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Architectures: [armhf]
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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted11: tcpdump (35d 2h 48m, mb-lxc-02)
Installed141: vlc (112d 20h 54m, mb-lxc-02), libdvdnav (87d 14h 51m, mb-lxc-02), flightgear (87d 14h 51m, mb-lxc-02), libterralib (87d 14h 51m, mb-lxc-02), xfce4-weather-plugin (87d 8h 50m, mb-lxc-02), catdoc (86d 14h 49m, mb-lxc-02), libsoup2.4 (68d 14h 49m, mb-lxc-02), cvs (65d 20h 50m, mb-lxc-02), augeas (57d 20h 49m, mb-lxc-02), libxml2 (55d 20h 49m, mb-lxc-02), 11: strongswan (44d 14h 52m, mb-lxc-02), samba (25d 8h 51m, mb-lxc-02), git (21d 8h 53m, mb-lxc-02), libidn2-0 (17d 8h 52m, mb-lxc-02)