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Build-Attempted31: kdiff3 (667d 5h 39m, tried 4 times, testbuildd), ssvnc (+b6, 664d 21h 41m, testbuildd), jose (663d 6h 52m, tried 3 times, testbuildd)
Built21: rust-webpki-roots (763d 20h 23m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), aflplusplus (687d 10h 11m, testbuildd)
Installed4781: mokutil (766d 19h 58m, testbuildd), murasaki (766d 19h 58m, testbuildd), galera-3 (766d 19h 58m, testbuildd), nvme-cli (766d 19h 58m, testbuildd), mauve-aligner (766d 19h 58m, testbuildd), osm2pgrouting (766d 19h 58m, testbuildd), spaced (766d 18h 30m, testbuildd), swarp (766d 18h 30m, testbuildd), estscan (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), cdparanoia (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), 11: i2c-tools (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), id3v2 (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), genometools (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), exuberant-ctags (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), haserl (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), ipcalc-ng (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), fullquottel (766d 3h 55m, testbuildd), gnome-desktop-testing (765d 19h 43m, testbuildd), jdim (765d 19h 43m, testbuildd), paho.mqtt.c (765d 19h 43m, testbuildd), 21: psautohint (765d 13h 58m, testbuildd), kyotocabinet (765d 13h 58m, testbuildd), goaccess (765d 13h 58m, testbuildd), putty (765d 8h 6m, testbuildd), visp (765d 2h 15m, testbuildd), golang-github-dnstap-golang-dnstap (764d 14h 16m, testbuildd), gnome-pie (764d 14h 16m, testbuildd), jattach (764d 14h 16m, testbuildd), libcotp (764d 14h 16m, testbuildd), xfce4-clipman-plugin (764d 8h 10m, testbuildd), 31: libntlm (764d 8h 10m, testbuildd), mpi4py-fft (764d 8h 10m, testbuildd), opensc (764d 8h 10m, testbuildd), libpst (764d 8h 10m, testbuildd), ukui-screensaver (764d 8h 10m, testbuildd), globus-net-manager (764d 2h 7m, testbuildd), cd-hit (764d 2h 7m, testbuildd), xfce4-screenshooter (764d 2h 7m, testbuildd), python-drizzle (764d 2h 7m, testbuildd), e2fsprogs (764d 2h 7m, testbuildd), 41: gosu (764d 2h 7m, testbuildd), alsa-lib (764d 2h 7m, testbuildd), golang-github-anacrolix-dms (763d 20h 14m, testbuildd), qelectrotech (763d 20h 14m, testbuildd), r-cran-rcppmlpack (763d 14h 2m, testbuildd), prometheus-nextcloud-exporter (763d 14h 2m, testbuildd), fastq-pair (763d 14h 2m, testbuildd), python-av (763d 14h 2m, testbuildd), nthash (763d 14h 2m, testbuildd), gnucobol (+b3, 763d 14h 2m, testbuildd), 51: zxing-cpp (763d 14h 2m, testbuildd), libxmlb (762d 22h 9m, testbuildd), par (762d 22h 9m, testbuildd), ristretto (762d 22h 9m, testbuildd), libstreamvbyte (762d 13h 49m, testbuildd), rpcsvc-proto (762d 13h 49m, testbuildd), gnome-firmware (+b1, 762d 8h, testbuildd), libslirp (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), bytes-circle (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), libextractor (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), 61: cccolutils (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), python-cobra (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), krb5-sync (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), lightsoff (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), crispy-doom (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), gnome-mines (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), last-align (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), zita-njbridge (762d 2h 8m, testbuildd), passenger (761d 20h 4m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), libusrsctp (761d 20h 4m, testbuildd), 71: mew-beta (760d 19h 56m, testbuildd), nng (760d 19h 56m, testbuildd), sqlite3 (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), uriparser (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), segemehl (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), rootskel-gtk (+b2, 759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), help2man (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), reproject (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), rust-globset (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), live-installer (+b9, 759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), 81: installation-locale (+b2, 759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), cdebconf-terminal (+b2, 759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), tinyxml2 (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), dmidecode (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), cif-api (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), dragonfly-reverb (759d 20h 2m, testbuildd), bullet (+b1, 759d 14h 12m, testbuildd), rust-grep-regex (759d 8h 9m, testbuildd), libexadrums (+b1, 759d 8h 9m, testbuildd), libgpg-error (759d 2h 21m, testbuildd), 91: eztrace (759d 2h 21m, testbuildd), dconf-editor (759d 2h 21m, testbuildd), kcolorchooser (758d 20h 17m, testbuildd), kmousetool (758d 20h 17m, testbuildd), libkf5kipi (758d 20h 17m, testbuildd), kipi-plugins (758d 14h 22m, testbuildd), kcron (758d 14h 22m, testbuildd), kdegraphics-thumbnailers (758d 14h 22m, testbuildd), libkeduvocdocument (758d 8h 7m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), krfb (757d 20h 19m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), 101: zeroconf-ioslave (757d 14h 47m, testbuildd), kamera (757d 14h 47m, testbuildd), libkcddb (757d 14h 47m, testbuildd), kirigami2 (757d 13h 53m, testbuildd), voms-mysql-plugin (+b4, 757d 7h 51m, testbuildd), golang-github-calmh-xdr (757d 2h 15m, testbuildd), ktouch (757d 2h 15m, testbuildd), kmplot (757d 2h 15m, testbuildd), bovo (757d 2h 15m, testbuildd), k3b (756d 23h 1m, testbuildd), 111: libpam-afs-session (756d 23h 1m, testbuildd), khelpcenter (756d 20h 12m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), wcslib (756d 20h 12m, testbuildd), yakuake (756d 20h 12m, testbuildd), khangman (756d 14h 22m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), granatier (756d 14h 22m, testbuildd), kbreakout (756d 14h 22m, testbuildd), ksnakeduel (756d 14h 22m, testbuildd), kgoldrunner (756d 14h 22m, testbuildd), klines (756d 14h 22m, testbuildd), 121: network-manager-pptp (756d 8h 9m, testbuildd), kigo (756d 8h 9m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), tagua (+b1, 756d 8h 9m, testbuildd), rust-fd-find (756d 8h 9m, testbuildd), ktp-send-file (756d 8h 9m, testbuildd), kpat (756d 8h 9m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), tickr (756d 2h 24m, testbuildd), rust-grep (756d 2h 24m, testbuildd), libkcapi (756d 2h 24m, testbuildd), rust-zoneinfo-compiled (756d 2h 24m, testbuildd), 131: palp (756d 2h 24m, testbuildd), ktp-accounts-kcm (755d 20h 7m, tried 3 times, testbuildd), lua-sec (755d 14h 20m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), globus-gass-transfer (755d 2h 16m, testbuildd), globus-gridftp-server-control (755d 2h 16m, testbuildd), globus-proxy-utils (755d 2h 16m, testbuildd), globus-gram-job-manager-sge (755d 2h 16m, testbuildd), golang-github-spf13-cobra (754d 20h 