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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Installed221: gnome-chemistry-utils (1768d 18h 41m, test2019), cups-filters (1752d 6h 39m, test2019), slurm-llnl (1635d 12h 39m, test2019), monkeysphere (1635d 12h 39m, test2019), libgovirt (1635d 12h 39m, test2019), basez (1635d 12h 39m, test2019), havp (1635d 6h 37m, test2019), dansguardian (1635d 6h 37m, test2019), flpsed (+b9, 1635d 6h 37m, test2019), pnm2ppa (+b10, 1635d 6h 37m, test2019), 11: gnustep-base (1481d 12h 43m, test2019), python-pgmagick (1481d 12h 43m, test2019), opensmtpd (1463d 6h 38m, test2019), glib-networking (1320d 12h 43m, test2019), c-icap-modules (1320d 12h 43m, test2019), swt-gtk (1320d 6h 40m, test2019), evolution-data-server (1305d 6h 43m, test2019), ipe (+b25, 1287d 6h 28m, test2019), mlpost (+b22, 1287d 6h 28m, test2019), bacula (1278d 6h 40m, test2019), 21: gnome-color-manager (+b2, 1239d 6h 43m, test2019), tcpdump (1205d 12h 43m, test2019)