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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Auto-Not-For-Us11: eckit
Build-Attempted41: tinyarray (310d 10h 38m, tried 11 times, testwandboard), openvswitch (309d 11h 44m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), qtwebkit-opensource-src (308d 13h 15m, tried 3 times, testwandboard), puma (306d 14h 56m, tried 2 times, testwandboard)
Installed4111: astrometry.net (410d 3h 11m, testwandboard), gifsicle (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), pyosmium (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), cat-bat (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), libspf2 (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), abseil (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), dwz (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), kernsmooth (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), octave-ltfat (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), haruna (409d 11h 8m, testwandboard), 11: lua-unbound (409d 2h 56m, testwandboard), ansilove (408d 21h 11m, testwandboard), wordnet (408d 21h 11m, testwandboard), vsftpd (408d 21h 11m, testwandboard), sasm (408d 21h 11m, testwandboard), enchant-2 (408d 21h 11m, testwandboard), tkagif (408d 21h 11m, testwandboard), astlib (408d 3h 28m, testwandboard), bitlbee-facebook (408d 3h 28m, testwandboard), kexec-tools (407d 3h 26m, testwandboard), 21: paho.mqtt.cpp (406d 21h 15m, testwandboard), ntcard (406d 21h 15m, testwandboard), py3exiv2 (406d 21h 15m, testwandboard), python-pyo (406d 21h 15m, testwandboard), cbonsai (406d 21h 15m, testwandboard), golang-github-smallstep-truststore (406d 21h 15m, testwandboard), gerbera (+b5, 405d 15h 12m, testwandboard), chocolate-doom (405d 9h 21m, testwandboard), dvbtune (405d 9h 21m, testwandboard), kmc (405d 9h 21m, testwandboard), 31: poxml (405d 9h 21m, testwandboard), libvbz-hdf-plugin (405d 3h 16m, testwandboard), nuspell (405d 3h 16m, testwandboard), rox (405d 3h 16m, testwandboard), python-msgpack (404d 15h 14m, testwandboard), netcat (404d 3h 9m, testwandboard), xsd (403d 3h 15m, testwandboard), network-console (+b2, 403d 3h 15m, testwandboard), wims (403d 3h 15m, testwandboard), libapache2-mod-auth-openid (403d 3h 15m, testwandboard), 41: jpegqs (403d 3h 15m, testwandboard), lucene++ (403d 3h 15m, testwandboard), libgudev (402d 9h 34m, testwandboard), gsound (402d 9h 34m, testwandboard), network-manager-applet (402d 9h 34m, testwandboard), juk (401d 21h 35m, testwandboard), kiten (401d 21h 35m, testwandboard), libglade2 (401d 7h 12m, testwandboard), glfer (401d 7h 12m, testwandboard), mtr (401d 7h 12m, testwandboard), 51: golang-github-mozillazg-go-pinyin (401d 7h 12m, testwandboard), atkmm1.6 (401d 7h 12m, testwandboard), ace (401d 3h 32m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), filelight (400d 9h 27m, testwandboard), coinutils (400d 9h 27m, testwandboard), scitokens-cpp (400d 6h 14m, testwandboard), kapptemplate (400d 6h 14m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), ktuberling (400d 6h 14m, testwandboard), nautic (400d 6h 14m, testwandboard), kbounce (399d 21h 35m, testwandboard), 61: kollision (399d 21h 35m, testwandboard), kig (399d 21h 35m, testwandboard), bomber (399d 21h 35m, testwandboard), pd-fftease (399d 21h 35m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), kubrick (399d 21h 35m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), ktp-common-internals (399d 21h 35m, testwandboard), ksudoku (399d 15h 22m, testwandboard), rust-pam (399d 15h 22m, testwandboard), checkit-tiff (399d 9h 36m, testwandboard), rust-crossbeam-deque (399d 9h 36m, testwandboard), 71: wmclock (399d 9h 36m, testwandboard), rust-pleaser (399d 9h 36m, testwandboard), artha (399d 3h 