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Build-Attempted151: r-cran-samr (721d 1h 23m, tried 18 times, test2019), libqglviewer (721d 23m, tried 30 times, test2019), apf (721d 15m, tried 30 times, test2019), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (720d 23h 57m, tried 30 times, test2019), ezquake (720d 23h 38m, tried 30 times, test2019), ibam (720d 23h 19m, tried 30 times, test2019), kubernetes-addon-heapster (720d 22h 45m, tried 30 times, test2019), msrtool (720d 22h 38m, tried 30 times, test2019), olive (720d 22h 10m, tried 18 times, test2019), perftest (720d 22h 1m, tried 17 times, test2019), 11: rpm2html (720d 21h 51m, tried 24 times, test2019), sdrangelove (720d 21h 8m, tried 30 times, test2019), cone (720d 19h 53m, tried 29 times, test2019), chromium-browser (719d 20h 27m, tried 4 times, test2019), perl (322d 19h 37m, test2019)
Building61: eclipse-titan (837d 17h 17m, tried 3 times, test2019), haskell-cryptol (829d 12h 15m, tried 6 times, test2019), aseba (829d 1h 34m, tried 7 times, test2019), bolt (829d 1h 32m, tried 8 times, test2019), ismrmrd (827d 3h 12m, tried 11 times, test2019), chezscheme (587d 11h 7m, tried 1021 times, test2019)
Built31: openni-sensor-primesense (812d 17h 41m, tried 3 times, test2019), ne10 (812d 17h 7m, tried 3 times, test2019), singular (+b3, 635d 21h 39m, test2019)
Installed1311: php-igbinary (843d 5h 24m, test2019), camlimages (843d 5h 24m, test2019), freedroid (843d 5h 24m, test2019), inn (843d 5h 24m, test2019), cyrus-imspd (843d 5h 24m, test2019), openbsd-inetd (843d 5h 24m, test2019), qt5ct (843d 5h 24m, test2019), bitlbee-mastodon (843d 5h 24m, test2019), etsf-io (843d 5h 24m, test2019), php-memcached (841d 11h 21m, tried 3 times, test2019), 11: libmath-gsl-perl (837d 5h 21m, test2019), avrdude (836d 5h 24m, test2019), gnubik (836d 5h 24m, test2019), rust-getopts (836d 5h 24m, test2019), tenace (836d 5h 24m, test2019), orthanc-postgresql (830d 23h 24m, test2019), rygel (830d 23h 24m, test2019), lxtask (830d 17h 25m, test2019), hotspot (828d 18h 2m, tried 9 times, test2019), libid3tag (827d 5h 25m, test2019), 21: libmad (827d 5h 25m, test2019), libbpp-seq (825d 5h 20m, test2019), hexchat-otr (+b6, 824d 23h 4m, test2019), gcc-defaults (824d 14h 44m, test2019), ftgl (824d 11h 23m, tried 12 times, test2019), knot-resolver (819d 11h 27m, test2019), nodm (815d 5h 30m, test2019), qtscript-opensource-src (815d 5h 30m, test2019), openlibm (812d 11h 29m, test2019), gtk-vnc (812d 5h 31m, test2019), 31: lxqt-config (811d 11h 31m, test2019), node-opencv (811d 11h 31m, test2019), pkg-kde-tools (811d 11h 31m, test2019), adms (811d 5h 31m, test2019), partman-base (810d 11h 31m, test2019), sssd (809d 17h 30m, test2019), git-annex (808d 23h 30m, test2019), vmdebootstrap (808d 17h 29m, test2019), kaddressbook (+b1, 808d 11h 27m, test2019), localechooser (808d 5h 32m, test2019), 41: blockout2 (808d 5h 32m, test2019), cdrom-checker (808d 5h 32m, test2019), kdepim-runtime (808d 59m, test2019), sip4 (805d 32m, test2019), libanyevent-perl (805d 32m, test2019), notary (805d 32m, test2019), astroidmail (804d 22h 46m, test2019), pakcs (804d 17h 28m, test2019), librime (+b1, 804d 11h 27m, test2019), fstransform (803d 5h 27m, test2019), 51: netmrg (+b1, 798d 11h 26m, test2019), chiark-utils (795d 5h 30m, test2019), ocserv (794d 5h 30m, test2019), kde-runtime (793d 5h 29m, test2019), libcoap2 (792d 11h 27m, test2019), uhubctl (792d 5h 30m, test2019), wine-development (784d 5h 30m, test2019), zeroinstall-injector (783d 17h 28m, test2019), notmuch (771d 5h 22m, test2019), fastdnaml (769d 5h 25m, test2019), 61: htslib (759d 5h 26m, test2019), yank (759d 5h 26m, test2019), calibre (759d 5h 26m, test2019), xdx (759d 5h 26m, test2019), t50 (759d 5h 26m, test2019), librecad (758d 23h 23m, test2019), evolvotron (758d 17h 27m, test2019), aptly (755d 11h 24m, test2019), lprng (754d 5h 25m, test2019), python3-stdlib-extensions (750d 23h 30m, test2019), 71: python3-defaults (750d 5h 30m, test2019), elfutils (748d 5h 30m, test2019), libdebian-installer (747d 23h 29m, test2019), libpng1.6 (746d 5h 30m, test2019), mate-applets (+b1, 743d 23h 28m, test2019), libqtdbustest (+b1, 743d 23h 28m, test2019), evolution (743d 5h 27m, test2019), golang-github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact (740d 5h 28m, test2019), pscan-tfbs (735d 5h 30m, test2019), qscintilla2 (727d 23h 26m, test2019), 81: gcc-mingw-w64 (727d 11h 25m, test2019), php-mailparse (+b1, 715d 11h 29m, test2019), php-propro (+b1, 715d 11h 29m, test2019), php-smbclient (+b1, 715d 11h 29m, test2019), supercollider-sc3-plugins (+b1, 703d 12h 28m, tried 2 times, test2019), gcl (696d 11h 26m, test2019), epstool (+b7, 677d 5h 22m, test2019), gv (+b3, 677d 5h 22m, test2019), xfig (+b4, 677d 5h 22m, test2019), meta-gnome3 (+b2, 677d 5h 22m, test2019), 91: gnugo (+b1, 671d 11h 24m, test2019), nwall (+b1, 671d 11h 24m, test2019), pilot-link (+b1, 671d 11h 24m, test2019), tdl (669d 23h 57m, test2019), coldfire (669d 23h 57m, test2019), passwordsafe (651d 17h 22m, test2019), gcab (651d 17h 22m, test2019), pam-u2f (651d 17h 22m, test2019), sendmail (651d 11h 20m, test2019), bzip2 (651d 11h 20m, test2019), 101: apt-setup (651d 11h 20m, test2019), babeltrace (651d 11h 20m, test2019), libtk-img (651d 11h 20m, test2019), sdl-image1.2 (651d 11h 20m, test2019), pulseaudio (651d 11h 20m, test2019), xymon (651d 11h 20m, test2019), libapreq2 (624d 11h 22m, test2019), xmltooling (497d 17h 25m, test2019), git-lfs (497d 17h 25m, test2019), nyancat (497d 17h 25m, test2019), 111: ntpsec (497d 17h 25m, test2019), pykaraoke (497d 11h 17m, test2019), guile-2.2 (497d 5h 25m, test2019), opensmtpd (479d 11h 17m, test2019), filezilla (406d 17h 23m, test2019), corosync (406d 17h 23m, test2019), mew (406d 17h 23m, test2019), megatools (406d 17h 23m, test2019), purple-discord (406d 17h 23m, test2019), taglib (406d 17h 23m, test2019), 121: fuse3 (406d 17h 23m, test2019), netqmail (391d 17h 25m, tried 2 times, test2019), imagemagick (354d 11h 24m, test2019), libopenmpt (335d 11h 21m, test2019), zipios++ (322d 17h 22m, test2019), pillow (322d 17h 22m, test2019), ruby-json (322d 17h 22m, test2019), efax-gtk (+b10, 297d 23h 14m, test2019), facter (266d 23h 19m, test2019), gnome-shell (266d 17h 6m, tried 2 times, test2019), 131: blueman (235d 5h 25m, test2019)