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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted151: vite (906d 22h 52m, tried 12 times, testwandboard), myproxy (906d 22h 36m, tried 6 times, testwandboard), gnome-control-center (906d 21h 21m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), mpqc3 (906d 15h 46m, tried 5 times, testwandboard), patat (906d 3h 39m, tried 6 times, testwandboard), python-apt (906d 2h 56m, tried 3 times, testwandboard), ck (906d 55m, tried 5 times, testwandboard), cpl-plugin-xsh (906d 39m, tried 30 times, testwandboard), ezquake (906d 20m, tried 4 times, testwandboard), gambc (905d 23h 46m, tried 9 times, testwandboard), 11: sdrangelove (905d 21h 12m, tried 9 times, testwandboard), cone (905d 19h 41m, tried 16 times, testwandboard), krita (905d 16h 8m, tried 6 times, testwandboard), chromium-browser (368d 16h 21m, testwandboard), neovim (140d 9h 35m, testwandboard)
Built11: ruby-tioga (+b3, 450d 16h 33m, testwandboard)
Installed991: dsh (968d 20h 10m, testwandboard), zsh (968d 20h 10m, testwandboard), empire-hub (968d 20h 10m, testwandboard), nyquist (968d 20h 10m, testwandboard), wxpython3.0 (968d 20h 10m, testwandboard), libmongo-client (968d 20h 10m, testwandboard), shiboken (968d 9h 17m, testwandboard), audit (968d 9h 17m, testwandboard), hello (965d 10h 11m, testwandboard), altos (957d 11h 36m, testwandboard), 11: dhcpdump (957d 11h 36m, testwandboard), llvm-defaults (956d 17h 33m, testwandboard), gnome-shell (953d 11h 37m, testwandboard), bitz-server (952d 23h 36m, testwandboard), mate-control-center (947d 23h 34m, testwandboard), mate-settings-daemon (947d 11h 36m, testwandboard), debian-edu (947d 11h 36m, testwandboard), android-platform-dalvik (947d 5h 36m, testwandboard), android-platform-build (946d 23h 36m, testwandboard), slim (946d 11h 35m, testwandboard), 21: sbc (942d 11h 36m, testwandboard), isoquery (938d 11h 37m, testwandboard), etherpuppet (936d 17h 34m, testwandboard), ntirpc (935d 11h 35m, testwandboard), jbig2dec (934d 23h 36m, testwandboard), nodm (934d 11h 37m, testwandboard), partclone (933d 11h 34m, testwandboard), gtk-vnc (931d 5h 31m, testwandboard), screen (930d 11h 35m, testwandboard), dante (927d 8h 46m, testwandboard), 31: sip4 (927d 5h 30m, testwandboard), elfutils (926d 3h 43m, testwandboard), dia (925d 23h 17m, testwandboard), cinnamon (925d 11h 6m, testwandboard), ruby-rugged (924d 11h 34m, testwandboard), gnome-calendar (923d 11h 35m, testwandboard), python-numpy (922d 11h 36m, testwandboard), faustworks (920d 11h 36m, testwandboard), ksh (919d 23h 36m, testwandboard), veusz (918d 11h 33m, testwandboard), 41: boinc (918d 11h 33m, testwandboard), gobby (918d 11h 33m, testwandboard), espeak-ng (917d 17h 32m, testwandboard), pcsc-cyberjack (917d 11h 33m, testwandboard), bzrtp (917d 11h 33m, testwandboard), anacron (917d 11h 33m, testwandboard), filetea (916d 11h 34m, testwandboard), gamine (912d 11h 34m, testwandboard), inn (908d 23h 32m, testwandboard), ostree (905d 23h 34m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), 51: jabberd2 (888d 17h 30m, testwandboard), augeas (842d 5h 27m, testwandboard), newsbeuter (813d 17h 28m, testwandboard), kanatest (794d 23h 29m, testwandboard), wrk (794d 23h 29m, testwandboard), mate-power-manager (794d 23h 29m, testwandboard), nss (790d 22h 18m, testwandboard), poco (699d 5h 20m, testwandboard), gcab (685d 17h 30m, testwandboard), pjproject (609d 7h 43m, testwandboard), 61: corosync (603d 5h 28m, testwandboard), kwallet-pam (575d 17h 34m, testwandboard), procps (567d 23h 29m, testwandboard), network-manager-vpnc (505d 17h 34m, testwandboard), mgetty (455d 17h 25m, testwandboard), texlive-bin (445d 23h 31m, testwandboard), unison (+b1, 419d 23h 31m, testwandboard), libcgroup (395d 23h 29m, testwandboard), unbound (395d 23h 29m, testwandboard), caja-extensions (+b9, 378d 17h 30m, testwandboard), 71: policykit-1 (369d 17h 30m, testwandboard), libapache-mod-jk (355d 22h 16m, testwandboard), spice (315d 17h 28m, testwandboard), python-cdo (+b9, 313d 20h 6m, testwandboard), ckermit (228d 5h 34m, testwandboard), icedtea-web (228d 5h 34m, testwandboard), ffmpeg (202d 11h 32m, testwandboard), heimdal (190d 17h 37m, testwandboard), znc (179d 17h 36m, testwandboard), dosbox (153d 17h 21m, testwandboard), 81: vlc (112d 17h 29m, testwandboard), nginx (110d 11h 32m, testwandboard), gocode (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), libtk-img (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), usbutils (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), corekeeper (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), z3 (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), groonga (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), libgd2 (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), node-ws (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), 91: yubico-piv-tool (94d 23h 31m, testwandboard), fig2dev (94d 17h 29m, testwandboard), cups-pdf (+b11, 94d 17h 29m, testwandboard), nasm-mozilla (94d 17h 29m, testwandboard), expat (80d 5h 34m, testwandboard), file-roller (73d 23h 36m, testwandboard), samba (58d 11h 34m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), openjdk-8 (48d 11h 37m, testwandboard), lsb (+b29, 1d 11h 32m, testwandboard)
Uploaded11: gimp-gap (+b3, 459d 16h 30m, testwandboard)