17m, testbuildd), node-sqlite3 (754d 20h 17m, testbuildd), xine-ui (754d 20h 17m, testbuildd), 141: herculesstudio (754d 20h 17m, testbuildd), mplayer (738d 14h 24m, testbuildd), tmux (738d 8h 13m, testbuildd), ylva (738d 8h 13m, testbuildd), packetsender (738d 2h 21m, testbuildd), libsecp256k1 (736d 20h 17m, testbuildd), bisonc++ (736d 8h 15m, testbuildd), altree (736d 3h 49m, testbuildd), rasqal (735d 2h 44m, testbuildd), megapixels (735d 2h 44m, testbuildd), 151: gpm (735d 2h 44m, testbuildd), libfixbuf (735d 2h 44m, testbuildd), xrayutilities (735d 2h 44m, testbuildd), ccfits (733d 8h 5m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), libtcod (733d 2h 17m, testbuildd), akonadi-mime (732d 19h 19m, testbuildd), libbitmask (732d 2h 13m, testbuildd), libchipcard (732d 2h 13m, testbuildd), xwallpaper (732d 2h 13m, testbuildd), kmailtransport (731d 19h 44m, testbuildd), 161: rust-markdown (731d 7h 33m, testbuildd), complexity (731d 1h 45m, testbuildd), atftp (731d 1h 45m, testbuildd), inchi (731d 1h 45m, testbuildd), r-cran-nanotime (730d 14h 4m, testbuildd), r-cran-haven (730d 14h 4m, testbuildd), r-cran-ade4 (730d 14h 4m, testbuildd), r-cran-cachem (730d 14h 4m, testbuildd), r-cran-genieclust (730d 14h 4m, testbuildd), r-cran-diptest (730d 14h 4m, testbuildd), 171: r-cran-relsurv (730d 7h 49m, testbuildd), cctools (730d 7h 49m, testbuildd), r-cran-vegan (730d 7h 49m, testbuildd), r-cran-spatial (730d 7h 49m, testbuildd), r-cran-tidyselect (730d 7h 49m, testbuildd), wmmon (730d 2h 10m, testbuildd), pygrib (730d 2h 10m, testbuildd), rust-tre-command (729d 20h, testbuildd), r-cran-keyring (729d 20h, testbuildd), r-cran-maptools (729d 7h 42m, testbuildd), 181: r-cran-svglite (729d 7h 42m, testbuildd), cluster (729d 7h 42m, testbuildd), libportal (729d 1h 56m, testbuildd), baobab (729d 1h 56m, testbuildd), r-cran-processx (729d 1h 56m, testbuildd), r-cran-rcurl (728d 20h 5m, testbuildd), r-cran-xml2 (728d 8h 14m, testbuildd), fwupd (728d 2h 17m, testbuildd), r-cran-httpuv (727d 20h 11m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), apitrace (+b8, 727d 14h 6m, testbuildd), 191: r-bioc-affyio (727d 1h 39m, testbuildd), zeek (+b3, 727d 1h 39m, testbuildd), r-bioc-rhdf5lib (727d 1h 39m, testbuildd), r-bioc-edger (726d 14h 20m, testbuildd), r-cran-dqrng (726d 14h 20m, testbuildd), r-bioc-affy (726d 14h 20m, testbuildd), r-cran-mets (726d 14h 20m, testbuildd), gforth (+b2, 726d 14h 20m, testbuildd), r-cran-ape (726d 14h 20m, testbuildd), r-bioc-beachmat (726d 2h 4m, testbuildd), 201: python3.8 (+b1, 726d 2h 4m, testbuildd), imaptool (726d 2h 4m, testbuildd), clonalframe (726d 2h 4m, testbuildd), sopwith (726d 2h 4m, testbuildd), kali (726d 2h 4m, testbuildd), r-bioc-biocsingular (725d 20h 21m, testbuildd), fasta3 (+b3, 725d 14h 51m, testbuildd), r-bioc-sva (725d 14h 51m, testbuildd), libkf5incidenceeditor (725d 13h 24m, testbuildd), ruby2.7 (+b1, 725d 10h 34m, testbuildd), 211: libglib-object-introspection-perl (+b2, 725d 10h 34m, testbuildd), mdocml (725d 8h 7m, testbuildd), libassa (725d 8h 7m, testbuildd), mtink (725d 1h 32m, testbuildd), firewalk (725d 1h 32m, testbuildd), r-bioc-tfbstools (725d 1h 32m, testbuildd), gelemental (725d 1h 32m, testbuildd), haskell-tasty-discover (+b2, 722d 14h 39m, testbuildd), xmonad (+b2, 722d 14h 39m, testbuildd), llvm-toolchain-10 (+b1, 722d 14h 39m, testbuildd), 221: gtk2hs-buildtools (+b2, 722d 8h 5m, testbuildd), haskell-hledger-web (+b1, 722d 8h 5m, testbuildd), haskell-hopenpgp-tools (+b1, 722d 8h 5m, testbuildd), haskell-hindent (+b1, 722d 1h 50m, testbuildd), gnome-settings-daemon (722d 1h 50m, testbuildd), cinnamon-control-center (722d 1h 50m, testbuildd), netcdf4-python (+b1, 721d 13h 57m, testbuildd), memtailor (721d 13h 57m, testbuildd), netcdf-cxx (+b1, 721d 13h 57m, testbuildd), r-cran-rnetcdf (+b1, 721d 13h 57m, testbuildd), 231: gitit (+b1, 721d 7h 55m, testbuildd), endless-sky (+b1, 721d 7h 55m, testbuildd), texinfo (721d 7h 55m, testbuildd), samblaster (721d 7h 55m, testbuildd), r-cran-dplyr (721d 7h 55m, testbuildd), megaglest (+b1, 721d 7h 55m, testbuildd), r-cran-spam (721d 1h 57m, testbuildd), widelands (+b1, 721d 1h 57m, testbuildd), nnn (721d 1h 57m, testbuildd), ganeti (+b1, 721d 1h 18m, testbuildd), 241: compiz-plugins-experimental (+b1, 721d 1h 18m, testbuildd), matplotlib (720d 14h 19m, testbuildd), runit (720d 2h 18m, testbuildd), python-falcon (720d 2h 18m, testbuildd), libwpe (720d 2h 18m, testbuildd), spice (720d 2h 18m, testbuildd), libquvi (720d 2h 18m, testbuildd), r-cran-tokenizers (720d 2h 18m, testbuildd), dbus-python (719d 20h 4m, testbuildd), quvi (+b1, 719d 14h 20m, testbuildd), 251: dleyna-core (+b1, 717d 15h 35m, testbuildd), vcftools (717d 2h 10m, testbuildd), gwc (717d 2h 10m, testbuildd), libgnt (715d 7h 46m, testbuildd), dolphin (715d 7h 46m, testbuildd), iotop-c (715d 7h 46m, testbuildd), tombo (714d 20h 5m, testbuildd), zint (714d 20h 5m, testbuildd), rust-serial (714d 1h 49m, testbuildd), gkrellm-gkrellmpc (714d 1h 49m, testbuildd), 261: trf (714d 1h 49m, testbuildd), hidapi (713d 2h 12m, testbuildd), pavucontrol (712d 20h 9m, testbuildd), golang-golang-x-tools (711d 20h 7m, testbuildd), pyreflink (711d 20h 7m, testbuildd), zutils (711d 20h 7m, testbuildd), c-blosc (711d 20h 7m, testbuildd), doodle (711d 20h 7m, testbuildd), eigensoft (711d 8h 11m, testbuildd), ros-roscpp-core (+b1, 711d 5h 54m, testbuildd), 271: pymol (711d 5m, testbuildd), mpi4py (710d 21h 45m, testbuildd), primesieve (710d 5h 47m, testbuildd), hypopg (710d 2h 14m, testbuildd), tnftp (710d 2h 14m, testbuildd), libabigail (710d 2h 14m, testbuildd), votca-xtp (709d 20h 10m, testbuildd), rust-url (709d 2h 20m, testbuildd), maffilter (709d 2h 20m, testbuildd), python-questplus (709d 2h 20m, testbuildd), 281: isl (709d 2h 20m, testbuildd), flexpart (709d 2h 20m, testbuildd), yoshimi (709d 2h 20m, testbuildd), superlu (708d 2h 20m, testbuildd), pgagent (708d 2h 20m, testbuildd), ettercap (708d 2h 20m, testbuildd), scotch (707d 20h 5m, testbuildd), r-cran-testthat (707d 20h 5m, testbuildd), libzia (707d 5h 34m, testbuildd), alpine (707d 5h 34m, testbuildd), 291: glusterfs (707d 3h 11m, testbuildd), coinor-ipopt (+b5, 706d 21h 53m, testbuildd), grilo (706d 2h 21m, testbuildd), python-sqt (706d 2h 21m, testbuildd), checkinstall (706d 2h 21m, testbuildd), spice-vdagent (706d 2h 21m, testbuildd), knot-resolver (705d 2h 16m, testbuildd), sollya (704d 2h 22m, testbuildd), libopendbx (703d 2h 19m, testbuildd), task (703d 2h 19m, testbuildd), 301: ike-scan (703d 2h 19m, testbuildd), pgpointcloud (702d 20h 16m, testbuildd), pg-catcheck (702d 20h 16m, testbuildd), rust-syn (702d 14h 22m, testbuildd), netplan.io (702d 34m, testbuildd), doas (702d 34m, testbuildd), pgsql-ogr-fdw (702d 34m, testbuildd), ip4r (701d 19h 25m, testbuildd), qcalcfilehash (701d 2h 22m, testbuildd), util-linux (701d 2h 22m, testbuildd), 311: libxkbcommon (701d 2h 22m, testbuildd), angelscript (701d 2h 22m, testbuildd), libloki (701d 2h 22m, testbuildd), libktorrent (700d 14h 20m, testbuildd), kraft (+b2, 700d 8h, tried 2 times, testbuildd), fxlinuxprint (700d 2h 8m, testbuildd), rust-toml (700d 2h 