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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted11: postgresql-9.6 (163d 19h 16m, test2019)
Installed171: ntfs-3g (302d 8h 14m, test2019), gnome-chemistry-utils (267d 2h 10m, test2019), cups-filters (250d 14h 8m, test2019), libvirt (210d 14h 14m, test2019), nghttp2 (139d 14h 7m, test2019), libxslt (133d 20h 7m, test2019), monkeysphere (133d 20h 7m, test2019), libgovirt (133d 20h 7m, test2019), basez (133d 20h 7m, test2019), clamav (133d 20h 7m, test2019), 11: slurm-llnl (133d 20h 7m, test2019), pnm2ppa (+b10, 133d 14h 5m, test2019), havp (133d 14h 5m, test2019), flpsed (+b9, 133d 14h 5m, test2019), dansguardian (133d 14h 5m, test2019), c-icap-modules (133d 14h 5m, test2019), e2fsprogs (113d 13h 50m, test2019)