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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted81: uclibc (949d 6m, tried 27 times, testbuildd), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (948d 23h 28m, tried 28 times, testbuildd), getdp (948d 22h 48m, tried 23 times, testbuildd), numactl (948d 22h 39m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), openni (948d 22h, tried 10 times, testbuildd), sdrangelove (948d 21h 6m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), groonga (948d 19h 51m, tried 11 times, testbuildd), apophenia (947d 18h 23m, tried 11 times, testbuildd)
Installed331: gnome-media (990d 22h 15m, testbuildd), smemstat (990d 22h 15m, testbuildd), xmobar (990d 22h 15m, testbuildd), sane-backends (990d 22h 15m, testbuildd), libytnef (988d 14h 53m, testbuildd), libosip2 (953d 4h 8m, testbuildd), pjproject (895d 4h 11m, testbuildd), opensaml2 (797d 3h 56m, testbuildd), vlc (791d 22h 7m, testbuildd), libxtst (774d 10h 12m, testbuildd), 11: p7zip (717d 4h 14m, testbuildd), soundtouch (578d 10h 9m, testbuildd), evolution-data-server (546d 16h 12m, testbuildd), libgit2 (515d 10h 12m, testbuildd), libtirpc (509d 4h 13m, testbuildd), discount (501d 4h 8m, testbuildd), gnuplot5 (423d 4h 13m, testbuildd), apt (365d 10h 11m, testbuildd), ldb (328d 4h 11m, testbuildd), rdflib (310d 15h 57m, testbuildd), 21: gst-plugins-base0.10 (269d 4h 14m, testbuildd), cups-filters (244d 16h 10m, testbuildd), pdns (203d 10h 15m, testbuildd), bzip2 (188d 4h 15m, testbuildd), subversion (145d 22h 14m, testbuildd), libextractor (145d 4h 9m, testbuildd), dnsmasq (131d 10h 13m, testbuildd), python3.4 (128d 4h 8m, testbuildd), havp (104d 10h 15m, testbuildd), nfs-utils (95d 10h 14m, testbuildd), 31: milkytracker (93d 10h 14m, testbuildd), libice (60d 4h 11m, testbuildd), 389-ds-base (54d 10h 13m, testbuildd)