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Build-Attempted151: r-cran-samr (846d 2h 53m, tried 18 times, test2019), libqglviewer (846d 1h 52m, tried 30 times, test2019), apf (846d 1h 45m, tried 30 times, test2019), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (846d 1h 26m, tried 30 times, test2019), ezquake (846d 1h 8m, tried 30 times, test2019), ibam (846d 48m, tried 30 times, test2019), kubernetes-addon-heapster (846d 14m, tried 30 times, test2019), msrtool (846d 7m, tried 30 times, test2019), olive (845d 23h 39m, tried 18 times, test2019), perftest (845d 23h 30m, tried 17 times, test2019), 11: rpm2html (845d 23h 21m, tried 24 times, test2019), sdrangelove (845d 22h 37m, tried 30 times, test2019), cone (845d 21h 22m, tried 29 times, test2019), chromium-browser (844d 21h 57m, tried 4 times, test2019), perl (447d 21h 6m, test2019)
Building61: eclipse-titan (962d 18h 46m, tried 3 times, test2019), haskell-cryptol (954d 13h 44m, tried 6 times, test2019), aseba (954d 3h 4m, tried 7 times, test2019), bolt (954d 3h 1m, tried 8 times, test2019), ismrmrd (952d 4h 41m, tried 11 times, test2019), chezscheme (712d 12h 36m, tried 1021 times, test2019)
Built31: openni-sensor-primesense (937d 19h 10m, tried 3 times, test2019), ne10 (937d 18h 36m, tried 3 times, test2019), singular (+b3, 760d 23h 8m, test2019)
Installed1291: camlimages (968d 6h 53m, test2019), php-igbinary (968d 6h 53m, test2019), qt5ct (968d 6h 53m, test2019), etsf-io (968d 6h 53m, test2019), inn (968d 6h 53m, test2019), freedroid (968d 6h 53m, test2019), bitlbee-mastodon (968d 6h 53m, test2019), cyrus-imspd (968d 6h 53m, test2019), openbsd-inetd (968d 6h 53m, test2019), php-memcached (966d 12h 50m, tried 3 times, test2019), 11: libmath-gsl-perl (962d 6h 51m, test2019), rust-getopts (961d 6h 54m, test2019), avrdude (961d 6h 54m, test2019), gnubik (961d 6h 54m, test2019), tenace (961d 6h 54m, test2019), rygel (956d 53m, test2019), orthanc-postgresql (956d 53m, test2019), lxtask (955d 18h 54m, test2019), hotspot (953d 19h 32m, tried 9 times, test2019), libmad (952d 6h 54m, test2019), 21: libid3tag (952d 6h 54m, test2019), libbpp-seq (950d 6h 49m, test2019), hexchat-otr (+b6, 950d 33m, test2019), gcc-defaults (949d 16h 14m, test2019), ftgl (949d 12h 52m, tried 12 times, test2019), knot-resolver (944d 12h 56m, test2019), nodm (940d 6h 59m, test2019), qtscript-opensource-src (940d 6h 59m, test2019), openlibm (937d 12h 58m, test2019), gtk-vnc (937d 7h, test2019), 31: pkg-kde-tools (936d 13h, test2019), lxqt-config (936d 13h, test2019), node-opencv (936d 13h, test2019), adms (936d 7h 1m, test2019), partman-base (935d 13h, test2019), sssd (934d 18h 59m, test2019), git-annex (934d 59m, test2019), vmdebootstrap (933d 18h 59m, test2019), kaddressbook (+b1, 933d 12h 56m, test2019), cdrom-checker (933d 7h 2m, test2019), 41: blockout2 (933d 7h 2m, test2019), localechooser (933d 7h 2m, test2019), kdepim-runtime (933d 2h 28m, test2019), sip4 (930d 2h 1m, test2019), libanyevent-perl (930d 2h 1m, test2019), notary (930d 2h 1m, test2019), astroidmail (930d 15m, test2019), pakcs (929d 18h 57m, test2019), librime (+b1, 929d 12h 56m, test2019), fstransform (928d 6h 56m, test2019), 51: netmrg (+b1, 923d 12h 56m, test2019), chiark-utils (920d 6h 59m, test2019), ocserv (919d 6h 59m, test2019), kde-runtime (918d 6h 58m, test2019), libcoap2 (917d 12h 56m, test2019), uhubctl (917d 6h 59m, test2019), wine-development (909d 6h 59m, test2019), zeroinstall-injector (908d 18h 57m, test2019), notmuch (896d 6h 51m, test2019), fastdnaml (894d 6h 54m, test2019), 61: t50 (884d 6h 55m, test2019), xdx (884d 6h 55m, test2019), calibre (884d 6h 55m, test2019), yank (884d 6h 55m, test2019), librecad (884d 53m, test2019), evolvotron (883d 18h 56m, test2019), aptly (880d 12h 53m, test2019), lprng (879d 6h 54m, test2019), python3-stdlib-extensions (876d 59m, test2019), python3-defaults (875d 6h 59m, test2019), 71: elfutils (873d 6h 59m, test2019), libdebian-installer (873d 58m, test2019), libpng1.6 (871d 7h, test2019), mate-applets (+b1, 869d 57m, test2019), libqtdbustest (+b1, 869d 57m, test2019), evolution (868d 6h 56m, test2019), golang-github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact (865d 6h 57m, test2019), pscan-tfbs (860d 6h 59m, test2019), qscintilla2 (853d 56m, test2019), php-mailparse (+b1, 840d 12h 58m, test2019), 81: php-propro (+b1, 840d 12h 58m, test2019), php-smbclient (+b1, 840d 12h 58m, test2019), supercollider-sc3-plugins (+b1, 828d 13h 57m, tried 2 times, test2019), gcl (821d 12h 55m, test2019), epstool (+b7, 802d 6h 52m, test2019), xfig (+b4, 802d 6h 52m, test2019), meta-gnome3 (+b2, 802d 6h 52m, test2019), gv (+b3, 802d 6h 52m, test2019), pilot-link (+b1, 796d 12h 54m, test2019), nwall (+b1, 796d 12h 54m, test2019), 91: gnugo (+b1, 796d 12h 54m, test2019), tdl (795d 1h 26m, test2019), coldfire (795d 1h 26m, test2019), gcab (776d 18h 51m, test2019), pam-u2f (776d 18h 51m, test2019), passwordsafe (776d 18h 51m, test2019), sendmail (776d 12h 49m, test2019), bzip2 (776d 12h 49m, test2019), sdl-image1.2 (776d 12h 49m, test2019), libtk-img (776d 12h 49m, test2019), 101: pulseaudio (776d 12h 49m, test2019), xymon (776d 12h 49m, test2019), babeltrace (776d 12h 49m, test2019), apt-setup (776d 12h 49m, test2019), libapreq2 (749d 12h 51m, test2019), git-lfs (622d 18h 54m, test2019), xmltooling (622d 18h 54m, test2019), ntpsec (622d 18h 54m, test2019), nyancat (622d 18h 54m, test2019), pykaraoke (622d 12h 46m, test2019), 111: guile-2.2 (622d 6h 54m, test2019), opensmtpd (604d 12h 46m, test2019), megatools (531d 18h 52m, test2019), filezilla (531d 18h 52m, test2019), corosync (531d 18h 52m, test2019), taglib (531d 18h 52m, test2019), mew (531d 18h 52m, test2019), purple-discord (531d 18h 52m, test2019), fuse3 (531d 18h 52m, test2019), netqmail (516d 18h 54m, tried 2 times, test2019), 121: imagemagick (479d 12h 53m, test2019), libopenmpt (460d 12h 51m, test2019), zipios++ (447d 18h 51m, test2019), pillow (447d 18h 51m, test2019), ruby-json (447d 18h 51m, test2019), efax-gtk (+b10, 423d 43m, test2019), facter (392d 48m, test2019), gnome-shell (391d 18h 35m, tried 2 times, test2019), blueman (360d 6h 55m, test2019)