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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Installed301: pdfresurrect (1228d 13h 15m, test2019), zsh (1228d 13h 15m, test2019), gnome-session (+b1, 1220d 1h 21m, test2019), python-apt (1205d 19h 9m, test2019), flac (1194d 13h 22m, test2019), gssproxy (1193d 13h 22m, tried 2 times, test2019), openjpeg2 (1158d 19h 3m, test2019), firejail (1156d 7h 12m, test2019), libbsd (1148d 19h 17m, test2019), spamassassin (1110d 1h 43m, test2019), 11: busybox (1106d 19h 10m, test2019), xorg-server (1093d 7h 23m, test2019), zabbix (1087d 1h 31m, test2019), pjproject (1085d 1h 30m, test2019), subversion (1074d 19h 28m, test2019), eterm (1038d 7h 19m, test2019), rxvt (1038d 1h 21m, test2019), htmldoc (1016d 13h 22m, test2019), sogo (1004d 19h 16m, test2019), pillow (995d 7h 21m, test2019), 21: mupdf (931d 19h 29m, test2019), weechat (925d 7h 16m, test2019), faad2 (901d 1h 30m, test2019), jbig2dec (896d 13h 29m, test2019), cups (895d 13h 19m, test2019), libmspack (893d 19h 6m, test2019), bind9 (892d 12h 56m, test2019), python-formalchemy (+b1, 887d 13h 29m, test2019), ntfs-3g (877d 13h 26m, test2019), libntlm (866d 1h 22m, test2019)