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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted171: ruby-hamlit (29d 11h 42m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-01), swt4-gtk (29d 11h 4m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), bird2 (29d 10h 31m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), haskell-protobuf (29d 7h 34m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-01), spades (29d 7h 18m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-01), cyclonedds (29d 2h 59m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-01), gloo (29d 2h 51m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-01), haskell-type-level (29d 2h 25m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-01), kvmtool (29d 2h 3m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-01), libmaus2 (28d 19h 45m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), 11: nextpnr (28d 12h 50m, tried 3 times, bm-wb-01), dulwich (25d 5h 22m, bm-wb-01), librandomx (21d 5h 15m, bm-wb-01), appstream-generator (10d 23h 46m, bm-wb-01), pbseqlib (7d 21h 28m, bm-wb-01), racon (+b1, 5d 21h 7m, bm-wb-01), kodi (5d 1h 32m, bm-wb-01)
Built11: cryfs (62d 23h 57m, bm-wb-01)
Installed4711: tantan (62d 17h 2m, bm-wb-01), konclude (62d 17h 2m, bm-wb-01), dbus-glib (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), libxsettings (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), isomd5sum (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), dsdcc (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), geographiclib (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), gdb (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), cccc (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), ausweisapp2 (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), 11: conda-package-handling (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), detox (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), dash (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), ccbuild (62d 2h 27m, bm-wb-01), adcli (61d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), libgovirt (61d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), ocsinventory-agent (61d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), munge (61d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), octave-geometry (61d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), qtwayland-opensource-src (61d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), 21: prime-phylo (61d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), phylonium (61d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), srt (61d 12h 31m, bm-wb-01), python-pyani (61d 12h 31m, bm-wb-01), rakarrack (61d 12h 31m, bm-wb-01), scrot (61d 12h 31m, bm-wb-01), libbytesize (61d 12h 31m, bm-wb-01), gio-qt (61d 12h 31m, bm-wb-01), md4c (61d 12h 31m, bm-wb-01), theme-d (61d 12h 31m, bm-wb-01), 31: r-cran-rms (61d 6h 39m, bm-wb-01), plplot (61d 6h 39m, bm-wb-01), xfce4-panel (61d 6h 39m, bm-wb-01), mialmpick (61d 6h 39m, bm-wb-01), zathura (61d 6h 39m, bm-wb-01), afdko (61d 6h 39m, bm-wb-01), cohomcalg (60d 18h 48m, bm-wb-01), libitpp (60d 18h 48m, bm-wb-01), cpl (60d 18h 48m, bm-wb-01), diffpdf (60d 12h 49m, bm-wb-01), 41: geos (60d 12h 49m, bm-wb-01), libkf5kdcraw (60d 12h 49m, bm-wb-01), exfatprogs (60d 12h 49m, bm-wb-01), traceshark (60d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), libplacebo (60d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), sxid (60d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), x11iraf (60d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), wings3d (60d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), python-hdf4 (60d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), tabble (60d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), 51: plink1.9 (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), tclap (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), xfce4-cpufreq-plugin (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), cheetah (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), yaws (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), snapper (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), fuse-emulator (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), frobby (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), saclib (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), fever (60d 40m, bm-wb-01), 61: fcitx-anthy (59d 18h 46m, bm-wb-01), ukui-biometric-auth (59d 18h 46m, bm-wb-01), sg3-utils (59d 18h 46m, bm-wb-01), tclcurl (59d 18h 46m, bm-wb-01), kcolorpicker (59d 18h 46m, bm-wb-01), libbackuppc-xs-perl (59d 18h 46m, bm-wb-01), globus-gssapi-gsi (59d 18h 46m, bm-wb-01), ukui-sidebar (59d 12h 35m, bm-wb-01), libfplus (59d 12h 35m, bm-wb-01), netproc (59d 12h 35m, bm-wb-01), 71: timg (59d 6h 18m, bm-wb-01), wiredpanda (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), rust-signal-hook (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), duktape (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), libgooglepinyin (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), fntsample (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), gnome-sudoku (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), kylin-display-switch (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), carbon-c-relay (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), waffle (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), 81: ifupdown (58d 20h 42m, bm-wb-01), wabt (58d 12h 21m, bm-wb-01), rust-tokio-signal (58d 12h 21m, bm-wb-01), kqtquickcharts (58d 41m, bm-wb-01), analitza (58d 41m, bm-wb-01), gnome-screenshot (58d 41m, bm-wb-01), libnitrokey (58d 41m, bm-wb-01), nbdkit (58d 41m, bm-wb-01), libcss-minifier-xs-perl (58d 41m, bm-wb-01), osmo-libasn1c (57d 18h 36m, bm-wb-01), 91: minuet (57d 18h 36m, bm-wb-01), ginac (56d 18h 28m, bm-wb-01), libhmsbeagle (55d 18h 34m, bm-wb-01), unac (55d 18h 34m, bm-wb-01), xfig (55d 18h 34m, bm-wb-01), libgadu (55d 18h 34m, bm-wb-01), virt-p2v (55d 54m, bm-wb-01), busybox (55d 54m, bm-wb-01), rust-bindgen (55d 54m, bm-wb-01), kfloppy (54d 18h 49m, bm-wb-01), 101: baloo-widgets (54d 12h 55m, bm-wb-01), kio-fuse (54d 12h 55m, bm-wb-01), golang-github-sebest-xff (53d 22h 32m, bm-wb-01), gtranslator (53d 22h 32m, bm-wb-01), ktimer (53d 13h 20m, bm-wb-01), kdenetwork-filesharing (53d 12h 17m, bm-wb-01), audiocd-kio (53d 6h 24m, bm-wb-01), kfind (53d 6h 24m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), lokalize (53d 6h 24m, bm-wb-01), fsvs (53d 47m, bm-wb-01), 111: ccze (53d 47m, bm-wb-01), kanagram (53d 47m, bm-wb-01), espeak (53d 47m, bm-wb-01), gvfs (53d 47m, bm-wb-01), peruse (52d 21h 34m, bm-wb-01), mtd-utils (52d 21h 34m, bm-wb-01), pd-earplug (52d 21h 34m, bm-wb-01), nwipe (52d 21h 34m, bm-wb-01), kdiamond (52d 12h 55m, bm-wb-01), umbrello (52d 12h 55m, bm-wb-01), 121: klickety (52d 12h 55m, bm-wb-01), kapman (52d 12h 55m, bm-wb-01), krdc (52d 12h 55m, tried 5 times, bm-wb-01), knavalbattle (52d 12h 55m, bm-wb-01), kreversi (52d 6h 42m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), rust-pem (52d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), powerdevil (52d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), palapeli (52d 6h 42m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), lskat (52d 6h 42m, bm-wb-01), vttest (52d 6h 42m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), 131: libapache2-mod-bw (52d 56m, bm-wb-01), cbm (52d 56m, bm-wb-01), adapterremoval (52d 56m, bm-wb-01), golang-google-protobuf (52d 56m, bm-wb-01), eiciel (52d 56m, bm-wb-01), libical3 (52d 56m, bm-wb-01), gf2x (51d 18h 40m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), katomic (51d 18h 40m, tried 4 times, bm-wb-01), dropwatch (+b5, 50d 12h 57m, bm-wb-01), nsis (49d 54m, bm-wb-01), 141: yaz (49d 54m, bm-wb-01), jellyfish1 (49d 54m, bm-wb-01), ocaml-cry (+b2, 48d 12h 58m, bm-wb-01), xournal (+b3, 48d 12h 58m, bm-wb-01), mathtex (+b30, 48d 12h 58m, bm-wb-01), cadabra (+b13, 48d 12h 58m, bm-wb-01), ocsigenserver (+b4, 48d 51m, bm-wb-01), re2 (48d 51m, bm-wb-01), telegnome (47d 18h 44m, bm-wb-01), golang-github-openshift-imagebuilder (47d 6h 36m, bm-wb-01), 151: epson-inkjet-printer-escpr (47d 55m, bm-wb-01), gtkspellmm (47d 55m, bm-wb-01), fldigi (47d 55m, bm-wb-01), wbxml2 (47d 55m, bm-wb-01), hydra (+b2, 46d 6h 44m, bm-wb-01), libgssglue (46d 52m, bm-wb-01), mwparserfromhell (46d 52m, bm-wb-01), qnetstatview (46d 52m, bm-wb-01), monit (46d 52m, bm-wb-01), dlt-viewer (46d 52m, bm-wb-01), 161: wmtop (46d 52m, bm-wb-01), pappl (46d 52m, bm-wb-01), gnome-usage (45d 12h 59m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), libcgroup (45d 2h 40m, bm-wb-01), minder (45d 2h 23m, bm-wb-01), atanks (45d 2h 23m, bm-wb-01), bc (45d 52m, bm-wb-01), fuse-overlayfs (44d 23h 7m, bm-wb-01), libpdl-io-hdf5-perl (+b1, 44d 12h 54m, bm-wb-01), gnome-photos (+b1, 44d 6h 38m, bm-wb-01), 171: rust-heck (44d 51m, bm-wb-01), tcl-signal (44d 51m, bm-wb-01), fosfat (44d 51m, bm-wb-01), rust-automod (44d 51m, bm-wb-01), mc (44d 51m, bm-wb-01), systemsettings (44d 51m, bm-wb-01), erlang-p1-acme (43d 12h 59m, bm-wb-01), libhandy-1 (43d 50m, bm-wb-01), grep (43d 50m, bm-wb-01), libpam-alreadyloggedin (42d 39m, bm-wb-01), 181: plasma-wayland-protocols (42d 39m, bm-wb-01), claws-mail (42d 39m, bm-wb-01), biboumi (+b2, 41d 12h 45m, bm-wb-01), cups-filters (41d 49m, bm-wb-01), vlevel (41d 49m, bm-wb-01), connectagram (41d 49m, bm-wb-01), tk8.6 (41d 49m, bm-wb-01), rasterview (41d 49m, bm-wb-01), libsass (41d 49m, bm-wb-01), wmressel (39d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), 191: geary (+b2, 39d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), fbb (39d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), soapysdr (39d 1h 54m, bm-wb-01), newt (39d 1h 54m, bm-wb-01), gr-osmosdr (+b4, 38d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), cubicsdr (+b2, 38d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), empathy (+b1, 37d 12h 36m, bm-wb-01), sumo (+b1, 36d 18h 53m, bm-wb-01), csound (35d 54m, bm-wb-01), opensmtpd (34d 12h 57m, bm-wb-01), 201: transrate-tools (34d 12h 57m, bm-wb-01), gnome-shell-mailnag (33d 12h 45m, bm-wb-01), coin3 (33d 55m, bm-wb-01), libgzstream (32d 18h 49m, bm-wb-01), gff2aplot (32d 6h 48m, bm-wb-01), gwyddion (32d 6h 48m, bm-wb-01), osk-sdl (32d 2h 22m, bm-wb-01), libhdf4 (32d 2h 22m, bm-wb-01), htpdate (32d 2h 22m, bm-wb-01), urlview (31d 1h 16m, bm-wb-01), 211: libass (31d 1h 16m, bm-wb-01), dxflib (31d 1h 16m, bm-wb-01), sunpy (30d 2h 43m, bm-wb-01), sassc (30d 2h 43m, bm-wb-01), gnome-initial-setup (30d 2h 43m, bm-wb-01), python-fitsio (30d 2h 43m, bm-wb-01), kjs (30d 2h 43m, bm-wb-01), alfred (30d 2h 43m, bm-wb-01), gst-plugins-base1.0 (30d 48m, bm-wb-01), crystal-facet-uml (29d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), 221: atomicparsley (29d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), conserver (29d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), afnix (29d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), knotifications (29d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), libaqbanking (29d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), librdkafka (29d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), workrave (29d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), golang-github-aymerick-douceur (29d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), python-pgmagick (29d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), kglobalaccel (29d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), 231: libmath-gmp-perl (29d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), libfcgi-perl (29d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), ulfius (29d 6h 38m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), kdump-tools (29d 6h 38m, tried 4 times, bm-wb-01), wbar (29d 6h 38m, tried 4 times, bm-wb-01), netsniff-ng (+b1, 29d 6h 38m, bm-wb-01), k4dirstat (29d 50m, bm-wb-01), kpimtextedit (29d 50m, bm-wb-01), python-pyproj (29d 50m, bm-wb-01), kxmlrpcclient (28d 18h 24m, bm-wb-01), 241: kdav (28d 17h 51m, bm-wb-01), xl2tpd (28d 45m, bm-wb-01), gnome-calculator (28d 45m, bm-wb-01), dipy (28d 45m, bm-wb-01), ecflow (27d 18h 16m, bm-wb-01), proftpd-mod-vroot (+b1, 27d 12h 50m, bm-wb-01), proftpd-mod-clamav (+b1, 27d 12h 50m, bm-wb-01), rust-camino (27d 12h 50m, bm-wb-01), rust-form-urlencoded (27d 12h 50m, bm-wb-01), proftpd-mod-geoip2 (+b1, 27d 12h 50m, bm-wb-01), 251: rust-selinux-sys (27d 12h 50m, bm-wb-01), proftpd-mod-autohost (+b1, 27d 6h 5m, bm-wb-01), libuninameslist (27d 18m, bm-wb-01), gssdp (27d 18m, bm-wb-01), jitterentropy-rngd (27d 18m, bm-wb-01), zenity (27d 18m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-htmltools (26d 12h 37m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-xml (26d 12h 37m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-brglm (26d 12h 37m, bm-wb-01), cheese (26d 43m, bm-wb-01), 261: r-cran-spatstat.sparse (26d 43m, bm-wb-01), libatomic-ops (26d 43m, bm-wb-01), ruby-rugged (26d 43m, bm-wb-01), libebur128 (26d 43m, bm-wb-01), insserv (26d 43m, bm-wb-01), parafly (26d 43m, bm-wb-01), msmtp (26d 43m, bm-wb-01), giac (+b1, 25d 12h 44m, bm-wb-01), indi (25d 29m, bm-wb-01), btrfs-progs (25d 29m, bm-wb-01), 271: webhook (25d 29m, bm-wb-01), theli (25d 29m, bm-wb-01), gnome-sushi (25d 29m, bm-wb-01), ap-utils (25d 29m, bm-wb-01), libkf5pimcommon (24d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), nlme (24d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), libkf5gravatar (24d 12h 53m, bm-wb-01), rsync (24d 49m, bm-wb-01), jsonrpc-glib (24d 49m, bm-wb-01), skales (24d 49m, bm-wb-01), 281: ros-rospack (24d 49m, bm-wb-01), wmmisc (24d 49m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-network (24d 49m, bm-wb-01), libnih (+b3, 23d 18h 43m, bm-wb-01), libvcflib (+b2, 23d 12h 39m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-roxygen2 (23d 12h 39m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-mass (23d 6h 30m, bm-wb-01), restic (23d 12m, bm-wb-01), terminatorx (23d 12m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-digest (23d 12m, bm-wb-01), 291: r-bioc-dnacopy (23d 12m, bm-wb-01), r-bioc-chemminer (23d 12m, bm-wb-01), balsa (23d 12m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-pdftools (22d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-ranger (22d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-amelia (22d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), glib2.0 (22d 12h 52m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), mercurial (22d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), r-bioc-rhdf5filters (22d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-vim (22d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), 301: r-bioc-delayedarray (22d 6h 40m, bm-wb-01), metastore (22d 37m, bm-wb-01), r-bioc-genomicranges (22d 37m, bm-wb-01), r-bioc-hdf5array (22d 37m, bm-wb-01), base-passwd (22d 37m, bm-wb-01), libkf5calendarsupport (21d 18h 53m, bm-wb-01), r-bioc-genomicalignments (21d 13h 24m, bm-wb-01), r-bioc-scran (21d 13h 24m, bm-wb-01), r-bioc-shortread (21d 12h 35m, bm-wb-01), gdb-mingw-w64 (+b1, 21d 9h 6m, bm-wb-01), 311: mpdcron (+b1, 21d 9h 6m, bm-wb-01), libexif (21d 6h 40m, bm-wb-01), ros-common-msgs (21d 6h 40m, bm-wb-01), pd-pool (21d 6h 40m, bm-wb-01), gfs2-utils (21d 5m, bm-wb-01), rust-alacritty-terminal (21d 5m, bm-wb-01), pyepr (21d 5m, bm-wb-01), slcfitsio (21d 5m, bm-wb-01), ruby-ffi (+b2, 21d 5m, bm-wb-01), plpgsql-check (21d 5m, bm-wb-01), 321: mdadm (21d 5m, bm-wb-01), rcs (21d 5m, bm-wb-01), neon27 (18d 18h 41m, bm-wb-01), llvm-toolchain-9 (18d 18h 41m, bm-wb-01), haskell-ghc-events (+b3, 18d 18h 41m, bm-wb-01), haskell-dav (+b3, 18d 18h 41m, bm-wb-01), shelltestrunner (+b2, 18d 18h 41m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-msm (18d 18h 41m, bm-wb-01), slxfig (18d 13h 11m, bm-wb-01), libgit-raw-perl (18d 13h 11m, bm-wb-01), 331: dc3dd (18d 13h 11m, bm-wb-01), badger (18d 13h 11m, bm-wb-01), haskell-simple (+b2, 18d 13h 11m, bm-wb-01), slgsl (18d 13h 11m, bm-wb-01), smb4k (18d 23m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-fastica (18d 23m, bm-wb-01), nemo (17d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), varnish-vmod-digest (+b1, 17d 12h 30m, bm-wb-01), rbdoom3bfg (+b1, 17d 12h 30m, bm-wb-01), gnome-todo (+b2, 17d 12h 30m, bm-wb-01), 341: almanah (+b1, 17d 12h 30m, bm-wb-01), cinnamon (+b1, 17d 6h 28m, bm-wb-01), pkg-haskell-tools (+b1, 17d 6h 28m, bm-wb-01), fife (+b1, 17d 6h 28m, bm-wb-01), supertux (+b2, 17d 6h 28m, bm-wb-01), ddnet (+b1, 17d 6h 28m, bm-wb-01), openmsx (+b1, 17d 30m, bm-wb-01), qjoypad (17d 30m, bm-wb-01), magics++ (+b1, 17d 30m, bm-wb-01), slgdbm (16d 23h 50m, bm-wb-01), 351: slwildcard (16d 23h 50m, bm-wb-01), slcurl (16d 23h 50m, bm-wb-01), libpdl-linearalgebra-perl (16d 22h 16m, bm-wb-01), libpdl-stats-perl (16d 22h 16m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-cutpointr (16d 20h 22m, bm-wb-01), rust-libc (16d 12h 51m, bm-wb-01), gnome-calendar (+b1, 16d 12h 51m, bm-wb-01), gretl (16d 51m, bm-wb-01), rpi.gpio (16d 51m, bm-wb-01), fcitx5-libthai (16d 51m, bm-wb-01), 361: beast-mcmc (16d 51m, bm-wb-01), libcli (16d 51m, bm-wb-01), esorex (16d 51m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-openmx (15d 18h 37m, bm-wb-01), memcached (15d 18h 37m, bm-wb-01), libofx (15d 54m, bm-wb-01), gcc-arm-none-eabi (14d 18h 41m, bm-wb-01), vtk7 (+b2, 14d 6h 38m, bm-wb-01), gztool (14d 58m, bm-wb-01), libmd (14d 58m, bm-wb-01), 371: libgit2 (14d 58m, bm-wb-01), kdevelop (13d 18h 48m, bm-wb-01), ibus-rime (13d 18h 48m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-spatstat (13d 14h 8m, bm-wb-01), pulseeffects (+b3, 13d 6h 28m, bm-wb-01), toppred (13d 42m, bm-wb-01), ukui-session-manager (13d 42m, bm-wb-01), ircd-irc2 (13d 42m, bm-wb-01), paryfor (13d 42m, bm-wb-01), ns3 (11d 12h 43m, bm-wb-01), 381: xine-lib-1.2 (11d 6h 19m, bm-wb-01), pidgin (11d 28m, bm-wb-01), apvlv (11d 28m, bm-wb-01), anfo (11d 28m, bm-wb-01), anymeal (11d 