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Build-Attempted151: r-cran-samr (1811d 7h 45m, tried 21 times, test2019), libqglviewer (1811d 6h 44m, tried 32 times, test2019), apf (1811d 6h 37m, tried 32 times, test2019), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (1811d 6h 18m, tried 32 times, test2019), ezquake (1811d 6h, tried 32 times, test2019), ibam (1811d 5h 40m, tried 32 times, test2019), kubernetes-addon-heapster (1811d 5h 7m, tried 32 times, test2019), msrtool (1811d 4h 59m, tried 32 times, test2019), olive (1811d 4h 32m, tried 20 times, test2019), perftest (1811d 4h 23m, tried 19 times, test2019), 11: rpm2html (1811d 4h 13m, tried 26 times, test2019), sdrangelove (1811d 3h 30m, tried 32 times, test2019), cone (1811d 2h 15m, tried 31 times, test2019), chromium-browser (1810d 2h 49m, tried 4 times, test2019), perl (1413d 1h 59m, tried 2 times, test2019)
Built31: openni-sensor-primesense (1903d 3m, tried 4 times, test2019), ne10 (1902d 23h 29m, tried 4 times, test2019), singular (+b3, 1726d 4h 1m, test2019)
Installed1291: camlimages (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), php-igbinary (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), qt5ct (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), etsf-io (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), inn (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), freedroid (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), bitlbee-mastodon (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), cyrus-imspd (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), openbsd-inetd (1933d 11h 45m, test2019), php-memcached (1931d 17h 42m, tried 3 times, test2019), 11: libmath-gsl-perl (1927d 11h 43m, test2019), rust-getopts (1926d 11h 46m, test2019), avrdude (1926d 11h 46m, test2019), gnubik (1926d 11h 46m, test2019), tenace (1926d 11h 46m, test2019), rygel (1921d 5h 45m, test2019), orthanc-postgresql (1921d 5h 45m, test2019), lxtask (1920d 23h 47m, test2019), hotspot (1919d 24m, tried 9 times, test2019), libmad (1917d 11h 46m, test2019), 21: libid3tag (1917d 11h 46m, test2019), libbpp-seq (1915d 11h 41m, test2019), hexchat-otr (+b6, 1915d 5h 25m, test2019), gcc-defaults (1914d 21h 6m, test2019), ftgl (1914d 17h 45m, tried 12 times, test2019), knot-resolver (1909d 17h 48m, test2019), nodm (1905d 11h 52m, test2019), qtscript-opensource-src (1905d 11h 52m, test2019), openlibm (1902d 17h 50m, test2019), gtk-vnc (1902d 11h 52m, test2019), 31: pkg-kde-tools (1901d 17h 52m, test2019), lxqt-config (1901d 17h 52m, test2019), node-opencv (1901d 17h 52m, test2019), adms (1901d 11h 53m, test2019), partman-base (1900d 17h 53m, test2019), sssd (1899d 23h 52m, test2019), git-annex (1899d 5h 52m, test2019), vmdebootstrap (1898d 23h 51m, test2019), kaddressbook (+b1, 1898d 17h 49m, test2019), cdrom-checker (1898d 11h 54m, test2019), 41: blockout2 (1898d 11h 54m, test2019), localechooser (1898d 11h 54m, test2019), kdepim-runtime (1898d 7h 21m, test2019), sip4 (1895d 6h 54m, test2019), libanyevent-perl (1895d 6h 54m, test2019), notary (1895d 6h 54m, test2019), astroidmail (1895d 5h 7m, test2019), pakcs (1894d 23h 50m, test2019), librime (+b1, 1894d 17h 49m, test2019), fstransform (1893d 11h 49m, test2019), 51: netmrg (+b1, 1888d 17h 48m, test2019), chiark-utils (1885d 11h 51m, test2019), ocserv (1884d 11h 