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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Auto-Not-For-Us1479Too many results, cannot display
BD-Uninstallable4921: haskell-vty (707d 11h 35m), ants (707d 11h 33m), gfcui (707d 11h 32m), libguestfs (707d 11h 31m), xcp-storage-managers (707d 11h 30m), xen-api-libs (707d 11h 28m), haskell-shakespeare-js (707d 11h 12m), haskell-shakespeare-text (707d 11h 11m), haskell-snap (707d 11h 9m), haskell-snap-loader-dynamic (707d 11h), 11: haskell-snap-loader-static (707d 10h 58m), haskell-snaplet-acid-state (707d 10h 56m), haskell-src-meta (707d 10h 50m), haskell-syb-with-class (707d 10h 48m), haskell-syb-with-class-instances-text (707d 10h 46m), haskell-tasty-th (707d 10h 29m), haskell-test-framework-th (707d 10h 27m), haskell-test-framework-th-prime (707d 10h 26m), haskell-th-extras (707d 10h 25m), haskell-th-lift (707d 10h 24m), 21: haskell-th-orphans (707d 10h 22m), haskell-type-level (707d 10h 7m), haskell-vector-th-unbox (707d 10h 5m), haskell-wai-app-file-cgi (707d 10h 3m), haskell-wai-app-static (707d 9h 54m), haskell-wai-websockets (707d 9h 52m), haskell-web-routes-boomerang (707d 9h 50m), haskell-web-routes-th (707d 9h 44m), haskell-xml-hamlet (707d 9h 42m), haskell-yesod (707d 9h 40m), 31: haskell-yesod-auth (707d 9h 23m), haskell-yesod-auth-account (707d 9h 22m), haskell-yesod-auth-oauth (707d 9h 20m), haskell-yesod-bin (707d 9h 20m), haskell-yesod-core (707d 9h 18m), haskell-yesod-default (707d 9h 16m), haskell-yesod-form (707d 9h 2m), haskell-yesod-json (707d 9h), haskell-yesod-markdown (707d 8h 58m), haskell-yesod-newsfeed (707d 8h 48m), 41: haskell-yesod-persistent (707d 8h 46m), haskell-yesod-routes (707d 8h 44m), haskell-yesod-static (707d 8h 38m), haskell-yesod-test (707d 8h 36m), hbro (707d 8h 35m), hbro-contrib (707d 8h 18m), hdevtools (707d 8h 16m), lambdabot (707d 8h 14m), libdr-tarantool-perl (707d 7h 56m), libjdic-java (707d 7h 47m), 51: mediawiki2latex (707d 7h 36m), mia (707d 7h 34m), miaviewit (707d 7h 33m), mighttpd2 (707d 7h 33m), mod-proxy-html (707d 7h 31m), ocropus (707d 7h 29m), openni-sensor-pointclouds (707d 7h 23m), openni-sensor-primesense (707d 7h 21m), openvdb (707d 7h 19m), orpie (707d 7h 12m), 61: pymia (707d 7h 10m), python-pyxenstore (707d 7h 8m), rss2irc (707d 6h 31m), semidef-oct (707d 6h 29m), spice-xpi (707d 6h 27m), sugar-hulahop (707d 6h 27m), view3dscene (707d 6h 25m), xcp-vncterm (707d 6h 23m), xen-api (707d 6h 17m), xserver-xorg-video-glide (707d 6h 15m), 71: yi (707d 6h 13m), zypper (707d 6h 6m), cabal-debian (707d 6h 4m), gdc-4.6 (707d 5h 36m), giira (707d 5h 34m), gnat-4.4 (707d 5h 32m), haskell-diagrams-cairo (707d 5h 25m), haskell-diagrams-gtk (707d 5h 24m), haskell-diagrams-lib (707d 5h 22m), haskell-diagrams-svg (707d 5h 21m), 81: haskell-gitlib (707d 5h 19m), haskell-hopenpgp (707d 5h 17m), mlton (707d 5h 11m), agda (707d 5h 9m), android-platform-build (707d 5h 7m), arrayprobe (707d 5h), crmsh (707d 4h 58m), deal.ii (707d 4h 56m), epiphany-extensions (707d 4h 29m), fitgcp (707d 4h 27m), 91: flexbar (707d 4h 25m), fuse-umfuse-ext2 (707d 4h 20m), fuse-umfuse-fat (707d 4h 18m), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (707d 4h 17m), ganeti (707d 4h 16m), ghc-mod (707d 4h 14m), ghdl (707d 4h 12m), guest-templates (707d 4h 5m), haskell-acid-state (707d 4h 3m), haskell-boomerang (707d 4h), 101: haskell-cabal-file-th (707d 3h 54m), haskell-chart (707d 3h 52m), haskell-chell (707d 3h 50m), haskell-chell-hunit (707d 3h 23m), haskell-chell-quickcheck2 (707d 3h 21m), haskell-clientsession (707d 3h 19m), haskell-convertible-text (707d 3h 15m), haskell-data-accessor-template (707d 3h 13m), haskell-data-lens-template (707d 3h 11m), haskell-data-object-yaml (707d 3h 10m), 111: haskell-dav (707d 3h 8m), haskell-dependent-sum-template (707d 3h 6m), haskell-derive (707d 2h 58m), haskell-esqueleto (707d 2h 56m), haskell-fb (707d 2h 54m), haskell-fclabels (707d 2h 48m), haskell-file-embed (707d 2h 46m), haskell-file-location (707d 2h 44m), haskell-generic-deriving (707d 2h 17m), haskell-geniplate (707d 2h 16m), 121: haskell-hamlet (707d 2h 13m), haskell-happstack-authenticate (707d 2h 10m), haskell-happstack-data (707d 2h 8m), haskell-happstack-hsp (707d 2h 6m), haskell-happstack-ixset (707d 2h 4m), haskell-happstack-state (707d 2h 2m), haskell-haxr (707d 2h), haskell-hint (707d 1h 52m), haskell-hledger (707d 1h 50m), haskell-hledger-chart (707d 1h 48m), 131: haskell-hledger-vty (707d 1h 42m), haskell-hledger-web (707d 1h 40m), haskell-hopenpgp-tools (707d 1h 39m), haskell-hsx-jmacro (707d 1h 17m), haskell-hsx2hs (707d 1h 15m), haskell-io-choice (707d 1h 13m), haskell-ixset (707d 1h 11m), haskell-jmacro (707d 1h 9m), haskell-process-conduit (707d 1h 8m), haskell-persistent-template (707d 1h 8m), 141: haskell-options (707d 1h 8m), haskell-notmuch-web (707d 1h 8m), haskell-monad-logger (707d 1h 8m), haskell-shakespeare-i18n (707d 1h 8m), haskell-memoize (707d 1h 8m), haskell-pointedlist (707d 1h 8m), haskell-shakespeare-css (707d 1h 8m), haskell-reform-hamlet (707d 1h 8m), haskell-persistent-postgresql (707d 1h 8m), haskell-postgresql-simple (707d 1h 8m), 151: haskell-persistent-sqlite (707d 1h 8m), haskell-reform-hsp (707d 1h 8m), haskell-mueval (707d 1h 8m), haskell-persistent (707d 1h 8m), haskell-repa (707d 1h 8m), haskell-shakespeare (707d 1h 8m), haskell-safecopy (707d 1h 8m), haskell-lens-aeson (707d 1h 7m), haskell-yesod-markdown (707d 1h 4m), xcp-vncterm (707d 1h 4m), 161: haskell-chart (707d 1h 4m), geant321 (707d 1h 4m), orpie (707d 1h 4m), haskell-hledger-interest (707d 1h 4m), mlton (707d 1h 4m), haskell-hamlet (707d 1h 4m), haskell-wai-app-file-cgi (707d 1h 4m), haskell-tls-extra (707d 1h 4m), haskell-convertible-text (707d 1h 4m), mighttpd2 (707d 1h 4m), 171: gtk-vnc (707d 1h 4m), haskell-yesod-json (707d 1h 4m), haskell-type-level (707d 1h 4m), haskell-yesod-form (707d 1h 4m), haskell-syb-with-class (707d 1h 4m), haskell-shakespeare-js (707d 1h 4m), ghdl (707d 1h 4m), haskell-yesod-routes (707d 1h 4m), haskell-happstack (707d 1h 4m), haskell-hledger-vty (707d 1h 4m), 181: xen-api (707d 1h 4m), haskell-test-framework-th (707d 1h 4m), github-backup (707d 1h 4m), intel-gpu-tools (707d 1h 4m), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (707d 1h 4m), haskell-http-conduit (707d 1h 4m), xen-api-libs (707d 1h 4m), haskell-syb-with-class-instances-text (707d 1h 4m), haskell-yesod (707d 1h 4m), mercurial-buildpackage (707d 1h 4m), 191: haskell-yesod-persistent (707d 1h 4m), haskell-ixset (707d 1h 4m), icedtea-web (707d 1h 4m), paw (707d 1h 4m), haskell-persistent-sqlite (707d 1h 4m), haskell-test-framework-th-prime (707d 1h 4m), haskell-happstack-state (707d 1h 4m), haskell-shakespeare-text (707d 1h 4m), xcp-storage-managers (707d 1h 4m), haskell-haxr (707d 1h 4m), 201: phantomjs (707d 1h 4m), gdb-msp430 (707d 1h 4m), gnat-4.4 (707d 1h 4m), haskell-data-accessor-template (707d 1h 4m), guest-templates (707d 1h 4m), buildapp (707d 1h 4m), getdp (707d 1h 4m), fuse-umfuse-fat (707d 1h 4m), haskell-tls (707d 1h 4m), haskell-happstack-ixset (707d 1h 4m), 211: haskell-chell (707d 1h 4m), haskell-file-embed (707d 1h 4m), haskell-yesod-test (707d 1h 4m), haskell-llvm (707d 1h 4m), scilab-scimax (707d 1h 4m), haskell-data-object-yaml (707d 1h 4m), cabal-debian (707d 1h 4m), haskell-fclabels (707d 1h 4m), ghc-mod (707d 1h 4m), haskell-persistent-template (707d 1h 4m), 221: haskell-warp-tls (707d 1h 4m), haskell-authenticate (707d 1h 4m), libdr-tarantool-perl (707d 1h 4m), gitit (707d 1h 4m), haskell-reactive-banana (707d 1h 4m), haskell-shakespeare-i18n (707d 1h 4m), haskell-acid-state (707d 1h 4m), haskell-yesod-default (707d 1h 4m), haskell-persistent (707d 1h 4m), eztrace (707d 1h 4m), 231: haskell-clientsession (707d 1h 4m), saga (707d 1h 4m), haskell-github (707d 1h 4m), semidef-oct (707d 1h 4m), haskell-options (707d 1h 4m), xserver-xorg-video-glide (707d 1h 4m), libjdic-java (707d 1h 4m), haskell-shakespeare (707d 1h 4m), haskell-cprng-aes (707d 1h 4m), haskell-happstack-server (707d 1h 4m), 241: haskell-yesod-auth (707d 1h 4m), haskell-happstack-data (707d 1h 4m), haskell-hakyll (707d 1h 4m), haskell-wai-app-static (707d 1h 4m), libtango (707d 1h 4m), mclibs (707d 1h 4m), haskell-hledger-web (707d 1h 4m), haskell-yesod-static (707d 1h 4m), fuse-umfuse-ext2 (707d 1h 4m), haskell-shakespeare-css (707d 1h 4m), 251: haskell-boomerang (707d 1h 4m), sugar-hulahop (707d 1h 4m), haskell-yesod-core (707d 1h 4m), haskell-hledger-chart (707d 1h 4m), debian-installer (707d 1h 4m), haskell-postgresql-simple (707d 1h 4m), 0ad (707d 1h 4m), gfcui (707d 1h 4m), haskell-cabal-file-th (707d 1h 