 7h, wbadm), cbmplugs (+b8, 2544d 6h 58m, wbadm), gimp-dimage-color (+b8, 2544d 6h 56m, wbadm), gimp-gap (+b4, 2544d 6h 55m, wbadm), gluas (+b9, 2544d 6h 54m, wbadm), libreoffice-voikko (+b17, 2542d 17h 39m, wbadm), audtty (+b2, 2541d 8h 13m, wbadm), dradio (+b4, 2541d 8h 5m, wbadm), gimp-dcraw (+b5, 2541d 7h 59m, wbadm), 11: gogglesmm (+b6, 2541d 7h 57m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-argustv (+b2, 2541d 7h 43m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-dvbviewer (+b2, 2541d 7h 42m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-iptvsimple (+b2, 2541d 7h 40m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-njoy (+b2, 2541d 7h 39m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-mythtv (+b2, 2541d 7h 37m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-nextpvr (+b2, 2541d 7h 36m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-wmc (+b2, 2541d 7h 34m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-pce-fast (+b5, 2541d 7h 30m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-psx (+b5, 2541d 7h 29m, wbadm), 21: libretro-beetle-vb (+b5, 2541d 7h 28m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-wswan (+b5, 2541d 7h 28m, wbadm), libretro-gambatte (+b5, 2541d 7h 27m, wbadm), vagalume (+b4, 2541d 7h 19m, wbadm), mplayerthumbs (+b5, 2541d 6h 21m, wbadm), npapi-vlc (+b13, 2541d 6h 19m, wbadm), ogmrip (+b7, 2541d 6h 18m, wbadm), xine-plugin (+b6, 2541d 6h 8m, wbadm), xine-ui (+b2, 2541d 6h 7m, wbadm), gxine (+b9, 2510d 4h 50m, wbadm), 31: libretro-desmume (+b8, 2510d 4h 45m, wbadm), wmauda (+b2, 2510d 4h 31m, wbadm), mercurial-buildpackage (+b4, 2454d 4h 31m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-hdhomerun (+b3, 2424d 5h 17m, wbadm), apache-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind (+b8, 2418d 6h 59m, wbadm), gadmin-samba (+b8, 2418d 6h 50m, wbadm), nautilus-share (+b21, 2418d 6h 50m, wbadm), xfswitch-plugin (+b21, 2413d 6h 26m, wbadm), cortina (+b16, 2413d 6h 23m, wbadm), wiipdf (+b7, 2375d 14h 12m, wbadm), 41: systemd-shim (+b7, 2346d 4h 46m, wbadm), plasma-mediacenter (+b2, 2331d 14h 41m, wbadm), c-repl (+b14, 2308d 4h 20m, wbadm), kde-baseapps (+b8, 2308d 4h 18m, wbadm), rekonq (+b13, 2308d 3h 27m, wbadm)
Installed10328Too many results, cannot display
Uploaded121: cups-pdf (+b15, 1769d 18m, mb-lxc-01), mlpost (+b5, 1768d 23h 33m, bm-wb-04), splix (+b16, 1768d 23h 33m, bm-wb-02), tcm (+b9, 1768d 23h 33m, mb-lxc-01), refdb (+b3, 1761d 12h 58m, testwandboard), equalx (+b13, 1390d 18m, bm-wb-04), pidgin-latex (+b20, 1390d 3m, mb-lxc-02), cadabra (+b10, 1389d 18h 3m, bm-wb-03), imgvtopgm (+b2, 1219d 23h 18m, test2019), php-ps (+b3, 1219d 23h 18m, bm-wb-03), 11: uim-chewing (+b2, 1219d 23h 18m, mb-lxc-01), makexvpics (+b1, 1219d 23h 3m, bm-wb-03)