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Build-Attempted151: r-cran-samr (1101d 59m, tried 19 times, test2019), libqglviewer (1100d 23h 58m, tried 30 times, test2019), apf (1100d 23h 51m, tried 30 times, test2019), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (1100d 23h 32m, tried 30 times, test2019), ezquake (1100d 23h 14m, tried 30 times, test2019), ibam (1100d 22h 54m, tried 30 times, test2019), kubernetes-addon-heapster (1100d 22h 20m, tried 30 times, test2019), msrtool (1100d 22h 13m, tried 30 times, test2019), olive (1100d 21h 46m, tried 18 times, test2019), perftest (1100d 21h 36m, tried 17 times, test2019), 11: rpm2html (1100d 21h 27m, tried 24 times, test2019), sdrangelove (1100d 20h 43m, tried 30 times, test2019), cone (1100d 19h 28m, tried 29 times, test2019), chromium-browser (1099d 20h 3m, tried 4 times, test2019), perl (702d 19h 12m, tried 2 times, test2019)
Building61: eclipse-titan (1217d 16h 52m, tried 3 times, test2019), haskell-cryptol (1209d 11h 50m, tried 6 times, test2019), aseba (1209d 1h 10m, tried 7 times, test2019), bolt (1209d 1h 7m, tried 8 times, test2019), ismrmrd (1207d 2h 47m, tried 11 times, test2019), chezscheme (967d 10h 42m, tried 1021 times, test2019)
Built31: openni-sensor-primesense (1192d 17h 17m, tried 3 times, test2019), ne10 (1192d 16h 42m, tried 3 times, test2019), singular (+b3, 1015d 21h 14m, test2019)
Installed1291: camlimages (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), php-igbinary (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), qt5ct (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), etsf-io (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), inn (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), freedroid (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), bitlbee-mastodon (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), cyrus-imspd (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), openbsd-inetd (1223d 4h 59m, test2019), php-memcached (1221d 10h 56m, tried 3 times, test2019), 11: libmath-gsl-perl (1217d 4h 57m, test2019), rust-getopts (1216d 5h, test2019), avrdude (1216d 5h, test2019), gnubik (1216d 5h, test2019), tenace (1216d 5h, test2019), rygel (1210d 22h 59m, test2019), orthanc-postgresql (1210d 22h 59m, test2019), lxtask (1210d 17h, test2019), hotspot (1208d 17h 38m, tried 9 times, test2019), libmad (1207d 5h, test2019), 21: libid3tag (1207d 5h, test2019), libbpp-seq (1205d 4h 55m, test2019), hexchat-otr (+b6, 1204d 22h 39m, test2019), gcc-defaults (1204d 14h 20m, test2019), ftgl (1204d 10h 58m, tried 12 times, test2019), knot-resolver (1199d 11h 2m, test2019), nodm (1195d 5h 5m, test2019), qtscript-opensource-src (1195d 5h 5m, test2019), openlibm (1192d 11h 4m, test2019), gtk-vnc (1192d 5h 6m, test2019), 31: pkg-kde-tools (1191d 11h 6m, test2019), lxqt-config (1191d 11h 6m, test2019), node-opencv (1191d 11h 6m, test2019), adms (1191d 5h 7m, test2019), partman-base (1190d 11h 6m, test2019), sssd (1189d 17h 6m, test2019), git-annex (1188d 23h 5m, test2019), vmdebootstrap (1188d 17h 5m, test2019), kaddressbook (+b1, 1188d 11h 2m, test2019), cdrom-checker (1188d 5h 8m, test2019), 41: blockout2 (1188d 5h 8m, test2019), localechooser (1188d 5h 8m, test2019), kdepim-runtime (1188d 