20m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), ktp-auth-handler (399d 3h 20m, tried 3 times, testwandboard), globus-ftp-control (398d 9h 28m, testwandboard), globus-gsi-sysconfig (398d 9h 28m, testwandboard), gnutls28 (398d 9h 28m, testwandboard), globus-gram-job-manager-fork (398d 9h 28m, testwandboard), globus-gram-protocol (398d 9h 28m, testwandboard), libisocodes (398d 9h 28m, testwandboard), 81: ivtools (398d 9h 28m, testwandboard), wmsystemtray (398d 9h 28m, testwandboard), skrooge (398d 3h 30m, testwandboard), gnome-bluetooth (398d 3h 30m, testwandboard), openocd (398d 3h 30m, testwandboard), kontrast (397d 9h 34m, testwandboard), htslib (397d 9h 34m, testwandboard), array-info (397d 9h 34m, testwandboard), clevis (397d 9h 34m, testwandboard), recoll (397d 2h 5m, testwandboard), 91: slurp (397d 2h 5m, testwandboard), php-wmerrors (397d 2h 5m, testwandboard), lwt-ssl (+b6, 395d 21h 38m, testwandboard), tth (+b3, 395d 21h 38m, testwandboard), perdition (+b1, 395d 21h 38m, testwandboard), prosody (+b1, 395d 21h 38m, testwandboard), efax-gtk (+b1, 395d 21h 38m, testwandboard), backuppc (395d 9h 31m, testwandboard), php-luasandbox (395d 3h 24m, testwandboard), wmitime (394d 9h 35m, testwandboard), 101: libencoding-fixlatin-xs-perl (394d 9h 35m, testwandboard), milter-greylist (394d 9h 35m, testwandboard), pirs (393d 9h 32m, testwandboard), usbredir (393d 9h 32m, testwandboard), eiskaltdcpp (+b1, 392d 21h 39m, testwandboard), dascrubber (392d 11h 20m, testwandboard), libbloom (392d 11h 20m, testwandboard), orthanc-python (392d 3h 29m, testwandboard), rust-zbus (392d 3h 29m, testwandboard), xwelltris (392d 3h 29m, testwandboard), 111: testdisk (+b1, 391d 21h 35m, testwandboard), foomatic-db-engine (391d 9h 31m, testwandboard), aprx (391d 9h 31m, testwandboard), erlang-lager (391d 9h 31m, testwandboard), colorized-logs (391d 9h 31m, testwandboard), erlang-p1-utils (391d 9h 31m, testwandboard), i2pd (391d 9h 31m, testwandboard), erlang-p1-stringprep (391d 3h 30m, testwandboard), erlang-p1-xmpp (390d 21h 39m, testwandboard), libpcap (389d 9h 19m, testwandboard), 121: icebreaker (388d 9h 29m, testwandboard), caveexpress (388d 9h 29m, testwandboard), binutils-or1k-elf (388d 9h 29m, testwandboard), peek (388d 9h 29m, testwandboard), veroroute (388d 9h 29m, testwandboard), vulkan-loader (387d 3h 22m, testwandboard), nauty (387d 3h 22m, testwandboard), pktools (+b2, 386d 15h 20m, testwandboard), mapcache (+b2, 386d 15h 20m, testwandboard), octave-mapping (+b1, 386d 10h 34m, testwandboard), 131: fastani (386d 10h 34m, testwandboard), soapyaudio (386d 3h 23m, testwandboard), crudini (385d 9h 21m, testwandboard), libxtrx (385d 5h 27m, testwandboard), xindy (+b1, 385d 3h 31m, testwandboard), uthash (382d 9h 34m, testwandboard), gcr (381d 15h 26m, testwandboard), nitrokey-authenticator (381d 9h 34m, testwandboard), htscodecs (379d 15h 28m, testwandboard), oggvideotools (379d 11h 2m, testwandboard), 141: conv-tools (379d 11h 2m, testwandboard), pycurl (379d 11h 2m, testwandboard), gopher (379d 11h 2m, testwandboard), dovecot (378d 9h 56m, testwandboard), kpkpass (378d 3h 33m, testwandboard), akonadi-notes (377d 21h 24m, testwandboard), gst-python1.0 (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), gdl (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), entr (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), guncat (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), 151: libuv1 (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), chipmunk (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), btcheck (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), erfa (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), ruby-nio4r (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), cyrus-imapd (377d 