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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted81: uclibc (1198d 57m, tried 27 times, testbuildd), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (1198d 19m, tried 28 times, testbuildd), getdp (1197d 23h 39m, tried 23 times, testbuildd), numactl (1197d 23h 29m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), openni (1197d 22h 50m, tried 10 times, testbuildd), sdrangelove (1197d 21h 56m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), groonga (1197d 20h 41m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), apophenia (1196d 19h 14m, tried 11 times, testbuildd)
Installed341: gnome-media (1239d 23h 5m, testbuildd), smemstat (1239d 23h 5m, testbuildd), xmobar (1239d 23h 5m, testbuildd), libytnef (1237d 15h 43m, testbuildd), libosip2 (1202d 4h 58m, testbuildd), pjproject (1144d 5h 1m, testbuildd), opensaml2 (1046d 4h 46m, testbuildd), vlc (1040d 22h 57m, testbuildd), libxtst (1023d 11h 3m, testbuildd), p7zip (966d 5h 4m, testbuildd), 11: soundtouch (827d 10h 59m, testbuildd), evolution-data-server (795d 17h 2m, testbuildd), libgit2 (764d 11h 2m, testbuildd), discount (750d 4h 58m, testbuildd), gnuplot5 (672d 5h 3m, testbuildd), ldb (577d 5h 2m, testbuildd), rdflib (559d 16h 47m, testbuildd), cups-filters (493d 17h, testbuildd), pdns (452d 11h 5m, testbuildd), bzip2 (437d 5h 5m, testbuildd), 21: subversion (394d 23h 4m, testbuildd), libextractor (394d 4h 59m, testbuildd), dnsmasq (380d 11h 3m, testbuildd), python3.4 (377d 4h 59m, testbuildd), havp (353d 11h 6m, testbuildd), nfs-utils (344d 11h 4m, testbuildd), milkytracker (342d 11h 4m, testbuildd), libice (309d 5h 2m, testbuildd), 389-ds-base (303d 11h 4m, testbuildd), yodl (150d 11h 5m, testbuildd), 31: exim4 (133d 23h 5m, testbuildd), zziplib (91d 17h 3m, testbuildd), picocom (91d 11h 4m, testbuildd), nss (89d 5h 3m, testbuildd)