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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Installed321: ntfs-3g (551d 26m, test2019), gnome-chemistry-utils (515d 18h 22m, test2019), cups-filters (499d 6h 20m, test2019), libvirt (459d 6h 26m, test2019), nghttp2 (388d 6h 19m, test2019), libgovirt (382d 12h 19m, test2019), basez (382d 12h 19m, test2019), monkeysphere (382d 12h 19m, test2019), slurm-llnl (382d 12h 19m, test2019), flpsed (+b9, 382d 6h 17m, test2019), 11: pnm2ppa (+b10, 382d 6h 17m, test2019), dansguardian (382d 6h 17m, test2019), havp (382d 6h 17m, test2019), fig2dev (228d 12h 24m, test2019), python-pgmagick (228d 12h 24m, test2019), gnustep-base (228d 12h 24m, test2019), opensmtpd (210d 6h 19m, test2019), openldap (148d 6h 23m, test2019), exim4 (130d 12h 24m, test2019), vlc (99d 6h 23m, test2019), 21: glib-networking (67d 12h 24m, test2019), c-icap-modules (67d 12h 24m, test2019), mariadb-10.1 (67d 12h 24m, test2019), cups (67d 12h 24m, test2019), swt-gtk (67d 6h 21m, test2019), curl (57d 12h 22m, test2019), evolution-data-server (52d 6h 24m, test2019), mlpost (+b22, 34d 6h 9m, test2019), ipe (+b25, 34d 6h 9m, test2019), firejail (32d 12h 19m, test2019), 31: bacula (25d 6h 21m, test2019), squid3 (19d 6h 23m, test2019)