11h 23m, testwandboard), gstreamer1.0 (377d 9h 28m, testwandboard), netatalk (377d 3h 23m, testwandboard), libraw (377d 3h 23m, testwandboard), alsa-utils (377d 3h 23m, testwandboard), 161: tracker (377d 3h 23m, testwandboard), rlog (377d 3h 23m, testwandboard), gnucobol3 (377d 3h 23m, testwandboard), rxvt-unicode (376d 21h 33m, testwandboard), python-jpype (376d 21h 33m, testwandboard), naev (376d 21h 33m, testwandboard), libxext (376d 21h 33m, testwandboard), osmpbf (376d 21h 33m, testwandboard), wing (376d 21h 33m, testwandboard), ignition-math (376d 21h 33m, testwandboard), 171: gnucobol4 (376d 21h 33m, testwandboard), horizon-eda (376d 15h 18m, testwandboard), step (+b1, 375d 21h 29m, testwandboard), xxkb (375d 9h 25m, testwandboard), mlv (375d 9h 25m, testwandboard), libscalar-list-utils-perl (375d 9h 25m, testwandboard), kdevelop-pg-qt (375d 9h 25m, testwandboard), proftpd-mod-counter (+b1, 374d 21h 30m, testwandboard), rust-alacritty-config-derive (374d 21h 30m, testwandboard), rust-snafu-derive (374d 21h 30m, testwandboard), 181: proftpd-mod-msg (+b1, 374d 21h 30m, testwandboard), rust-liboverdrop (374d 21h 30m, testwandboard), proftpd-mod-case (+b1, 374d 21h 30m, testwandboard), rsymphony (373d 21h 17m, testwandboard), r-cran-mlr (373d 21h 17m, testwandboard), r-cran-pcapp (373d 21h 17m, testwandboard), r-cran-gmm (373d 21h 17m, testwandboard), r-cran-seqinr (373d 21h 17m, testwandboard), lme4 (373d 21h 17m, testwandboard), r-cran-catools (373d 21h 17m, testwandboard), 191: r-cran-rrcov (373d 15h 2m, testwandboard), sm (373d 15h 2m, testwandboard), r-cran-treespace (373d 15h 2m, testwandboard), glade (372d 9h 9m, testwandboard), apngopt (372d 9h 9m, testwandboard), libytnef (371d 9h 30m, testwandboard), kdb (371d 9h 30m, testwandboard), sysvinit (371d 9h 30m, testwandboard), r-cran-ps (371d 9h 30m, testwandboard), libnss-db (+b23, 371d 3h 24m, testwandboard), 201: guile-2.2 (+b1, 369d 15h 20m, testwandboard), libjsoncpp (369d 9h 17m, testwandboard), sigrok-cli (369d 9h 17m, testwandboard), r-bioc-rsamtools (369d 3h 34m, testwandboard), r-bioc-gosemsim (369d 3h 34m, testwandboard), mdk4 (+b3, 368d 22h 4m, testwandboard), rt-tests (+b2, 368d 22h 4m, testwandboard), r-bioc-deseq (368d 22h 4m, testwandboard), wayland (+b1, 368d 21h 15m, testwandboard), xxgdb (+b6, 368d 20h 37m, testwandboard), 211: r-bioc-grohmm (368d 17h 47m, testwandboard), php8.0 (+b1, 368d 8h 45m, testwandboard), cppad (367d 5h 55m, testwandboard), hscolour (+b3, 366d 21h 15m, testwandboard), haskell-lazy-csv (+b3, 366d 21h 15m, testwandboard), fricas (366d 21h 15m, testwandboard), raincat (+b2, 366d 21h 15m, testwandboard), curry-frontend (+b1, 366d 9h 14m, testwandboard), haskell-hledger (+b1, 366d 3h 21m, testwandboard), darcs-monitor (+b3, 366d 3h 21m, testwandboard), 221: faust (365d 21h 52m, testwandboard), haskell-raaz (+b2, 365d 21h 52m, testwandboard), threadscope (+b1, 365d 20h 24m, testwandboard), hedgewars (+b3, 365d 15h 18m, testwandboard), wmgtemp (365d 9h 3m, testwandboard), cinnamon-menus (365d 9h 3m, testwandboard), python-wsaccel (365d 9h 3m, testwandboard), cinnamon-settings-daemon (365d 3h 22m, testwandboard), cmor (+b1, 364d 21h 10m, testwandboard), flexbar (364d 15h 8m, testwandboard), 231: eweouz (+b2, 364d 15h 8m, testwandboard), mrbayes (364d 15h 8m, testwandboard), openclonk (+b1, 364d 15h 8m, testwandboard), mesa-demos (+b2, 364d 15h 8m, testwandboard), slic3r-prusa (+b1, 363d 21h 32m, testwandboard), libkmfl (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), zsync (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), foremost (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), tmispell-voikko (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), keyman-keyboardprocessor (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), 