4m), haskell-path-pieces (707d 1h 4m), 261: camitk (707d 59m), fuse-umfuse-fat (707d 59m), guest-templates (707d 59m), woo (707d 59m), sra-sdk (707d 59m), mod-proxy-html (707d 59m), mlton (707d 59m), libfcgi-ruby (707d 59m), ocropus (707d 59m), gdc-4.6 (707d 59m), 271: xen-api (707d 59m), ginkgocadx (707d 59m), haskell-convertible-text (707d 59m), libkrb5-ruby (707d 59m), sugar-hulahop (707d 59m), rapmap (707d 59m), hbro-contrib (707d 59m), spades (707d 59m), thepeg (707d 59m), ants (707d 59m), 281: haskell-notmuch-web (707d 59m), ncbi-vdb (707d 59m), fuse-umfuse-ext2 (707d 59m), gnat-4.4 (707d 59m), libdr-tarantool-perl (707d 59m), srst2 (707d 59m), mingw32 (707d 59m), gubbins (707d 59m), openscad (707d 59m), gfcui (707d 59m), 291: libnora-ruby (707d 59m), xen-api-libs (707d 59m), hbro (707d 59m), haskell-shakespeare-i18n (707d 59m), haskell-happstack-state (707d 59m), haskell-data-object-yaml (707d 59m), itksnap (707d 59m), haskell-yesod-json (707d 59m), haskell-hledger-vty (707d 59m), haskell-process-conduit (707d 59m), 301: libfusefs-ruby (707d 59m), haskell-happstack-data (707d 59m), ovito (707d 59m), haskell-hledger-chart (707d 59m), haskell-comonads-fd (707d 59m), utopia-documents (707d 59m), haskell-shakespeare-text (707d 59m), haskell-hamlet (707d 59m), haskell-shakespeare-js (707d 59m), haskell-happstack-ixset (707d 59m), 311: plastimatch (707d 59m), otb (707d 59m), semidef-oct (707d 59m), trinityrnaseq (707d 59m), libvcflib (707d 59m), llvm-toolchain-snapshot (707d 59m), libuconv-ruby (707d 59m), crac (707d 59m), herwig++ (707d 59m), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (707d 59m), 321: soya (707d 59m), libaugeas-ruby (707d 59m), giira (707d 59m), openais (707d 59m), portslave (707d 59m), ariba (707d 59m), xserver-xorg-video-glide (707d 59m), fsm-lite (707d 59m), arrayprobe (707d 59m), rhmessaging (707d 59m), 331: ghdl (707d 59m), clang (707d 59m), haskell-shakespeare-css (707d 59m), libodbc-ruby (707d 59m), linux-signed (707d 59m), libjdic-java (707d 59m), salmon (707d 59m), foobillard (707d 59m), libopengl-ruby (707d 59m), yade (702d 15h 52m), 341: urweb (697d 11h), icedove (561d 17h 4m), firefox-esr (316d 5h 2m), thunderbird (301d 16h 59m), debian-installer (272d 23h 2m), linux-latest-4.9 (210d 11h 9m), cargo (157d 11h 33m), debian-installer (132d 22h 57m), rustc (94d 23h 8m), cargo (94d 5h 8m), 351: thunderbird (34d 17h 8m), thunderbird (34d 16h 55m), discosnp (1d 22h 32m), supercollider-sc3-plugins (1d 22h 29m), algobox (1d 22h 29m), enki-aseba (1d 22h 28m), fraqtive (1d 22h 27m), mm3d (1d 22h 27m), virtualjaguar (1d 22h 26m), tetzle (1d 22h 26m), 361: pentobi (1d 22h 14m), supercollider (1d 22h 12m), clang (1d 22h 9m), shelxle (1d 22h 8m), deepnano (1d 22h 7m), kf5-messagelib (1d 22h 5m), libbiod (1d 21h 59m), qmapshack (1d 21h 52m), utopia-documents (1d 21h 42m), qwtplot3d (1d 21h 33m), 371: ariba (1d 21h 32m), canu (1d 21h 31m), crac (1d 21h 30m), debug-me (1d 21h 28m), freebayes (1d 21h 28m), deal.ii (1d 21h 27m), fsm-lite (1d 21h 26m), fw4spl (1d 21h 25m), gasic (1d 21h 23m), giira (1d 21h 21m), 381: gubbins (1d 21h 19m), kdepim-addons (1d 21h 14m), libfabric (1d 21h 13m), libkf5ksieve (1d 21h 12m), libkf5mailcommon (1d 21h 11m), libkgapi (1d 21h 10m), libseqlib (1d 21h 9m), libvcflib (1d 21h 9m), ncbi-vdb (1d 21h 8m), otb (1d 21h 6m), 391: paleomix (1d 21h 3m), psortb (1d 21h 1m), quorum (1d 21h), spades (1d 20h 59m), srst2 (1d 20h 57m), krita (1d 20h 46m), libguac-client-rdp (1d 20h 45m), libguac-client-vnc (1d 20h 43m), vite (1d 20h 29m), xen-api-libs (1d 20h 27m), 401: bino (1d 20h 24m), cloudcompare (1d 20h 22m), openems (1d 20h 13m), kdepim-runtime (1d 20h 13m), pim-sieve-editor (1d 20h 13m), libaugeas-ruby (1d 20h 13m), unicycler (1d 20h 13m), fracplanet (1d 20h 13m), tpm-tools (1d 20h 13m), balboa (1d 20h 13m), 411: falkon (1d 20h 13m), haskell-hledger-vty (1d 20h 13m), mldemos (1d 20h 13m), openais (1d 20h 13m), fcitx-libpinyin (1d 20h 13m), sambamba (1d 20h 13m), soya (1d 20h 13m), plastimatch (1d 20h 13m), centrifuge (1d 20h 13m), libfusefs-ruby (1d 20h 13m), 421: fuse-umfuse-ext2 (1d 20h 13m), pyqwt3d (1d 20h 13m), haskell-termonad (1d 20h 13m), mod-proxy-html (1d 20h 13m), libkrb5-ruby (1d 20h 13m), libopengl-ruby (1d 20h 13m), woo (1d 20h 13m), nifti2dicom (1d 20h 13m), haskell-xml-html-qq (1d 20h 