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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted421: criu (908d 2h 20m, tried 3 times, mb-lxc-01), djbdns (908d 2h 19m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), eclipse-titan (908d 2h 3m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), freefoam (908d 1h 52m, tried 8 times, mb-lxc-01), grpc (908d 1h 48m, tried 21 times, mb-lxc-01), haskell-cryptol (908d 1h 43m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), haskell-type-level (908d 1h 28m, tried 26 times, mb-lxc-01), intel-processor-trace (908d 1h 25m, tried 10 times, mb-lxc-01), ioapps (908d 1h 23m, tried 30 times, mb-lxc-01), jocaml (908d 1h 20m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), 11: libmlx5 (908d 1h 18m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), libnunc-stans (908d 1h 15m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), libtango (908d 1h 2m, tried 19 times, mb-lxc-01), listaller (908d 55m, tried 13 times, mb-lxc-01), mensis (908d 49m, tried 5 times, mb-lxc-01), ne10 (908d 42m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), nsd3 (908d 39m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), numactl (908d 37m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), open-axiom (908d 34m, tried 30 times, mb-lxc-01), openmpi1.6 (908d 25m, tried 11 times, mb-lxc-01), 21: orpie (908d 22m, tried 16 times, mb-lxc-01), osrm (908d 5m, tried 9 times, mb-lxc-01), pgloader (907d 23h 55m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), pocl (907d 23h 48m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), pyside-mobility (907d 23h 40m, tried 30 times, mb-lxc-01), qtjsbackend-opensource-src (907d 23h 33m, tried 29 times, mb-lxc-01), qutecsound (907d 23h 28m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), rt-app (907d 23h 26m, tried 10 times, mb-lxc-01), ruby2.1 (907d 23h 15m, tried 18 times, mb-lxc-01), sortmerna (907d 23h 13m, tried 11 times, mb-lxc-01), 31: tlsdate (907d 23h 9m, tried 19 times, mb-lxc-01), varnish-agent (907d 23h 5m, tried 29 times, mb-lxc-01), wiredtiger (907d 22h 55m, tried 12 times, mb-lxc-01), xf86-video-msm (907d 22h 51m, tried 2 times, mb-lxc-01), yp-tools (907d 22h 49m, tried 7 times, mb-lxc-01), 3dldf (907d 22h 7m, tried 8 times, mb-lxc-01), slic3r-prusa (907d 21h 36m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), sflphone (907d 20h 48m, tried 17 times, mb-lxc-01), firefox (907d 20h 32m, tried 3 times, mb-lxc-01), libsis-jhdf5-java (907d 17h 59m, mb-lxc-01), 41: openjfx (783d 22h 56m, mb-lxc-01), liquidsoap (97d 5h 26m, mb-lxc-01)
Built51: dvipsk-ja (+b3, 398d 17m, mb-lxc-01), mediawiki-math (+b3, 398d 5m, mb-lxc-01), equalx (+b5, 380d 12h 33m, mb-lxc-01), grub2 (97d 6h 3m, mb-lxc-01), llvm-toolchain-7 (96d 10h 57m, mb-lxc-01)
Installed1001: haskell-token-bucket (908d 1h 10m, tried 6 times, mb-lxc-01), libsis-base-java (907d 19h 9m, tried 11 times, mb-lxc-01), agda (907d 13h 9m, tried 4 times, mb-lxc-01), knot (881d 19h 5m, mb-lxc-01), partman-base (874d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), os-prober (874d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), qgis (874d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), gnuplot (874d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), nagios-nrpe (874d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), anope (874d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), 11: c-ares (874d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), grub-installer (874d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), cvs (852d 7h 3m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-multibitnums (+b2, 830d 21h 57m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-taglib2 (+b2, 830d 21h 57m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-rpam-ruby19 (+b1, 830d 21h 57m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-multimap (+b1, 830d 21h 57m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-odbc (+b2, 830d 21h 57m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-ldap (+b2, 830d 21h 57m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-termios (+b3, 830d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), 21: thin (+b1, 