8m, testbuildd), faad2 (700d 2h 8m, testbuildd), modules (700d 2h 8m, testbuildd), ioquake3 (700d 2h 8m, testbuildd), 321: rust-curl-sys (700d 2h 8m, testbuildd), gyoto (698d 19h 45m, testbuildd), dialect (698d 19h 45m, testbuildd), yara (698d 19h 45m, testbuildd), rust-flate2 (698d 14h 11m, testbuildd), arctica-greeter (+b2, 698d 7h 57m, testbuildd), goobox (+b1, 698d 7h 57m, testbuildd), qxmpp (+b1, 698d 7h 57m, testbuildd), osm2pgsql (+b1, 698d 7h 57m, testbuildd), sludge (+b2, 698d 7h 57m, testbuildd), 331: libgeotiff (+b1, 698d 7h 57m, testbuildd), alberta (698d 2h 11m, testbuildd), qscintilla2 (697d 17h 17m, testbuildd), pypy3 (697d 8h, testbuildd), python-aiortc (697d 8h, testbuildd), bastet (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), xapian-bindings (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), libquota-perl (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), r-cran-partitions (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), mgt (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), 341: simplejson (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), sitecopy (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), node-leveldown (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), python-sfml (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), golang-github-containers-buildah (697d 2h 18m, testbuildd), xiphos (696d 20h 11m, testbuildd), preprepare (696d 14h 24m, testbuildd), toastinfo (696d 14h 24m, testbuildd), ros-perception-pcl (696d 2h 6m, testbuildd), wmcore (696d 2h 6m, testbuildd), 351: rust-crossbeam-utils-0.7 (695d 20h 3m, testbuildd), ros-geometric-shapes (695d 2h 8m, testbuildd), libnxt (695d 2h 8m, testbuildd), ruby-escape-utils (695d 2h 8m, testbuildd), r-cran-matching (695d 2h 8m, testbuildd), ros-actionlib (694d 2h 9m, testbuildd), pyferret (+b2, 693d 19h 50m, testbuildd), merkaartor (+b1, 693d 14h 7m, testbuildd), gdm3 (693d 2h 30m, testbuildd), ros-laser-geometry (693d 2h 30m, testbuildd), 361: r-cran-lwgeom (+b1, 693d 2h 30m, testbuildd), plf-colony (693d 2h 30m, testbuildd), gr-gsm (+b2, 692d 2h 19m, testbuildd), infnoise (692d 2h 19m, testbuildd), canu (692d 2h 19m, testbuildd), python-biom-format (692d 2h 19m, testbuildd), fonttools (692d 2h 19m, testbuildd), pdal (+b1, 691d 14h 13m, testbuildd), tortoize (691d 2h 21m, testbuildd), libapogee3 (690d 20h 16m, testbuildd), 371: gdal (690d 20h 16m, testbuildd), libixion (690d 42m, testbuildd), aggdraw (690d 42m, testbuildd), pg-cron (690d 42m, testbuildd), libdevel-nytprof-perl (690d 42m, testbuildd), pasdoc (689d 1h 55m, testbuildd), gnome-online-accounts (689d 1h 55m, testbuildd), r-cran-uuid (688d 20h 6m, testbuildd), libfprint (688d 14h 12m, testbuildd), distro-info (688d 2h 18m, testbuildd), 381: libiberty (688d 2h 18m, testbuildd), r-cran-rsclient (688d 2h 18m, testbuildd), nudoku (688d 2h 18m, testbuildd), zeroc-ice (686d 11h 26m, testbuildd), libsv (685d 20h 5m, testbuildd), pdp (685d 20h 5m, testbuildd), haskell-pandoc-citeproc (+b3, 685d 20h 5m, testbuildd), getdp (+b2, 685d 11h 4m, testbuildd), camlzip (685d 11h 4m, testbuildd), python-pyproj (685d 2h 19m, testbuildd), 391: why3 (+b1, 685d 2h 19m, testbuildd), ark (685d 2h 19m, testbuildd), wslay (685d 2h 19m, testbuildd), pxp (+b4, 684d 14h 18m, testbuildd), macs (684d 2h 20m, testbuildd), mothur (684d 2h 20m, testbuildd), r-cran-nloptr (684d 2h 20m, testbuildd), libics (684d 2h 20m, testbuildd), libcbor-xs-perl (684d 2h 20m, testbuildd), tclap (684d 2h 20m, testbuildd), 401: libkscreen (683d 2h 6m, testbuildd), geos (683d 2h 6m, testbuildd), libdecor-0 (682d 20h 14m, testbuildd), ros-urdf (+b1, 682d 20h 14m, testbuildd), ros-geometry (682d 20h 14m, testbuildd), ros-kdl-parser (+b1, 682d 14h 12m, testbuildd), antpm (682d 2h 20m, testbuildd), userinfo (682d 2h 20m, testbuildd), octave-nan (682d 2h 20m, testbuildd), iproute2 (682d 2h 20m, testbuildd), 411: dnsjit (682d 2h 20m, testbuildd), r-cran-tibble (681d 19h 27m, testbuildd), dawg (681d 2h 11m, testbuildd), ldc (680d 20h 17m, testbuildd), repmgr (680d 20h 17m, testbuildd), opentsne (680d 20h 17m, testbuildd), selinux-python (680d 14h 16m, testbuildd), libomxil-bellagio (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), breeze-plymouth (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), kactivitymanagerd (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), 421: kwrited (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), nlopt (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), polkit-kde-agent-1 (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), bluedevil (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), qqc2-breeze-style (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), mxml (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), squeak-vm (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), snowball (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), aptly (680d 2h 18m, testbuildd), libpdl-io-hdf5-perl (+b1, 679d 14h 20m, testbuildd), 431: libtfbs-perl (+b1, 679d 14h 20m, testbuildd), libpdl-io-matlab-perl (+b1, 679d 14h 20m, testbuildd), libpdl-netcdf-perl (+b1, 679d 14h 20m, testbuildd), plocate (+b1, 679d 14h 20m, testbuildd), aoflagger (+b1, 679d 14h 20m, testbuildd), gnome-autoar (679d 2h 16m, testbuildd), librnd (679d 2h 16m, testbuildd), scipy (678d 20h 9m, testbuildd), python-greenlet (678d 1h 51m, testbuildd), terminology (678d 1h 51m, testbuildd), 441: h5py (678d 1h 51m, testbuildd), power-profiles-daemon (677d 20h 7m, testbuildd), r-cran-readr (677d 2h 13m, testbuildd), frobby (677d 2h 13m, testbuildd), linbox (669d 20h 5m, testbuildd), zycore-c (669d 2h 3m, testbuildd), batctl (669d 2h 3m, testbuildd), r-cran-bayesfm (669d 2h 3m, testbuildd), ppx-deriving-yojson (668d 19h 33m, testbuildd), ser2net (668d 1h 43m, testbuildd), 451: adwaita-qt (668d 1h 43m, testbuildd), avogadrolibs (668d 1h 43m, testbuildd), qgis (667d 1h 13m, testbuildd), dcmtk (667d 1h 13m, testbuildd), hfd-service (666d 19h 24m, testbuildd), tilemaker (666d 19h 24m, testbuildd), lablgtk-extras (+b2, 666d 12h 52m, testbuildd), cryptokit (+b2, 666d 12h 52m, testbuildd), frama-c (+b1, 666d 12h 52m, testbuildd), pgaudit-1.6 (666d 1h 19m, testbuildd), 461: dose3 (+b2, 666d 1h 19m, testbuildd), openafs (666d 1h 19m, testbuildd), fcitx5-gtk (665d 2h 13m, testbuildd), r-cran-backports (665d 2h 13m, testbuildd), nbd (665d 2h 13m, testbuildd), pdsh (+b2, 664d 20h 7m, testbuildd), progress-linux-metapackages (+b1, 664d 20h 7m, testbuildd), apt-dater (+b1, 664d 20h 7m, testbuildd), syncmaildir (+b1, 664d 20h 7m, testbuildd), libotf (664d 1h 50m, testbuildd), 471: ruby-oj (664d 1h 50m, testbuildd), octave-strings (664d 1h 50m, testbuildd), mlpy (663d 20h 10m, testbuildd), python-pot (663d 20h 10m, testbuildd), cfrpki (663d 2h 16m, testbuildd), prometheus-process-exporter (663d 2h 16m, testbuildd), ugrep (663d 2h 16m, testbuildd), prometheus-node-exporter (663d 2h 16m, testbuildd)
Maybe-Failed11: hyperspy (286d 4m, tried 8 times, testbuildd)
Uploaded21: fastp (663d 1h 55m, testbuildd), golang-github-niklasfasching-go-org (663d 1h 40m, testbuildd)