13m), kalarm (1d 20h 13m), 431: haskell-hledger-chart (1d 20h 13m), arrayprobe (1d 20h 13m), radare2-cutter (1d 20h 13m), libpmemobj-cpp (1d 20h 13m), minimac4 (1d 20h 13m), portslave (1d 20h 13m), libuconv-ruby (1d 20h 13m), rhmessaging (1d 20h 13m), gudhi (1d 20h 13m), akonadiconsole (1d 20h 13m), 441: racon (1d 20h 13m), libnora-ruby (1d 20h 13m), libodbc-ruby (1d 20h 13m), opencryptoki (1d 20h 13m), debian-installer (1d 20h 13m), goldencheetah (1d 20h 13m), blogilo (1d 20h 13m), libdr-tarantool-perl (1d 20h 13m), grantlee-editor (1d 20h 13m), ball (1d 20h 13m), 451: kontact (1d 20h 13m), guacd (1d 20h 13m), camitk (1d 20h 13m), salmon (1d 20h 13m), gammaray (1d 20h 13m), ginkgocadx (1d 20h 13m), akregator (1d 20h 13m), mingw32 (1d 20h 13m), xserver-xorg-video-glide (1d 20h 13m), guest-templates (1d 20h 13m), 461: qtwebview-opensource-src (1d 20h 13m), ulogd (1d 20h 13m), nextcloud-desktop (1d 20h 13m), bpftrace (1d 20h 13m), openscad (1d 20h 13m), trinityrnaseq (1d 20h 13m), akonadi-import-wizard (1d 20h 13m), sugar-hulahop (1d 20h 13m), kmail (1d 20h 13m), deepin-movie-reborn (1d 20h 13m), 471: php-apc (1d 20h 13m), foobillard (1d 20h 13m), pep8-simul (1d 20h 13m), libmaxmind-db-reader-xs-perl (1d 20h 13m), mbox-importer (1d 20h 13m), kitinerary (1d 20h 13m), openms (1d 20h 13m), kio-gdrive (1d 20h 13m), libfcgi-ruby (1d 20h 13m), simpleitk (1d 20h 13m), 481: rapmap (1d 20h 13m), fuse-umfuse-fat (1d 20h 13m), linux-signed (1d 20h 13m), itksnap (1d 20h 13m), networkmanagement (1d 20h 13m), semidef-oct (1d 20h 13m), xhprof (1d 20h 13m), pim-data-exporter (1d 20h 13m), gazebo (1d 20h 13m), firefox-esr (1d 17h 10m), 491: firefox-esr (1d 16h 58m), chezscheme (4h 15m)
Build-Attempted3761: dumb-init (643d 16h 40m, bm-wb-01), fakechroot (643d 16h 32m, bm-wb-03), libgit2 (643d 16h 29m, bm-wb-04), docker.io (643d 16h 24m, bm-wb-02), globus-gssapi-gsi (643d 16h 23m, bm-wb-01), libexplain (643d 16h 20m, testbuildd), isatapd (643d 16h 18m, bm-wb-02), vite (643d 16h 18m, testwandboard), idba (643d 16h 13m, bm-wb-04), libecap (643d 16h 9m, testbuildd), 11: myproxy (643d 16h 2m, testwandboard), htseq (643d 16h, bm-wb-03), openhpi (643d 15h 59m, bm-wb-04), liquidsoap (643d 15h 32m, bm-wb-02), nestopia (643d 15h 3m, bm-wb-03), sbcl (643d 14h 55m, bm-wb-01), gnome-control-center (643d 14h 47m, testwandboard), python-pysam (643d 14h 43m, testbuildd), openvswitch (643d 14h 28m, bm-wb-04), mpqc3 (643d 9h 12m, testwandboard), 21: aspectc++ (643d 8h 41m, testwandboard), bino (643d 8h 14m, testwandboard), libmateweather (643d 7h 17m, testwandboard), gfccore (643d 7h 10m, mb-lxc-01), tbb (643d 7h 8m, mb-lxc-01), acovea (643d 7h 6m, mb-lxc-01), mercurial-buildpackage (643d 7h 4m, mb-lxc-01), ocamlgsl (643d 7h 2m, mb-lxc-01), uclibc (643d 7h 1m, testbuildd), atig (643d 6h 56m, mb-lxc-01), 31: cde (643d 6h 54m, mb-lxc-01), ck (643d 6h 52m, mb-lxc-01), cpl-plugin-xsh (643d 6h 41m, mb-lxc-01), doomsday (643d 6h 32m, mb-lxc-01), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (643d 6h 24m, testbuildd), freefoam (643d 6h 23m, mb-lxc-01), gravit (643d 6h 18m, mb-lxc-01), haskell-comonads-fd (643d 6h 14m, mb-lxc-01), haskell-debian (643d 6h 9m, mb-lxc-01), gambc (643d 6h 5m, bm-wb-04), 41: haskell-trifecta (643d 6h 3m, mb-lxc-01), ibam (643d 5h 58m, mb-lxc-01), htslib (643d 5h 57m, bm-wb-04), ioapps (643d 5h 55m, mb-lxc-01), libodbc-ruby (643d 5h 52m, mb-lxc-01), libfusefs-ruby (643d 5h 50m, bm-wb-04), libopengl-ruby (643d 5h 48m, mb-lxc-01), libtango (643d 5h 45m, bm-wb-04), getdp (643d 5h 43m, testbuildd), lierolibre (643d 5h 41m, mb-lxc-01), 51: msrtool (643d 5h 40m, bm-wb-04), numactl (643d 5h 34m, testbuildd), open-axiom (643d 5h 33m, bm-wb-04), openmprtl (643d 5h 33m, mb-lxc-01), pgloader (643d 5h 29m, mb-lxc-01), portslave (643d 5h 27m, mb-lxc-01), patchelf (643d 5h 27m, bm-wb-04), pyfftw (643d 5h 14m, bm-wb-04), pyside-mobility (643d 5h 12m, mb-lxc-01), qtjsbackend-opensource-src (643d 5h 1m, mb-lxc-01), 61: python-pysam (643d 4h 56m, bm-wb-04), openni (643d 4h 55m, testbuildd), qtop (643d 4h 48m, mb-lxc-01), slang-slirp (643d 4h 47m, mb-lxc-01), sra-sdk (643d 4h 45m, mb-lxc-01), rhmessaging (643d 4h 41m, bm-wb-04), utopia-documents (643d 4h 33m, mb-lxc-01), varnish-agent (643d 4h 29m, bm-wb-04), vmkit (643d 4h 26m, mb-lxc-01), wmmail (643d 4h 23m, mb-lxc-01), 71: xhprof (643d 4h 13m, mb-lxc-01), sdrangelove (643d 4h 1m, testbuildd), wesnoth-1.8 (643d 3h 57m, bm-wb-04), 3dldf (643d 3h 35m, mb-lxc-01), rheolef (643d 2h 56m, mb-lxc-01), groonga (643d 2h 46m, testbuildd), pocl (643d 2h 37m, bm-wb-04), diagnostics (643d 2h, bm-wb-01), gfccore (643d 1h 58m, bm-wb-01), libseccomp (643d 1h 53m, bm-wb-02), 81: nacl (643d 1h 53m, bm-wb-01), uclibc (643d 1h 52m, bm-wb-01), washngo (643d 1h 48m, bm-wb-01), acovea (643d 1h 46m, bm-wb-01), gdc-4.6 (643d 1h 42m, bm-wb-01), ht (643d 1h 40m, bm-wb-01), jscoverage (643d 1h 36m, bm-wb-01), ocamlgsl (643d 1h 33m, bm-wb-01), openimageio (643d 1h 23m, bm-wb-02), xulrunner (643d 1h 21m, bm-wb-01), 91: arrayprobe (643d 1h 19m, bm-wb-01), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (643d 1h 14m, bm-wb-01), aufs-tools (643d 1h 13m, bm-wb-01), ax25mail-utils (643d 1h 12m, bm-wb-01), booth (643d 1h 9m, bm-wb-01), altos (643d 1h 7m, bm-wb-02), bowtie2 (643d 1h 5m, bm-wb-01), cde (643d 1h 2m, bm-wb-02), cqrlog (643d 57m, bm-wb-01), fio (643d 55m, bm-wb-01), 101: crossfire (643d 52m, bm-wb-02), gambc (643d 49m, bm-wb-01), gtkterm (643d 44m, bm-wb-01), haskell-safecopy (643d 41m, bm-wb-01), htp (643d 39m, bm-wb-01), ibam (643d 35m, bm-wb-01), lambdabot (643d 27m, bm-wb-01), lusca (643d 22m, bm-wb-01), hyperestraier (643d 15m, testwandboard), megaglest (643d 14m, bm-wb-01), 111: nikwi (643d 10m, bm-wb-01), msrtool (643d 10m, testwandboard), ocropus (643d 6m, bm-wb-01), gnuradio (643d 6m, bm-wb-02), portslave (643d 5m, bm-wb-01), python-fftw (643d 2m, bm-wb-01), open-axiom (642d 23h 57m, testwandboard), qgis (642d 23h 51m, bm-wb-01), pyside-mobility (642d 23h 50m, bm-wb-02), scilab-overload (642d 23h 44m, bm-wb-01), 121: scli (642d 23h 41m, bm-wb-02), rhmessaging (642d 23h 39m, testwandboard), skyeye (642d 23h 39m, bm-wb-01), slang-slirp (642d 23h 37m, bm-wb-02), sra-sdk (642d 23h 32m, bm-wb-02), wmmail (642d 23h 28m, bm-wb-01), ztex-bmp (642d 23h 25m, mb-lxc-01), urjtag (642d 23h 19m, bm-wb-02), thoggen (642d 23h 14m, testwandboard), cernlib (642d 22h 55m, mb-lxc-01), 131: wesnoth-1.8 (642d 22h 33m, mb-lxc-01), freefoam (642d 22h 16m, mb-lxc-01), vnc4 (642d 22h 15m, testwandboard), nipy (642d 21h 33m, bm-wb-02), osmose-emulator (642d 21h 18m, bm-wb-02), patat (642d 21h 5m, testwandboard), stopmotion (642d 20h 33m, bm-wb-02), trinity (642d 20h 27m, bm-wb-02), python-apt (642d 20h 22m, testwandboard), trilinos (642d 19h 43m, bm-wb-02), 141: gfccore (642d 19h 36m, bm-wb-02), libqglviewer (642d 19h 21m, bm-wb-02), acovea (642d 19h 16m, bm-wb-02), mingw32-binutils (642d 19h 9m, bm-wb-02), ocamlgsl (642d 19h 5m, bm-wb-03), apf (642d 19h 4m, bm-wb-02), asterisk-chan-capi (642d 18h 59m, bm-wb-03), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (642d 18h 44m, bm-wb-02), bagel (642d 18h 42m, bm-wb-03), bio-eagle (642d 18h 31m, bm-wb-03), 151: cde (642d 18h 24m, bm-wb-03), bino (642d 18h 22m, bm-wb-02), ck (642d 18h 21m, testwandboard), yade (642d 18h 13m, mb-lxc-01), consul-migrate (642d 18h 13m, bm-wb-02), criu (642d 18h 10m, mb-lxc-01), djbdns (642d 18h 9m, mb-lxc-01), cross-binutils (642d 18h 5m, bm-wb-02), cpl-plugin-xsh (642d 18h 4m, testwandboard), efitools (642d 18h, bm-wb-02), 161: eclipse-titan (642d 17h 53m, mb-lxc-01), ezquake (642d 17h 46m, testwandboard), compiz (642d 17h 43m, bm-wb-03), freefoam (642d 17h 42m, mb-lxc-01), grpc (642d 17h 38m, mb-lxc-01), haskell-cryptol (642d 17h 33m, mb-lxc-01), form (642d 17h 24m, bm-wb-02), haskell-type-level (642d 17h 18m, mb-lxc-01), intel-processor-trace (642d 17h 15m, mb-lxc-01), ioapps (642d 17h 13m, mb-lxc-01), 171: gambc (642d 17h 12m, testwandboard), jocaml (642d 17h 10m, mb-lxc-01), libmlx5 (642d 17h 8m, mb-lxc-01), ibam (642d 17h 7m, bm-wb-02), libnunc-stans (642d 17h 5m, mb-lxc-01), libretro-mupen64plus (642d 16h 56m, bm-wb-02), libtango (642d 16h 52m, mb-lxc-01), logkeys (642d 16h 50m, bm-wb-02), listaller (642d 16h 45m, mb-lxc-01), mdp-src (642d 16h 44m, bm-wb-02), 181: libsoundio (642d 16h 40m, bm-wb-03), mensis (642d 16h 39m, mb-lxc-01), mpi-testsuite (642d 16h 36m, bm-wb-02), msrtool (642d 16h 34m, bm-wb-03), ne10 (642d 16h 32m, mb-lxc-01), nsd3 (642d 16h 29m, mb-lxc-01), numactl (642d 16h 27m, mb-lxc-01), open-axiom (642d 16h 24m, mb-lxc-01), openmpi1.6 (642d 16h 15m, mb-lxc-01), orpie (642d 16h 12m, mb-lxc-01), 191: ngs-sdk (642d 16h 8m, bm-wb-03), percona-xtradb-cluster-galera-2.x (642d 15h 58m, bm-wb-03), osrm (642d 15h 55m, mb-lxc-01), networkmanagement (642d 15h 51m, bm-wb-02), perftest (642d 15h 50m, bm-wb-03), pgloader (642d 15h 45m, mb-lxc-01), php-apc (642d 15h 44m, bm-wb-02), pocl (642d 15h 37m, mb-lxc-01), prboom (642d 15h 31m, bm-wb-02), pyside-mobility (642d 15h 30m, mb-lxc-01), 201: qtjsbackend-opensource-src (642d 15h 23m, mb-lxc-01), qutecsound (642d 15h 18m, mb-lxc-01), rt-app (642d 15h 16m, mb-lxc-01), pinot (642d 15h 10m, bm-wb-03), qstopmotion (642d 15h 8m, bm-wb-02), ruby2.1 (642d 15h 5m, mb-lxc-01), slang-slirp (642d 15h 4m, bm-wb-03), sortmerna (642d 15h 3m, mb-lxc-01), snap-aligner (642d 15h 2m, bm-wb-02), tlsdate (642d 14h 59m, mb-lxc-01), 211: ulogd (642d 14h 56m, bm-wb-02), varnish-agent (642d 14h 55m, mb-lxc-01), tarantool (642d 14h 52m, bm-wb-03), wiredtiger (642d 14h 45m, mb-lxc-01), wmmail (642d 14h 41m, bm-wb-03), xf86-video-msm (642d 14h 41m, mb-lxc-01), yp-tools (642d 14h 39m, mb-lxc-01), sdrangelove (642d 14h 37m, testwandboard), wesnoth-1.8 (642d 14h 35m, bm-wb-02), xhprof (642d 14h 34m, bm-wb-03), 221: 3dldf (642d 13h 57m, mb-lxc-01), monav (642d 13h 57m, bm-wb-02), slic3r-prusa (642d 13h 26m, mb-lxc-01), rivet (642d 13h 13m, bm-wb-03), cone (642d 13h 7m, testwandboard), sflphone (642d 12h 38m, mb-lxc-01), firefox (642d 12h 22m, mb-lxc-01), iceweasel (642d 11h 48m, bm-wb-02), tulip (642d 11h 1m, bm-wb-03), libsis-jhdf5-java (642d 9h 49m, mb-lxc-01), 231: krita (642d 9h 34m, testwandboard), sagemath (642d 8h 43m, bm-wb-03), apophenia (642d 1h 19m, testbuildd), libzypp (642d 14m, bm-wb-04), globus-proxy-utils (641d 22h 43m, testbuildd), aeskulap (631d 10h 26m, bm-wb-02), jetty (621d 16h 45m, bm-wb-01), tcpdump (556d 5h 5m, mb-lxc-02), tcpdump (554d 5h 1m, mb-lxc-02), libxfont (532d 4h 56m, mb-lxc-02), 241: librsb (531d 23h 56m, bm-wb-04), openjfx (518d 14h 46m, mb-lxc-01), apr (501d 16h 57m, mb-lxc-02), xbmc (430d 10h 34m, testwandboard), zziplib (395d 10h 56m, bm-wb-02), cups (297d 16h 53m, mb-lxc-02), memcached (289d 16h 48m, mb-lxc-02), redis (251d 21h 48m, mb-lxc-02), git-annex (251d 18h 18m, mb-lxc-02), openldap (251d 16h 48m, bm-wb-03), 251: abiword (250d 15h 11m, testbuildd), blender (248d 13h 57m, bm-wb-02), trafficserver (203d 15h 42m, bm-wb-02), kamailio (191d 20h 15m, bm-wb-03), ycmd (153d 10h 15m, bm-wb-03), nifti2dicom (153d 9h 30m, testbuildd), spice-gtk (132d 20h 5m, bm-wb-02), qemu (131d 13h 55m, bm-wb-04), xen (130d 22h 43m, bm-wb-04), ceph (121d 13h 41m, mb-lxc-02), 261: chromium-browser (105d 9h 46m, testwandboard), golang-1.8 (49d 12h 16m, bm-wb-04), coturn (39d 22h 56m, mb-lxc-02), cups (34d 22h 26m, mb-lxc-02), libb2 (34d 19h 38m, bm-wb-03), ceph (21d 15h 54m, testwandboard), oclgrind (1d 22h 17m, test2019), tiledarray (1d 22h 12m, testwandboard), r-cran-samr (1d 22h 11m, mb-lxc-02), iannix (1d 22h 10m, bm-wb-01), 271: bagel (1d 22h 1m, mb-lxc-02), r-cran-httpuv (1d 22h 1m, bm-wb-04), highwayhash (1d 21h 59m, bm-wb-03), libundead (1d 21h 55m, mb-lxc-02), docker.io (1d 21h 55m, mb-lxc-01), gcl (1d 21h 54m, test2019), libsoundio (1d 21h 44m, bm-wb-04), reprozip (1d 21h 43m, test2019), haskell-protobuf (1d 21h 42m, testwandboard), ngs-sdk (1d 21h 39m, mb-lxc-02), 281: pocl (1d 21h 36m, mb-lxc-01), gfccore (1d 21h 35m, test2019), qca-cyrus-sasl (1d 21h 33m, mb-lxc-02), qca2-plugin-ossl (1d 21h 29m, mb-lxc-01), mrs (1d 21h 25m, bm-wb-03), libqglviewer (1d 21h 15m, bm-wb-04), kubrick (1d 21h 11m, testbuildd), acovea (1d 20h 48m, bm-wb-03), libqt4pas (1d 20h 41m, testwandboard), mingw32-binutils (1d 20h 32m, testwandboard), 291: apf (1d 20h 26m, mb-lxc-02), ocamlgsl (1d 20h 22m, testwandboard), asterisk-chan-capi (1d 20h 22m, test2019), cohomcalg (1d 20h 18m, mb-lxc-02), blastem (1d 20h 13m, mb-lxc-01), criu (1d 20h 5m, mb-lxc-01), consul-migrate (1d 20h 4m, mb-lxc-02), djbdns (1d 20h 4m, mb-lxc-01), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (1d 19h 58m, bm-wb-03), dxvk (1d 19h 53m, mb-lxc-01), 301: debiman (1d 19h 49m, testbuildd), cryptominisat (1d 19h 49m, bm-wb-04), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (1d 19h 48m, mb-lxc-01), dustrac (1d 19h 48m, mb-lxc-02), ezquake (1d 19h 39m, bm-wb-01), cone (1d 19h 39m, test2019), golang-github-mailru-easyjson (1d 19h 38m, bm-wb-04), haskell-pretty-simple (1d 19h 35m, mb-lxc-02), haskell-heterocephalus (1d 19h 35m, mb-lxc-01), ioapps (1d 19h 28m, mb-lxc-02), 311: jellyfish (1d 19h 24m, mb-lxc-01), jocaml (1d 19h 22m, mb-lxc-02), ibam (1d 19h 22m, test2019), haskell-type-level (1d 19h 15m, bm-wb-01), kpkpass (1d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), freefoam (1d 19h 7m, bm-wb-03), libmath-int128-perl (1d 19h 3m, mb-lxc-01), leela-zero (1d 18h 59m, test2019), libmlx5 (1d 18h 58m, bm-wb-03), libnunc-stans (1d 18h 58m, mb-lxc-01), 321: lib3mf (1d 18h 57m, bm-wb-01), kubernetes-addon-heapster (1d 18h 55m, mb-lxc-02), libtango (1d 18h 53m, mb-lxc-01), libretro-mupen64plus (1d 18h 51m, test2019), gammapy (1d 18h 49m, testbuildd), libxsmm (1d 18h 46m, bm-wb-01), lz4tools (1d 18h 46m, mb-lxc-01), msrtool (1d 18h 41m, mb-lxc-01), listaller (1d 18h 41m, mb-lxc-02), mensis (1d 18h 36m, test2019), 331: nsd3 (1d 18h 36m, mb-lxc-02), neuron (1d 18h 29m, mb-lxc-01), mpqc3 (1d 18h 27m, bm-wb-01), iem-plugin-suite (1d 18h 24m, bm-wb-04), acl2 (1d 18h 23m, bm-wb-02), open-axiom (1d 18h 19m, bm-wb-01), olive (1d 18h 16m, mb-lxc-02), libsis-jhdf5-java (1d 18h 13m, bm-wb-03), orpie (1d 18h 13m, bm-wb-02), percona-xtradb-cluster-galera-2.x (1d 18h 10m, mb-lxc-02), 341: olive-editor (1d 18h 8m, mb-lxc-01), octave-tisean (1d 18h 7m, test2019), minimap2 (1d 18h 4m, testbuildd), perftest (1d 18h 3m, bm-wb-03), qutecsound (1d 17h 55m, mb-lxc-01), qtjsbackend-opensource-src (1d 17h 54m, mb-lxc-02), openmpi1.6 (1d 17h 53m, bm-wb-04), rpm2html (1d 17h 51m, testbuildd), qwinff (1d 17h 49m, test2019), slang-slirp (1d 17h 48m, mb-lxc-02), 351: prboom (1d 17h 48m, bm-wb-02), osrm (1d 17h 48m, bm-wb-01), traildb (1d 17h 43m, mb-lxc-02), tlsdate (1d 17h 43m, test2019), tarantool (1d 17h 42m, bm-wb-04), varnish-agent (1d 17h 33m, test2019), sdrangelove (1d 17h 28m, mb-lxc-01), uvloop (1d 17h 26m, mb-lxc-02), ruby2.1 (1d 17h 26m, bm-wb-03), wmmail (1d 17h 23m, test2019), 361: tendermint (1d 17h 21m, testbuildd), xf86-video-msm (1d 17h 20m, mb-lxc-01), unanimity (1d 17h 17m, bm-wb-01), trilinos (1d 17h 16m, bm-wb-02), wesnoth-1.8 (1d 17h 7m, bm-wb-04), tulip (1d 16h 35m, test2019), rheolef (1d 16h 23m, mb-lxc-01), qtox (1d 16h 13m, bm-wb-03), valentina (1d 15h, bm-wb-01), pyfftw (1d 14h 57m, mb-lxc-02), 371: gatb-core (1d 14h 2m, bm-wb-02), agda (1d 13h 37m, testbuildd), freecad (1d 12h 38m, bm-wb-04), colmap (1d 12h 12m, testwandboard), openjdk-8 (1d 9h 45m, test2019), flang (21h 32m, bm-wb-03)
Building91: libreoffice (42d 17h 9m, testwandboard), mrtrix3 (21d 4h 16m, testbuildd), eclipse-titan (17d 16h 37m, test2019), monero (17d 11h 14m, bm-wb-04), haskell-cryptol (9d 11h 34m, test2019), aseba (9d 54m, test2019), bolt (9d 52m, test2019), ismrmrd (7d 2h 31m, test2019), python3.7 (4h 21m, bm-wb-02)
Built481: cpuburn (708d 9m, testwandboard), criu (707d 23h 58m, testwandboard), doublecmd (707d 23h 11m, bm-wb-04), grub2 (707d 21h 44m, testwandboard), jocaml (707d 20h 13m, bm-wb-03), xf86-video-msm (707d 18h 20m, bm-wb-03), iceweasel (706d 19h 23m, bm-wb-03), xf86-video-msm (706d 16h 28m, testwandboard), cpuburn (706d 15h 50m, testbuildd), gcc-mozilla (706d 6h 20m, testwandboard), 11: cpuburn (704d 19h 1m, bm-wb-02), kvmtool (704d 16h, bm-wb-02), openni-sensor-pointclouds (704d 11h 43m, bm-wb-02), openni-sensor-primesense (704d 11h 31m, bm-wb-03), julia (704d 5h 42m, bm-wb-03), neovim (701d 16h 22m, bm-wb-01), qtwebengine-opensource-src (652d 18h 8m, bm-wb-01), cpuburn (637d 19h 1m, testbuildd), kvmtool (555d 3h 7m, mb-lxc-02), ck (381d 2h 31m, bm-wb-04), 21: backuppc (+b7, 374d 22h 44m, mb-lxc-01), gcc-4.9-backport (332d 12h 39m, bm-wb-02), lava-dispatcher (285d 22h 39m, mb-lxc-02), llvm-toolchain-snapshot (209d 21h 39m, mb-lxc-02), fbi (+b2, 196d 10h 40m, mb-lxc-02), tmview (+b2, 196d 9h 32m, mb-lxc-02), ruby-tioga (+b3, 187d 9h 58m, testwandboard), llvm-toolchain-4.0 (169d 10h 32m, bm-wb-02), vokoscreen (+b2, 158d 57m, testwandboard), chromium-browser (140d 43m, mb-lxc-02), 31: openni-sensor-pointclouds (135d 8h 7m, bm-wb-03), openni-sensor-primesense (135d 7h 55m, bm-wb-02), grub2 (132d 21h 53m, mb-lxc-02), openlibm (132d 18h 51m, bm-wb-04), dvipsk-ja (+b3, 132d 16h 7m, mb-lxc-01), mediawiki-math (+b3, 132d 15h 55m, mb-lxc-01), equalx (+b5, 115d 4h 23m, mb-lxc-01), guacamole-server (+b1, 115d 4h 4m, mb-lxc-02), qtwebengine-opensource-src (78d 1h 45m, mb-lxc-02), ne10 (70d 5h 52m, mb-lxc-02), 41: paraview (+b6, 67d 5h 26m, bm-wb-03), fstrm (65d 10h 28m, mb-lxc-01), golang-1.12 (65d 7h 24m, mb-lxc-01), dpdk (41d 2h 17m, mb-lxc-01), chromium (25d 1h 4m, mb-lxc-01), sssd (17d 7h 10m, test2019), chromium (13d 1h 10m, mb-lxc-01), grub2 (3d 15h 46m, testwandboard)
