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Build-Attempted81: libexplain (2491d 1h 41m, tried 3 times, testbuildd), libecap (2491d 1h 31m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), python-pysam (2491d 4m, tried 5 times, testbuildd), globus-proxy-utils (2489d 8h 5m, tried 9 times, testbuildd), abiword (2098d 32m, tried 4 times, testbuildd), nifti2dicom (2000d 18h 52m, tried 13 times, testbuildd), gupnp (1345d 2h 3m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), passepartout (+b3, 1331d 1h 40m, testbuildd)
Installed1091: galax (2552d 22h 57m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), mruby (2552d 22h 57m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), gegl (2552d 22h 57m, testbuildd), kgoldrunner (2552d 22h 57m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), ruby-unf-ext (2552d 22h 57m, testbuildd), cgview (2552d 22h 57m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), magics++ (2552d 12h 4m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), okteta (2552d 12h 4m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), flare-engine (2552d 12h 4m, testbuildd), acl2 (2550d 1h 14m, tried 2 times, testbuildd), 11: libiscsi (2548d 14h 24m, testbuildd), ocamlbricks (2547d 2h 22m, testbuildd), python-pyaudio (2546d 20h 22m, testbuildd), zimlib (2546d 14h 24m, testbuildd), racket (2544d 14h 24m, testbuildd), aptitude (2543d 14h 24m, testbuildd), man2html (2540d 20h 20m, testbuildd), mldonkey (2538d 14h 23m, testbuildd), tecnoballz (2537d 14h 24m, testbuildd), gfsview (2534d 8h 24m, testbuildd), 21: init-system-helpers (2532d 2h 21m, testbuildd), android-platform-frameworks-native (2531d 14h 23m, testbuildd), mate-panel (2531d 14h 23m, testbuildd), android-platform-development (2531d 8h 24m, testbuildd), hydra (2530d 14h 22m, testbuildd), torcs (2522d 14h 24m, testbuildd), pcmanfm (2519d 14h 23m, testbuildd), 9wm (2515d 14h 19m, testbuildd), quadrapassel (2513d 14h 18m, testbuildd), qjoypad (2512d 13h 39m, testbuildd), 31: sysstat (2511d 11h 33m, testbuildd), lapack (2509d 13h 53m, testbuildd), coyim (2508d 14h 22m, testbuildd), pd-flite (2507d 14h 23m, testbuildd), cubemap (2507d 14h 23m, testbuildd), pam (2506d 14h 24m, testbuildd), konsole (2505d 22h 20m, tried 50 times, testbuildd), gcc-6 (2505d 20h 19m, testbuildd), gecode (2503d 14h 23m, testbuildd), mate-terminal (2502d 14h 21m, testbuildd), 41: dacs (2502d 14h 21m, testbuildd), e2guardian (2502d 14h 21m, testbuildd), libcrypto++ (2501d 14h 20m, testbuildd), porg (2501d 14h 20m, testbuildd), runit (2500d 14h 21m, testbuildd), netcfg (2500d 14h 21m, testbuildd), czmq (2499d 14h 23m, testbuildd), libmwaw (2498d 20h 19m, testbuildd), ros-pluginlib (+b1, 2493d 8h 21m, testbuildd), ros-robot-model (+b1, 2493d 2h 19m, testbuildd), 51: libwpd (2379d 11h 2m, testbuildd), bridge-utils (2379d 11h 2m, testbuildd), caja (2379d 9h 53m, testbuildd), trace-cmd (2379d 2h 16m, testbuildd), ipsec-tools (2367d 8h 44m, testbuildd), tdbcodbc (2316d 2h 19m, testbuildd), ruby-ox (2316d 2h 19m, testbuildd), virt-what (2225d 2h 19m, testbuildd), libvhdi (2225d 2h 19m, testbuildd), ncurses (2225d 2h 19m, testbuildd), 61: bareos (2225d 2h 19m, testbuildd), libmad (2169d 23h 56m, testbuildd), qtsmbstatus (+b8, 1962d 20h 17m, testbuildd), knowthelist (+b5, 1897d 22h 54m, testbuildd), astroml-addons (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), espeakup (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), rtkit (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), libapache2-mod-perl2 (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), ssh-agent-filter (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), mpqc (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), 71: courier (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), linux-igd (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), wvstreams (1881d 20h 18m, testbuildd), libpng1.6 (1812d 8h 21m, testbuildd), r-cran-igraph (1812d 8h 21m, testbuildd), choose-mirror (1812d 8h 21m, testbuildd), librecad (1679d 2h 18m, testbuildd), sdl-image1.2 (1679d 2h 18m, testbuildd), sox (1679d 2h 18m, testbuildd), file (1630d 20h 21m, testbuildd), 81: libofx (1525d 2h 23m, testbuildd), libpst (1525d 2h 23m, testbuildd), pykaraoke (1525d 2h 23m, testbuildd), perl (1364d 2h 23m, testbuildd), file-roller (1363d 20h 20m, testbuildd), libapache2-mod-auth-openidc (1353d 2h 24m, testbuildd), scribus (+b1, 1330d 20h 7m, testbuildd), greenbone-security-assistant (+b1, 1330d 20h 7m, testbuildd), tigervnc (1283d 20h 15m, testbuildd), fastd (1264d 20h 22m, testbuildd), 91: gdm3 (1254d 2h 22m, testbuildd), rclone (1241d 8h 13m, testbuildd), gnome-screensaver (+b6, 1220d 2h 22m, testbuildd), sympa (1212d 2h 22m, testbuildd), shadow (1122d 2h 13m, testbuildd), shibboleth-sp2 (1120d 14h 18m, testbuildd), xterm (1119d 13h 18m, testbuildd), libebml (1089d 20h 6m, testbuildd), opendmarc (1083d 8h 29m, testbuildd), caribou (1044d 2h 20m, testbuildd), 101: squid3 (1033d 20h 14m, testbuildd), scilab (1009d 20h 15m, testbuildd), gnutls28 (937d 20h 29m, testbuildd), nettle (937d 2h 29m, testbuildd), openssl1.0 (925d 2h 25m, testbuildd), krb5 (924d 20h 30m, testbuildd), nghttp2 (908d 20h 26m, testbuildd), pegasus-wms (+b1, 887d 14h 30m, testbuildd), uriparser (863d 14h 28m, testbuildd)
Uploaded11: gv (+b1, 2043d 18h 47m, testbuildd)