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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted11: libzypp (206d 7h 51m, bm-wb-01)
Built11: cargo (339d 14h 15m, bm-wb-01)
Installed531: libindicate (1239d 23h 46m, bm-wb-01), xshisen (1239d 23h 46m, bm-wb-01), bitlbee (1231d 17h 46m, bm-wb-01), jbig2dec (1228d 5h 45m, bm-wb-01), graphite2 (1193d 5h 43m, bm-wb-01), openvpn (1188d 5h 43m, bm-wb-01), openchange (1165d 5h 46m, bm-wb-01), gtk+2.0 (1163d 5h 42m, bm-wb-01), connman (1126d 23h 44m, bm-wb-01), libxfont (1083d 9h 59m, bm-wb-01), 11: liblouis (1023d 11h 44m, bm-wb-01), libxfixes (1023d 11h 44m, bm-wb-01), gifsicle (989d 11h 46m, bm-wb-01), freexl (940d 5h 42m, bm-wb-01), beep (909d 5h 43m, bm-wb-01), ncurses (827d 11h 40m, bm-wb-01), cinnamon (807d 17h 42m, bm-wb-01), libidn (793d 11h 44m, bm-wb-01), libxcursor (771d 11h 44m, bm-wb-01), strongswan (726d 11h 46m, bm-wb-01), 21: aria2 (615d 5h 46m, bm-wb-01), tmpreaper (612d 11h 47m, bm-wb-01), mxml (611d 11h 43m, bm-wb-01), bash (552d 11h 46m, bm-wb-01), golang (543d 11h 44m, bm-wb-01), vim (421d 17h 45m, bm-wb-01), pump (391d 11h 40m, bm-wb-01), libapreq2 (360d 11h 44m, bm-wb-01), xtrlock (349d 5h 39m, bm-wb-01), cmake-mozilla (339d 17h 44m, bm-wb-01), 31: libxslt (336d 5h 43m, bm-wb-01), imapfilter (333d 11h 40m, bm-wb-01), gcc-mozilla (331d 5h 42m, bm-wb-01), ghostscript (317d 23h 45m, bm-wb-01), vino (303d 17h 45m, bm-wb-01), tnef (303d 11h 44m, bm-wb-01), libssh (285d 11h 40m, bm-wb-01), gdk-pixbuf (282d 11h 45m, bm-wb-01), transfig (250d 5h 41m, bm-wb-01), iperf3 (244d 5h 42m, bm-wb-01), 41: unzip (243d 5h 43m, bm-wb-01), zlib (242d 5h 40m, bm-wb-01), gst-plugins-base0.10 (212d 5h 44m, bm-wb-01), apng2gif (180d 15h 44m, bm-wb-01), libplist (178d 23h 45m, bm-wb-01), ruby2.1 (152d 5h 43m, bm-wb-01), pound (147d 17h 45m, bm-wb-01), ntp (145d 17h 44m, bm-wb-01), openconnect (135d 23h 45m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-01), clamav (130d 23h 45m, bm-wb-01), 51: bind9 (120d 11h 46m, bm-wb-01), pngquant (91d 17h 44m, bm-wb-01), libmatio (89d 5h 43m, bm-wb-01)