241: basemap (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), opencfu (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), rust-quote (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), python-levenshtein (363d 9h 31m, testwandboard), fcitx5-lua (363d 3h 17m, testwandboard), gbsplay (362d 9h 34m, testwandboard), libcanberra (362d 9h 34m, testwandboard), sshesame (362d 9h 34m, testwandboard), pcsc-lite (362d 9h 34m, testwandboard), trackballs (362d 9h 34m, testwandboard), 251: nwrite (361d 9h 39m, testwandboard), securefs (361d 9h 39m, testwandboard), xnec2c (361d 9h 39m, testwandboard), gupnp-igd (+b1, 360d 22h 48m, testwandboard), eccodes-python (360d 9h 22m, testwandboard), google-perftools (360d 9h 22m, testwandboard), wmpinboard (360d 9h 22m, testwandboard), wmfire (360d 9h 22m, testwandboard), mcrypt (360d 9h 22m, testwandboard), xtermcontrol (358d 3h 18m, testwandboard), 261: lbdb (358d 3h 18m, testwandboard), dnsproxy (358d 3h 18m, testwandboard), rtklib (358d 3h 18m, testwandboard), rust-blake3 (357d 21h 33m, testwandboard), rust-serial-unix (357d 15h 2m, testwandboard), socket++ (357d 9h 2m, testwandboard), libpam-encfs (357d 9h 2m, testwandboard), rquantlib (357d 9h 2m, testwandboard), magics-python (+b1, 356d 21h 26m, testwandboard), ipe (355d 21h 30m, testwandboard), 271: ampliconnoise (355d 3h 20m, testwandboard), golang-github-rogpeppe-go-internal (355d 3h 20m, testwandboard), mdetect (355d 3h 20m, testwandboard), wmbattery (355d 3h 20m, testwandboard), lunzip (355d 3h 20m, testwandboard), clearcut (354d 13h 7m, testwandboard), r-cran-desolve (354d 13h 7m, testwandboard), connman (354d 10h 50m, testwandboard), lshw (354d 10h 50m, testwandboard), r-cran-lubridate (353d 13h, testwandboard), 281: entropybroker (353d 13h, testwandboard), picard (353d 9h 27m, testwandboard), sfsexp (353d 9h 27m, testwandboard), anjuta (+b1, 352d 21h 35m, testwandboard), ignition-common (352d 9h 33m, testwandboard), python-grpc-tools (352d 9h 33m, testwandboard), r-cran-qtl (352d 9h 33m, testwandboard), mpack (352d 9h 33m, testwandboard), libfastahack (352d 9h 33m, testwandboard), libsidplayfp (352d 9h 33m, testwandboard), 291: mpfi (352d 9h 33m, testwandboard), connectome-workbench (351d 9h 33m, testwandboard), r-cran-rcppgsl (351d 3h 18m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), audacious (350d 11h 27m, testwandboard), wmix (350d 10h 24m, testwandboard), rlvm (349d 15h 9m, testwandboard), berusky (349d 9h 34m, testwandboard), rust-html2pango (349d 9h 34m, testwandboard), grilo-plugins (349d 9h 34m, testwandboard), obs-websocket (349d 9h 34m, testwandboard), 301: astropy-regions (348d 15h 17m, testwandboard), rss-glx (348d 9h 29m, testwandboard), gxkb (348d 9h 29m, testwandboard), dymo-cups-drivers (348d 9h 29m, testwandboard), dvbstreamer (348d 9h 29m, testwandboard), r-cran-seriation (348d 9h 29m, testwandboard), cantata (346d 9h 32m, testwandboard), wmmoonclock (346d 9h 32m, testwandboard), pg-similarity (346d 3h 29m, testwandboard), r-cran-collapse (345d 21h 35m, testwandboard), 311: webissues (345d 7h 46m, testwandboard), libdebian-installer (345d 7h 46m, testwandboard), postgresql-debversion (345d 2h 38m, testwandboard), avogadro (345d 2h 38m, testwandboard), fntsample (343d 21h 33m, testwandboard), rosegarden (343d 21h 33m, testwandboard), r-cran-rpostgresql (343d 9h 21m, testwandboard), libffado (343d 9h 21m, testwandboard), rust-cargo-platform (343d 9h 21m, testwandboard), rust-pkg-config (343d 9h 21m, testwandboard), 321: clonalorigin (342d 2h 58m, testwandboard), rust-tiff (341d 21h 24m, testwandboard), gst123 (+b7, 341d 15h 10m, testwandboard), ktp-call-ui (+b1, 341d 15h 10m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), libtoxcore (+b1, 341d 15h 