34m, test2019), sip4 (1185d 7m, test2019), libanyevent-perl (1185d 7m, test2019), notary (1185d 7m, test2019), astroidmail (1184d 22h 21m, test2019), pakcs (1184d 17h 3m, test2019), librime (+b1, 1184d 11h 2m, test2019), fstransform (1183d 5h 3m, test2019), 51: netmrg (+b1, 1178d 11h 2m, test2019), chiark-utils (1175d 5h 5m, test2019), ocserv (1174d 5h 5m, test2019), kde-runtime (1173d 5h 4m, test2019), libcoap2 (1172d 11h 2m, test2019), uhubctl (1172d 5h 5m, test2019), wine-development (1164d 5h 5m, test2019), zeroinstall-injector (1163d 17h 3m, test2019), notmuch (1151d 4h 57m, test2019), fastdnaml (1149d 5h, test2019), 61: t50 (1139d 5h 1m, test2019), xdx (1139d 5h 1m, test2019), calibre (1139d 5h 1m, test2019), yank (1139d 5h 1m, test2019), librecad (1138d 22h 59m, test2019), evolvotron (1138d 17h 2m, test2019), aptly (1135d 10h 59m, test2019), lprng (1134d 5h, test2019), python3-stdlib-extensions (1130d 23h 5m, test2019), python3-defaults (1130d 5h 5m, test2019), 71: elfutils (1128d 5h 5m, test2019), libdebian-installer (1127d 23h 4m, test2019), libpng1.6 (1126d 5h 6m, test2019), mate-applets (+b1, 1123d 23h 3m, test2019), libqtdbustest (+b1, 1123d 23h 3m, test2019), evolution (1123d 5h 2m, test2019), golang-github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact (1120d 5h 3m, test2019), pscan-tfbs (1115d 5h 5m, test2019), qscintilla2 (1107d 23h 2m, test2019), php-mailparse (+b1, 1095d 11h 4m, test2019), 81: php-propro (+b1, 1095d 11h 4m, test2019), php-smbclient (+b1, 1095d 11h 4m, test2019), supercollider-sc3-plugins (+b1, 1083d 12h 3m, tried 2 times, test2019), gcl (1076d 11h 1m, test2019), epstool (+b7, 1057d 4h 58m, test2019), xfig (+b4, 1057d 4h 58m, test2019), meta-gnome3 (+b2, 1057d 4h 58m, test2019), gv (+b3, 1057d 4h 58m, test2019), pilot-link (+b1, 1051d 11h, test2019), nwall (+b1, 1051d 11h, test2019), 91: gnugo (+b1, 1051d 11h, test2019), tdl (1049d 23h 32m, test2019), coldfire (1049d 23h 32m, test2019), gcab (1031d 16h 58m, test2019), pam-u2f (1031d 16h 58m, test2019), passwordsafe (1031d 16h 58m, test2019), sendmail (1031d 10h 55m, test2019), bzip2 (1031d 10h 55m, test2019), sdl-image1.2 (1031d 10h 55m, test2019), libtk-img (1031d 10h 55m, test2019), 101: pulseaudio (1031d 10h 55m, test2019), xymon (1031d 10h 55m, test2019), babeltrace (1031d 10h 55m, test2019), apt-setup (1031d 10h 55m, test2019), libapreq2 (1004d 10h 57m, test2019), git-lfs (877d 17h, test2019), xmltooling (877d 17h, test2019), ntpsec (877d 17h, test2019), nyancat (877d 17h, test2019), pykaraoke (877d 10h 52m, test2019), 111: guile-2.2 (877d 5h, test2019), opensmtpd (859d 10h 52m, test2019), megatools (786d 16h 58m, test2019), filezilla (786d 16h 58m, test2019), corosync (786d 16h 58m, test2019), taglib (786d 16h 58m, test2019), mew (786d 16h 58m, test2019), purple-discord (786d 16h 58m, test2019), fuse3 (786d 16h 58m, test2019), netqmail (771d 17h, tried 2 times, test2019), 121: imagemagick (734d 10h 59m, test2019), libopenmpt (715d 10h 57m, test2019), zipios++ (702d 16h 57m, test2019), pillow (702d 16h 57m, test2019), ruby-json (702d 16h 57m, test2019), efax-gtk (+b10, 677d 22h 50m, test2019), facter (646d 22h 54m, test2019), gnome-shell (646d 16h 41m, tried 2 times, test2019), blueman (615d 5h 1m, test2019)