Failed571: partman-efi (+b6, 646d 16h 8m, wbadm), uucpsend (+b14, 646d 16h 5m, wbadm), betaradio (+b8, 632d 19h 4m, wbadm), garmin-plugin (+b11, 632d 16h 53m, wbadm), cbmplugs (+b8, 632d 16h 50m, wbadm), gimp-dimage-color (+b8, 632d 16h 49m, wbadm), gimp-gap (+b4, 632d 16h 48m, wbadm), gluas (+b9, 632d 16h 46m, wbadm), libreoffice-voikko (+b17, 631d 3h 32m, wbadm), audtty (+b2, 629d 18h 6m, wbadm), 11: baloo-widgets5 (+b5, 629d 18h 3m, wbadm), dradio (+b4, 629d 17h 58m, wbadm), gimp-dcraw (+b5, 629d 17h 52m, wbadm), gogglesmm (+b6, 629d 17h 50m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-argustv (+b2, 629d 17h 36m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-dvbviewer (+b2, 629d 17h 35m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-iptvsimple (+b2, 629d 17h 33m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-njoy (+b2, 629d 17h 32m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-mythtv (+b2, 629d 17h 30m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-nextpvr (+b2, 629d 17h 29m, wbadm), 21: kodi-pvr-wmc (+b2, 629d 17h 27m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-pce-fast (+b5, 629d 17h 23m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-psx (+b5, 629d 17h 22m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-vb (+b5, 629d 17h 21m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-wswan (+b5, 629d 17h 21m, wbadm), libretro-gambatte (+b5, 629d 17h 20m, wbadm), vagalume (+b4, 629d 17h 12m, wbadm), mplayerthumbs (+b5, 629d 16h 13m, wbadm), npapi-vlc (+b13, 629d 16h 12m, wbadm), ogmrip (+b7, 629d 16h 11m, wbadm), 31: xine-plugin (+b6, 629d 16h 1m, wbadm), xine-ui (+b2, 629d 15h 59m, wbadm), homer-api (+b11, 599d 14h 15m, wbadm), gxine (+b9, 598d 14h 43m, wbadm), libretro-desmume (+b8, 598d 14h 38m, wbadm), wmauda (+b2, 598d 14h 24m, wbadm), mysqmail (+b9, 582d 22h 38m, wbadm), asterisk-espeak (+b4, 564d 16h 43m, wbadm), asterisk-flite (+b5, 564d 16h 43m, wbadm), asterisk-opus (+b3, 564d 16h 42m, wbadm), 41: mercurial-buildpackage (+b4, 542d 14h 24m, wbadm), acetoneiso (+b6, 519d 20h 18m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-hdhomerun (+b3, 512d 15h 10m, wbadm), apache-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind (+b8, 506d 16h 52m, wbadm), gadmin-samba (+b8, 506d 16h 43m, wbadm), nautilus-share (+b21, 506d 16h 42m, wbadm), xfswitch-plugin (+b21, 501d 16h 19m, wbadm), cortina (+b16, 501d 16h 16m, wbadm), apache-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind (+b7, 485d 15h 42m, wbadm), gadmin-samba (+b7, 485d 15h 41m, wbadm), 51: wiipdf (+b7, 464d 5m, wbadm), systemd-shim (+b7, 434d 14h 39m, wbadm), plasma-mediacenter (+b2, 420d 34m, wbadm), c-repl (+b14, 396d 14h 12m, wbadm), kde-baseapps (+b8, 396d 14h 11m, wbadm), rekonq (+b13, 396d 13h 20m, wbadm), w1retap (+b5, 396d 13h 18m, wbadm)
Installed47843Too many results, cannot display
Uploaded301: libtasn1-3 (707d 15h 35m, bm-wb-04), iceweasel (706d 17h 44m, testwandboard), golang-defaults (633d 4h 41m, bm-wb-02), 389-dsgw (+b12, 548d 22h 37m, bm-wb-04), gimp-dimage-color (+b7, 196d 10h 11m, mb-lxc-01), efax-gtk (+b1, 196d 10h 11m, bm-wb-02), gluas (+b8, 196d 9h 56m, mb-lxc-01), gimp-gap (+b3, 196d 9h 55m, testwandboard), cbmplugs (+b7, 196d 9h 26m, mb-lxc-01), pstotext (+b1, 196d 9h 26m, mb-lxc-01), 11: pspresent (+b1, 196d 9h 26m, bm-wb-01), gv (+b1, 196d 9h 26m, testbuildd), xournal (+b1, 196d 8h 56m, bm-wb-02), gimp-dcraw (+b4, 115d 4h 6m, bm-wb-04), npapi-vlc (+b12, 51d 4h 26m, mb-lxc-02), android-sdk-meta (+b1, 5d 16h 31m, bm-wb-04), libzip (4h 26m, mb-lxc-02), advancecomp (4h 26m, bm-wb-04), fltk1.3 (4h 26m, mb-lxc-01), python3-stdlib-extensions (4h 26m, mb-lxc-02), 21: gdbm (4h 26m, testbuildd), librostlab-blast (4h 16m, testwandboard), rust-failure (4h 11m, bm-wb-04), gdnsd (4h 11m, bm-wb-02), dico (4h 11m, bm-wb-01), remmina (3h 56m, mb-lxc-01), swi-prolog (3h 56m, mb-lxc-02), nageru (3h 55m, test2019), cjs (3h 41m, bm-wb-03), scribus (2h 15m, testbuildd)