10m, testwandboard), ipqalc (341d 9h 24m, testwandboard), sfxr-qt (341d 9h 24m, testwandboard), kineticstools (341d 9h 24m, testwandboard), natlog (341d 9h 24m, testwandboard), liblouis (341d 9h 24m, testwandboard), 331: netifaces (341d 9h 24m, testwandboard), sudoku-solver (341d 9h 24m, testwandboard), postgresql-rum (341d 9h 24m, testwandboard), spatialite-gui (+b1, 341d 3h 8m, testwandboard), dune-uggrid (340d 21h 30m, testwandboard), xine-lib-1.2 (+b1, 340d 15h 13m, testwandboard), gkrellm-leds (340d 9h 31m, testwandboard), ebook-speaker (340d 9h 31m, testwandboard), orthanc-postgresql (340d 9h 31m, testwandboard), mpg123 (340d 9h 31m, testwandboard), 341: qtbase-opensource-src-gles (340d 3h 24m, testwandboard), simgrid (339d 21h 37m, testwandboard), libesmtp (339d 9h 19m, testwandboard), ros-bond-core (337d 9h 22m, testwandboard), gtkextra (337d 9h 22m, testwandboard), prometheus-ipmi-exporter (+b4, 337d 3h 3m, testwandboard), pari (337d 3h 3m, testwandboard), ncl (+b2, 336d 21h 20m, testwandboard), pg-checksums (334d 9h 34m, testwandboard), skiboot (334d 9h 34m, testwandboard), 351: snimpy (334d 9h 34m, testwandboard), mpsolve (334d 9h 34m, testwandboard), irqbalance (334d 9h 34m, testwandboard), nsd (334d 9h 34m, testwandboard), nast (334d 9h 34m, testwandboard), sdl12-compat (334d 3h 29m, testwandboard), vdr-plugin-skinenigmang (+b8, 333d 21h 54m, testwandboard), rust-hex (333d 7h 55m, testwandboard), libfilezilla (333d 7h 55m, testwandboard), libdbd-sqlite2-perl (333d 7h 55m, testwandboard), 361: libbpp-popgen (332d 9h 8m, testwandboard), libvhdi (332d 9h 8m, testwandboard), r-cran-rcsdp (332d 3h 19m, testwandboard), liburcu (331d 9h 31m, testwandboard), ghdl (331d 9h 31m, testwandboard), ruby-hdfeos5 (331d 3h 27m, testwandboard), mercurial (326d 14h 56m, testwandboard), acl2 (314d 8h 25m, testwandboard), wabt (314d 8h 25m, testwandboard), mongo-c-driver (314d 8h 25m, testwandboard), 371: tang (314d 3h 8m, testwandboard), rust-downcast-rs (314d 3h 8m, testwandboard), libsdl2-mixer (+b1, 313d 21h 8m, testwandboard), vlc (+b5, 313d 21h 8m, testwandboard), scummvm (+b1, 313d 19h 22m, testwandboard), buzztrax (+b1, 313d 15h 22m, testwandboard), kpackage (313d 15h 22m, testwandboard), liblxi (313d 9h 12m, testwandboard), python-lzo (313d 9h 12m, testwandboard), ayatana-indicator-sound (313d 9h 12m, testwandboard), 381: varconf (313d 9h 12m, testwandboard), editorconfig-core (313d 9h 12m, testwandboard), sogo (313d 9h 12m, testwandboard), kemoticons (313d 9h 12m, testwandboard), tuxguitar (313d 3h 18m, testwandboard), network-manager-iodine (312d 9h 16m, testwandboard), ppx-deriving (312d 9h 16m, testwandboard), keepalived (312d 9h 16m, testwandboard), gnote (311d 8h 56m, testwandboard), fs-uae (311d 8h 56m, testwandboard), 391: kitty (311d 8h 56m, testwandboard), compreffor (311d 8h 56m, testwandboard), libobject-pad-slotattr-trigger-perl (311d 8h 27m, testwandboard), knotifyconfig (310d 22h 39m, testwandboard), kcmutils (310d 14h 45m, testwandboard), qqc2-desktop-style (310d 14h 45m, testwandboard), gpgme1.0 (310d 8h 25m, testwandboard), openimageio (+b1, 309d 20h 5m, testwandboard), libsdl2-gfx (309d 8h 32m, testwandboard), fcitx5-qt (309d 8h 32m, testwandboard), 401: sshfs-fuse (+b1, 308d 3h 20m, testwandboard), glewlwyd (308d 3h 20m, testwandboard), ldm (+b2, 308d 3h 20m, testwandboard), ssh-cron (+b1, 308d 3h 20m, testwandboard), libsoup2.4 (307d 9h 3m, testwandboard), rust-platform-info (307d 9h 3m, testwandboard), pynfft (307d 3h 23m, testwandboard), casa-formats-io (307d 3h 23m, testwandboard), brian (307d 3h 23m, testwandboard), molmodel (306d 9h 29m, testwandboard), 411: bash (306d 9h 29m, testwandboard)
Maybe-Failed11: cone (15d 16h 30m, tried 7 times, testwandboard)
Uploaded11: mpv (306d 8h 38m, testwandboard)