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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

BD-Uninstallable21: haskell-vty (401d 22h 30m), ants (401d 22h 28m)
Build-Attempted41: aspectc++ (337d 19h 35m, tried 11 times, testwandboard), bino (337d 19h 8m, tried 11 times, testwandboard), libmateweather (337d 18h 11m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), tcpdump (250d 15h 59m, mb-lxc-02)
Building11: openldap (356d 4h 1m, bm-wb-04)
Built11: firefox-esr (10d 19h 16m, bm-wb-01)
Installed2201: freetype (387d 22h 3m, bm-wb-01), ndisc6 (379d 16h 5m, testwandboard), xshisen (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-01), systemd (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-02), binutils (379d 16h 5m, testwandboard), yara (379d 16h 5m, testwandboard), lxc (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-04), smemstat (379d 16h 5m, testbuildd), sendmail (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-04), irqbalance (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-04), 11: xmobar (379d 16h 5m, testbuildd), sane-backends (379d 16h 5m, testbuildd), libindicate (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-01), radare2 (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-04), minicom (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-03), gnome-screenshot (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-03), plv8 (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-04), gnome-media (379d 16h 5m, testbuildd), synergy (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-02), postfix (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-03), 21: vim (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-03), libxslt (379d 16h 5m, testbuildd), unzip (379d 16h 5m, testbuildd), python-cryptography (379d 16h 5m, testwandboard), ndoutils (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-03), commons-daemon (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-04), gnome-settings-daemon (379d 16h 5m, bm-wb-02), guile-2.0 (379d 10h 4m, testwandboard), mongodb (379d 10h 4m, bm-wb-04), libtirpc (378d 2h 51m, bm-wb-02), 31: rpcbind (377d 22h 3m, bm-wb-04), libytnef (377d 8h 43m, testbuildd), kde4libs (374d 10h 4m, bm-wb-03), rtmpdump (373d 22h 4m, bm-wb-02), bitlbee (371d 10h 5m, bm-wb-01), shadow (368d 22h 5m, bm-wb-04), jbig2dec (367d 22h 4m, bm-wb-01), dropbear (366d 22h 5m, bm-wb-02), libtasn1-6 (362d 4h 5m, bm-wb-02), mosquitto (357d 3h 4m, bm-wb-02), 41: tnef (354d 10h 4m, testwandboard), zookeeper (353d 22h 6m, bm-wb-03), ettercap (346d 10h 5m, bm-wb-03), libmwaw (345d 22h 4m, bm-wb-02), zziplib (342d 21h 30m, testwandboard), libosip2 (341d 21h 57m, testbuildd), tar (337d 16h 3m, tried 3 times, mb-lxc-01), glibc (336d 4h 2m, bm-wb-04), libffi (335d 21h 35m, testwandboard), graphite2 (332d 22h 2m, bm-wb-01), 51: expat (330d 4h 3m, testwandboard), openvpn (327d 22h 2m, bm-wb-01), libgcrypt20 (322d 22h 4m, bm-wb-02), nginx (312d 22h 4m, mb-lxc-01), ruby-fast-stemmer (+b2, 311d 22h 5m, bm-wb-03), evince (310d 22h 2m, bm-wb-04), knot (310d 22h 2m, mb-lxc-01), openchange (304d 22h 5m, bm-wb-01), atril (303d 22h 3m, bm-wb-03), w3m (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), 61: netcfg (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), libonig (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), gnutls28 (303d 4h 2m, bm-wb-01), c-ares (303d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), chkrootkit (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), eterm (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), libdvdnav (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), proftpd-dfsg (303d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), cqrlog (303d 4h 2m, bm-wb-02), os-prober (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), 71: cfitsio (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), gnats (303d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), 3dchess (303d 4h 2m, bm-wb-02), libterralib (303d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), gtk+2.0 (302d 22h 1m, bm-wb-01), lxterminal (302d 22h 1m, mb-lxc-01), libosinfo (302d 22h 1m, mb-lxc-01), xfce4-weather-plugin (302d 22h 1m, mb-lxc-02), boinc (302d 22h 1m, mb-lxc-01), libapache2-mod-perl2 (302d 22h 1m, bm-wb-03), 81: xarchiver (302d 22h 1m, mb-lxc-01), catdoc (302d 4h, mb-lxc-02), freerdp (293d 10h 2m, bm-wb-01), varnish (292d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), freeradius (284d 4h, mb-lxc-01), libsoup2.4 (284d 4h, mb-lxc-02), pjproject (283d 22h, testbuildd), subversion (283d 22h, bm-wb-02), zabbix (282d 16h 1m, testbuildd), botan1.10 (282d 4h, bm-wb-02), 91: cvs (281d 10h, mb-lxc-02), mariadb-10.0 (277d 9h 55m, mb-lxc-01), libmspack (276d 10h 2m, bm-wb-01), ioquake3 (275d 4h 4m, mb-lxc-01), augeas (273d 10h, mb-lxc-02), libraw (272d 16h 1m, mb-lxc-01), smb4k (271d 22h, mb-lxc-01), connman (266d 16h 3m, bm-wb-01), fontforge (265d 10h 3m, bm-wb-03), gnupg (261d 16h 3m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-02), 101: libgd2 (260d 10h 