830d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-xmlhash (+b1, 830d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-escape-utils (+b1, 830d 13h 5m, mb-lxc-01), mercurial-buildpackage (+b3, 830d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), aufs (806d 6h 26m, mb-lxc-01), aufs-tools (806d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), yadifa (785d 9h 19m, mb-lxc-01), opendkim (785d 7h 32m, mb-lxc-01), shadowsocks-libev (774d 19h 10m, mb-lxc-01), shibboleth-sp2 (756d 18h 37m, mb-lxc-01), 31: berusky (734d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), weechat (734d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), simutrans (734d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), grok (734d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), udftools (734d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), libdbd-firebird-perl (734d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), meta-gnome3 (+b2, 733d 19h 9m, mb-lxc-01), transmission (697d 18h 18m, mb-lxc-01), plasma-workspace (664d 19h 10m, mb-lxc-01), freexl (650d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), 41: java-atk-wrapper (643d 1h 8m, mb-lxc-01), glade (643d 1h 8m, mb-lxc-01), fuse-zip (643d 1h 8m, mb-lxc-01), libvorbis (636d 13h 12m, mb-lxc-01), wavpack (582d 19h 8m, mb-lxc-01), libsoup2.4 (525d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), source-highlight (517d 1h 9m, mb-lxc-01), tinyproxy (517d 1h 9m, mb-lxc-01), gridengine (517d 1h 9m, mb-lxc-01), dpkg (517d 1h 9m, mb-lxc-01), 51: piglit (517d 1h 9m, mb-lxc-01), libosmium (517d 1h 9m, mb-lxc-01), devscripts (516d 19h 10m, mb-lxc-01), openafs (446d 1h 1m, mb-lxc-01), python2.7 (441d 19h 5m, mb-lxc-01), tinc (430d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), net-snmp (427d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), mupdf (403d 19h 7m, mb-lxc-01), multipath-tools (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), sqlcipher (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), 61: xorg-server (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), ldap2zone (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), tor (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), hdparm (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), gnutls28 (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), ola (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), globus-gsi-credential (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), i3-wm (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), libmspack (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), dropbear (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), 71: jhead (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), lxcfs (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), spamassassin (398d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), tiff (377d 13h 7m, mb-lxc-01), ardesia (+b6, 315d 21h 42m, mb-lxc-01), erlang (300d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), r-cran-readxl (300d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), gnulib (300d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), xkeycaps (300d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), libgpod (300d 1h 6m, mb-lxc-01), 81: xmltooling (275d 19h 6m, mb-lxc-01), ikiwiki-hosting (+b6, 254d 1h 11m, mb-lxc-01), wget (250d 8h 13m, mb-lxc-01), postfix (230d 7h 9m, mb-lxc-01), igraph (230d 7h 9m, mb-lxc-01), yorick-av (230d 7h 9m, mb-lxc-01), kauth (230d 7h 9m, mb-lxc-01), wpa (203d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), zeromq3 (158d 1h 5m, mb-lxc-01), kconfig (126d 1h 13m, mb-lxc-01), 91: pound (97d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), gettext (97d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), libebml (97d 1h 7m, mb-lxc-01), apache2 (58d 19h 6m, mb-lxc-01), libarchive (42d 19h 5m, mb-lxc-01), php-imagick (18d 1h 11m, mb-lxc-01), libvpx (15d 58m, mb-lxc-01), ptouch-driver (+b23, 3d 19h 4m, mb-lxc-01), epstool (+b29, 3d 13h 8m, mb-lxc-01), ufraw (+b24, 3d 13h 8m, mb-lxc-01)
Uploaded41: gimp-dimage-color (+b7, 461d 18h 21m, mb-lxc-01), gluas (+b8, 461d 18h 6m, mb-lxc-01), cbmplugs (+b7, 461d 17h 36m, mb-lxc-01), pstotext (+b1, 461d 17h 36m, mb-lxc-01)