28m, bm-wb-01), libosmium (11d 28m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-tibble (11d 28m, bm-wb-01), node-expat (11d 28m, bm-wb-01), pyyaml (10d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), assimp (10d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), 391: webalizer (10d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), execline (10d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), tkrplot (10d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), python-pycosat (10d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), rust-ioctl-rs (10d 12h 52m, bm-wb-01), corosync (9d 12h 46m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-rmutil (9d 44m, bm-wb-01), minimap (9d 44m, bm-wb-01), wbox (9d 44m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-luminescence (8d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), 401: r-cran-labdsv (8d 12h 50m, bm-wb-01), postgresql-common (8d 12h 50m, bm-wb-01), kolourpaint (7d 18h 39m, bm-wb-01), lzd (7d 18h 39m, bm-wb-01), gnome-software (7d 18h 39m, bm-wb-01), epic5 (7d 18h 39m, bm-wb-01), nikwi (7d 18h 39m, bm-wb-01), umis (7d 18h 39m, bm-wb-01), lapack (7d 6h 43m, bm-wb-01), libencode-perl (7d 4h 27m, bm-wb-01), 411: r-cran-goftest (7d 4h 27m, bm-wb-01), log4shib (7d 4h 27m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-coin (7d 4h 27m, bm-wb-01), node-jest (7d 2h 9m, bm-wb-01), kdeconnect (+b1, 6d 22h 38m, bm-wb-01), libmicrohttpd (6d 4h 20m, bm-wb-01), libdrumstick (6d 4h 20m, bm-wb-01), links2 (6d 47m, bm-wb-01), bsdgames (6d 47m, bm-wb-01), gmp-ecm (6d 47m, bm-wb-01), 421: pyao (6d 47m, bm-wb-01), bbe (6d 47m, bm-wb-01), xnee (6d 47m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-lasso2 (6d 47m, bm-wb-01), libgdal-grass (5d 18h 42m, bm-wb-01), aptly (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), pymad (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), golang-github-evanw-esbuild (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), python-pyvcf (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), rust-futures-core (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), 431: xva-img (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), surf-alggeo (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), kdecoration (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), rust-futures-task (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), python-pcl (5d 52m, bm-wb-01), qmmp (+b1, 4d 12h 58m, bm-wb-01), uwsgi-plugin-php (+b1, 4d 6h 41m, bm-wb-01), superlu-dist (4d 52m, bm-wb-01), cogl (4d 52m, bm-wb-01), libminc (4d 52m, bm-wb-01), 441: veccore (4d 52m, bm-wb-01), spamprobe (4d 52m, bm-wb-01), civetweb (4d 52m, bm-wb-01), kasumi (4d 52m, bm-wb-01), pngtools (4d 52m, bm-wb-01), bladerf (+b3, 3d 18h 38m, bm-wb-01), ros-actionlib (+b1, 3d 12h 55m, bm-wb-01), kscreen (3d 4h 7m, bm-wb-01), ros-geometry2 (+b1, 3d 4h 7m, bm-wb-01), gjs (3d 4h 7m, bm-wb-01), 451: wmfrog (3d 2h 47m, bm-wb-01), grig (3d 2h 47m, bm-wb-01), tucnak (3d 2h 47m, bm-wb-01), ros-interactive-markers (+b1, 2d 20h 26m, bm-wb-01), info-beamer (2d 6h 28m, bm-wb-01), briquolo (2d 53m, bm-wb-01), duma (2d 53m, bm-wb-01), rust-futures-channel (2d 53m, bm-wb-01), oxygen (2d 53m, bm-wb-01), texstudio (2d 53m, bm-wb-01), 461: hevea (2d 53m, bm-wb-01), plasma-firewall (2d 53m, bm-wb-01), libbpp-seq-omics (1d 18h 45m, bm-wb-01), r-cran-rbibutils (1d 49m, bm-wb-01), r-bioc-genefilter (1d 49m, bm-wb-01), globus-gsi-openssl-error (1d 49m, bm-wb-01), aces3 (1d 49m, bm-wb-01), libcoap3 (55m, bm-wb-01), gdbm (55m, bm-wb-01), cups-bjnp (55m, bm-wb-01), 471: mutter (55m, bm-wb-01)