5m, bm-wb-03), strongswan (260d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), mercurial (259d 10h 2m, bm-wb-03), icedove (251d 22h 3m, mb-lxc-01), emacs24 (250d 22h 2m, mb-lxc-01), bluez (250d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), newsbeuter (244d 22h 3m, bm-wb-03), git (236d 22h 4m, mb-lxc-02), ghostscript (233d 21h 59m, testwandboard), libidn2-0 (232d 22h 3m, mb-lxc-02), 111: dnsmasq (230d 22h 3m, bm-wb-02), libxfont (223d 2h 17m, bm-wb-01), nss (222d 2h 49m, bm-wb-02), wpa (217d 14h 48m, bm-wb-02), xorg-server (215d 22h 5m, testwandboard), git-annex (203d 10h 3m, mb-lxc-02), openjpeg2 (201d 22h 2m, bm-wb-04), irssi (198d 22h 3m, bm-wb-02), bchunk (193d 4h 1m, bm-wb-03), postgresql-9.4 (192d 21h 45m, mb-lxc-01), 121: konversation (188d 21h 45m, mb-lxc-02), shibboleth-sp2 (185d 21h 45m, testwandboard), opensaml2 (185d 21h 45m, testbuildd), procmail (183d 9h 2m, mb-lxc-02), libxml-libxml-perl (183d 3h 59m, testwandboard), samba (180d 22h 2m, bm-wb-01), vlc (180d 15h 56m, testbuildd), bzr (172d 15h 59m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), tor (168d 21h 59m, mb-lxc-02), erlang (164d 10h 2m, bm-wb-04), 131: libxcursor (163d 22h 2m, bm-wb-03), optipng (163d 22h 2m, bm-wb-02), slurm-llnl (163d 4h 2m, testbuildd), sam2p (163d 4h 2m, testwandboard), ruby-ox (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), sudo (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), bareos (163d 4h 2m, testwandboard), libxi (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), gsoap (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), db5.3 (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), 141: pdns (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), libxtst (163d 4h 2m, testbuildd), libxrandr (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), hexchat (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), unbound (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), elog (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), libx11 (163d 4h 2m, testwandboard), libwnckmm (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), krb5 (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), transfig (163d 4h 2m, testwandboard), 151: libxvmc (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), libxv (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), libxfixes (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-01), libembperl-perl (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), libwpd (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), db (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), ncurses (163d 4h 2m, testbuildd), openssh (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-01), libdbi (163d 4h 2m, testwandboard), cups (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-01), 161: flightgear (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-02), liblouis (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-01), weechat (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), libofx (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-02), pdns-recursor (163d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-02), dwww (163d 4h 2m, bm-wb-02), kdepim (162d 22h 2m, testwandboard), rsync (154d 21h 57m, bm-wb-04), openafs (154d 21h 57m, bm-wb-01), asterisk (142d 4h 3m, mb-lxc-01), 171: gimp (141d 22h 3m, bm-wb-04), php5 (132d 15h 58m, mb-lxc-01), poco (130d 9h 49m, bm-wb-02), gifsicle (129d 4h 4m, bm-wb-01), libxml2 (127d 21h 57m, mb-lxc-02), transmission (126d 21h 57m, bm-wb-02), gdk-pixbuf (125d 22h 2m, mb-lxc-01), bind9 (124d 22h 45m, testbuildd), openocd (119d 15h 56m, bm-wb-03), tiff (113d 22h 2m, mb-lxc-02), 181: wireshark (113d 4h 3m, testwandboard), p7zip (105d 22h 3m, testbuildd), mailman (101d 10h 2m, testbuildd), exim4 (99d 22h 3m, testwandboard), quagga (94d 22h 5m, bm-wb-02), tomcat-native (93d 4h 2m, bm-wb-03), gcc-4.9 (92d 4h 3m, bm-wb-01), squid3 (87d 16h 2m, bm-wb-02), xmltooling (82d 22h 1m, mb-lxc-01), freexl (79d 22h 1m, bm-wb-01), 191: dovecot (79d 15h 59m, bm-wb-03), isc-dhcp (74d 16h 3m, mb-lxc-01), libvirt (67d 16h 3m, mb-lxc-02), libvorbis (65d 22h 3m, bm-wb-01), libvorbisidec (65d 22h 3m, mb-lxc-01), uwsgi (64d 22h 2m, mb-lxc-01), polarssl (61d 4h 3m, mb-lxc-01), icu (58d 22h 4m, mb-lxc-01), librelp (55d 21h 58m, mb-lxc-01), mupdf (54d 21h 58m, bm-wb-02), 201: net-snmp (54d 12h 34m, mb-lxc-01), thunderbird (53d 16h 3m, bm-wb-02), openssl (53d 3h 7m, mb-lxc-01), beep (48d 22h 2m, bm-wb-01), apache2 (48d 4h 2m, bm-wb-02), sharutils (46d 4h 4m, bm-wb-04), poppler (39d 7h 53m, testwandboard), perl (37d 4h 2m, bm-wb-04), libsdl2-image (31d 22h 5m, bm-wb-03), mysql-5.5 (31d 10h 3m, mb-lxc-01), 211: libreoffice (29d 23h 1m, bm-wb-01), linux-tools (24d 22h 4m, bm-wb-04), sdl-image1.2 (23d 59m, mb-lxc-02), quassel (18d 10h 2m, bm-wb-04), libmad (17d 1h 38m, testwandboard), wget (13d 4h 2m, mb-lxc-01), libsigrok (+b2, 11d 10h 29m, mb-lxc-02), libsigrokdecode (+b2, 11d 7h 55m, mb-lxc-02), curl (4d 22h 1m, bm-wb-01), imagemagick (2d 22h 3m, bm-wb-04)