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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted31: aspectc++ (1313d 20h 36m, tried 11 times, testwandboard), bino (1313d 20h 9m, tried 11 times, testwandboard), libmateweather (1313d 19h 13m, tried 2 times, testwandboard)
Built31: cpuburn (1378d 12h 5m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), criu (1378d 11h 54m, tried 2 times, testwandboard), grub2 (1378d 9h 40m, tried 2 times, testwandboard)
Installed521: binutils (1355d 17h 6m, testwandboard), yara (1355d 17h 6m, testwandboard), ndisc6 (1355d 17h 6m, testwandboard), python-cryptography (1355d 17h 6m, testwandboard), guile-2.0 (1355d 11h 5m, testwandboard), libffi (1311d 22h 37m, testwandboard), xorg-server (1191d 23h 6m, testwandboard), shibboleth-sp2 (1161d 22h 46m, testwandboard), libxml-libxml-perl (1159d 5h 1m, testwandboard), bzr (1148d 17h, tried 2 times, testwandboard), 11: bareos (1139d 5h 3m, testwandboard), libdbi (1139d 5h 3m, testwandboard), libmad (993d 2h 39m, testwandboard), resiprocate (911d 23h 3m, testwandboard), tomcat-native (882d 23h 5m, testwandboard), zutils (858d 23h 5m, testwandboard), libapache2-mod-perl2 (855d 23h 3m, testwandboard), hylafax (851d 23h 5m, testwandboard), adplug (837d 2h 50m, testwandboard), tinc (835d 23h 5m, testwandboard), 21: keepalived (790d 23h 3m, testwandboard), libapache-mod-jk (765d 23h 2m, testwandboard), krb5 (727d 2h 16m, testwandboard), desmume (719d 15h 30m, testwandboard), doxygen (600d 17h 4m, testwandboard), rdesktop (570d 5h 6m, testwandboard), faad2 (511d 23h 1m, testwandboard), freetype (505d 5h 5m, testwandboard), icedtea-web (499d 23h 4m, testwandboard), ruby-nokogiri (483d 17h 4m, testwandboard), 31: httpie (480d 23h, testwandboard), python-clamav (469d 5h 6m, testwandboard), libsdl1.2 (465d 5h 4m, testwandboard), mosquitto (452d 23h 4m, testwandboard), cpio (442d 22h 59m, testwandboard), libssh2 (435d 11h 4m, testwandboard), tiff (421d 23h 4m, testwandboard), asterisk (417d 5h 4m, testwandboard), libonig (414d 5h 5m, testwandboard), htmldoc (409d 5h 6m, testwandboard), 41: freeimage (408d 5h 4m, testwandboard), libvorbis (400d 22h 53m, testwandboard), opensc (392d 17h 6m, testwandboard), pillow (380d 23h 3m, testwandboard), gthumb (374d 11h 5m, testwandboard), libsolv (356d 23h 2m, testwandboard), zsh (325d 5h 4m, testwandboard), okular (301d 17h 5m, testwandboard), cracklib2 (242d 5h 4m, testwandboard), sane-backends (234d 23h 4m, testwandboard), 51: alpine (209d 7h 30m, testwandboard), mailman (205d 5h 5m, testwandboard)