52m, test2019), kde-runtime (1883d 11h 51m, test2019), libcoap2 (1882d 17h 49m, test2019), uhubctl (1882d 11h 51m, test2019), wine-development (1874d 11h 52m, test2019), zeroinstall-injector (1873d 23h 50m, test2019), notmuch (1861d 11h 43m, test2019), fastdnaml (1859d 11h 46m, test2019), 61: t50 (1849d 11h 47m, test2019), xdx (1849d 11h 47m, test2019), calibre (1849d 11h 47m, test2019), yank (1849d 11h 47m, test2019), librecad (1849d 5h 45m, test2019), evolvotron (1848d 23h 48m, test2019), aptly (1845d 17h 46m, test2019), lprng (1844d 11h 47m, test2019), python3-stdlib-extensions (1841d 5h 51m, test2019), python3-defaults (1840d 11h 51m, test2019), 71: elfutils (1838d 11h 52m, test2019), libdebian-installer (1838d 5h 50m, test2019), libpng1.6 (1836d 11h 52m, test2019), mate-applets (+b1, 1834d 5h 50m, test2019), libqtdbustest (+b1, 1834d 5h 50m, test2019), evolution (1833d 11h 48m, test2019), golang-github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact (1830d 11h 49m, test2019), pscan-tfbs (1825d 11h 52m, test2019), qscintilla2 (1818d 5h 48m, test2019), php-mailparse (+b1, 1805d 17h 51m, test2019), 81: php-propro (+b1, 1805d 17h 51m, test2019), php-smbclient (+b1, 1805d 17h 51m, test2019), supercollider-sc3-plugins (+b1, 1793d 18h 49m, tried 2 times, test2019), gcl (1786d 17h 48m, test2019), epstool (+b7, 1767d 11h 44m, test2019), xfig (+b4, 1767d 11h 44m, test2019), meta-gnome3 (+b2, 1767d 11h 44m, test2019), gv (+b3, 1767d 11h 44m, test2019), pilot-link (+b1, 1761d 17h 46m, test2019), nwall (+b1, 1761d 17h 46m, test2019), 91: gnugo (+b1, 1761d 17h 46m, test2019), tdl (1760d 6h 18m, test2019), coldfire (1760d 6h 18m, test2019), gcab (1741d 23h 44m, test2019), pam-u2f (1741d 23h 44m, test2019), passwordsafe (1741d 23h 44m, test2019), sendmail (1741d 17h 41m, test2019), bzip2 (1741d 17h 41m, test2019), sdl-image1.2 (1741d 17h 41m, test2019), libtk-img (1741d 17h 41m, test2019), 101: pulseaudio (1741d 17h 41m, test2019), xymon (1741d 17h 41m, test2019), babeltrace (1741d 17h 41m, test2019), apt-setup (1741d 17h 41m, test2019), libapreq2 (1714d 17h 43m, test2019), git-lfs (1587d 23h 47m, test2019), xmltooling (1587d 23h 47m, test2019), ntpsec (1587d 23h 47m, test2019), nyancat (1587d 23h 47m, test2019), pykaraoke (1587d 17h 39m, test2019), 111: guile-2.2 (1587d 11h 46m, test2019), opensmtpd (1569d 17h 39m, test2019), megatools (1496d 23h 45m, test2019), filezilla (1496d 23h 45m, test2019), corosync (1496d 23h 45m, test2019), taglib (1496d 23h 45m, test2019), mew (1496d 23h 45m, test2019), purple-discord (1496d 23h 45m, test2019), fuse3 (1496d 23h 45m, test2019), netqmail (1481d 23h 47m, tried 2 times, test2019), 121: imagemagick (1444d 17h 46m, test2019), libopenmpt (1425d 17h 43m, test2019), zipios++ (1412d 23h 44m, test2019), pillow (1412d 23h 44m, test2019), ruby-json (1412d 23h 44m, test2019), efax-gtk (+b10, 1388d 5h 36m, test2019), facter (1357d 5h 40m, test2019), gnome-shell (1356d 23h 28m, tried 2 times, test2019), blueman (1325d 11h 47m, test2019)
Maybe-Failed61: eclipse-titan (443d 12h 43m, tried 5 times, test2019), 1: haskell-cryptol (443d 6h 6m, tried 10 times, test2019), 1: aseba (442d 22h 1m, tried 9 times, test2019), 1: bolt (443d 4h 53m, tried 10 times, test2019), 1: ismrmrd (443d 9h 39m, tried 13 times, test2019), 1: chezscheme (9d 12h 10m, tried 2260 times, test2019)