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Build-Attempted151: r-cran-samr (565d 18h 21m, tried 18 times, test2019), libqglviewer (565d 17h 20m, tried 30 times, test2019), apf (565d 17h 13m, tried 30 times, test2019), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (565d 16h 54m, tried 30 times, test2019), ezquake (565d 16h 36m, tried 30 times, test2019), ibam (565d 16h 16m, tried 30 times, test2019), kubernetes-addon-heapster (565d 15h 42m, tried 30 times, test2019), msrtool (565d 15h 35m, tried 30 times, test2019), olive (565d 15h 8m, tried 18 times, test2019), perftest (565d 14h 58m, tried 17 times, test2019), 11: rpm2html (565d 14h 49m, tried 24 times, test2019), sdrangelove (565d 14h 5m, tried 30 times, test2019), cone (565d 12h 50m, tried 29 times, test2019), chromium-browser (564d 13h 25m, tried 4 times, test2019), perl (167d 12h 34m, test2019)
Building61: eclipse-titan (682d 10h 15m, tried 3 times, test2019), haskell-cryptol (674d 5h 12m, tried 6 times, test2019), aseba (673d 18h 32m, tried 7 times, test2019), bolt (673d 18h 29m, tried 8 times, test2019), ismrmrd (671d 20h 9m, tried 11 times, test2019), chezscheme (432d 4h 4m, tried 1021 times, test2019)
Built31: openni-sensor-primesense (657d 10h 39m, tried 3 times, test2019), ne10 (657d 10h 4m, tried 3 times, test2019), singular (+b3, 480d 14h 36m, test2019)
Installed1411: inn (687d 22h 21m, test2019), cyrus-imspd (687d 22h 21m, test2019), openbsd-inetd (687d 22h 21m, test2019), camlimages (687d 22h 21m, test2019), etsf-io (687d 22h 21m, test2019), php-igbinary (687d 22h 21m, test2019), bitlbee-mastodon (687d 22h 21m, test2019), freedroid (687d 22h 21m, test2019), qt5ct (687d 22h 21m, test2019), php-memcached (686d 4h 18m, tried 3 times, test2019), 11: libmath-gsl-perl (681d 22h 19m, test2019), rust-getopts (680d 22h 22m, test2019), avrdude (680d 22h 22m, test2019), tenace (680d 22h 22m, test2019), gnubik (680d 22h 22m, test2019), rygel (675d 16h 21m, test2019), orthanc-postgresql (675d 16h 21m, test2019), lxtask (675d 10h 22m, test2019), hotspot (673d 11h, tried 9 times, test2019), libid3tag (671d 22h 22m, test2019), 21: libmad (671d 22h 22m, test2019), libbpp-seq (669d 22h 17m, test2019), tinyeartrainer (+b17, 669d 16h 1m, test2019), hexchat-otr (+b6, 669d 16h 1m, test2019), gnome-menus2 (+b12, 669d 16h 1m, test2019), gcc-defaults (669d 7h 42m, test2019), ftgl (669d 4h 20m, tried 12 times, test2019), android-platform-art (669d 4h 20m, test2019), cairo (667d 22h 21m, test2019), knot-resolver (664d 4h 24m, test2019), 31: qtscript-opensource-src (659d 22h 27m, test2019), nodm (659d 22h 27m, test2019), openlibm (657d 4h 26m, test2019), gtk-vnc (656d 22h 28m, test2019), pkg-kde-tools (656d 4h 28m, test2019), node-opencv (656d 4h 28m, test2019), lxqt-config (656d 4h 28m, test2019), adms (655d 22h 29m, test2019), partman-base (655d 4h 28m, test2019), sssd (654d 10h 28m, test2019), 41: git-annex (653d 16h 27m, test2019), vmdebootstrap (653d 10h 27m, test2019), kaddressbook (+b1, 653d 4h 24m, test2019), cdrom-checker (652d 22h 30m, test2019), blockout2 (652d 22h 30m, test2019), localechooser (652d 22h 30m, test2019), kdepim-runtime (652d 17h 56m, test2019), libanyevent-perl (649d 17h 29m, test2019), sip4 (649d 17h 29m, test2019), notary (649d 17h 29m, test2019), 51: astroidmail (649d 15h 43m, test2019), pakcs (649d 10h 25m, test2019), librime (+b1, 649d 4h 24m, test2019), fstransform (647d 22h 25m, test2019), netmrg (+b1, 643d 4h 24m, test2019), graphviz (642d 4h 23m, test2019), chiark-utils (639d 22h 27m, test2019), ocserv (638d 22h 27m, test2019), kde-runtime (637d 22h 26m, test2019), libcoap2 (637d 4h 24m, test2019), 61: uhubctl (636d 22h 27m, test2019), wine-development (628d 22h 27m, test2019), zeroinstall-injector (628d 10h 25m, test2019), notmuch (615d 22h 19m, test2019), fastdnaml (613d 22h 22m, test2019), yank (603d 22h 23m, test2019), xdx (603d 22h 23m, test2019), htslib (603d 22h 23m, test2019), calibre (603d 22h 23m, test2019), t50 (603d 22h 23m, test2019), 71: librecad (603d 16h 21m, test2019), evolvotron (603d 10h 24m, test2019), aptly (600d 4h 21m, test2019), lprng (598d 22h 22m, test2019), python3-stdlib-extensions (595d 16h 27m, test2019), python3-defaults (594d 22h 27m, test2019), elfutils (592d 22h 27m, test2019), libdebian-installer (592d 16h 26m, test2019), libpng1.6 (590d 22h 28m, test2019), libqtdbustest (+b1, 588d 16h 25m, test2019), 81: mate-applets (+b1, 588d 16h 25m, test2019), evolution (587d 22h 24m, test2019), golang-github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact (584d 22h 25m, test2019), pscan-tfbs (579d 22h 27m, test2019), qscintilla2 (572d 16h 24m, test2019), gcc-mingw-w64 (572d 4h 22m, test2019), php-propro (+b1, 560d 4h 26m, test2019), php-mailparse (+b1, 560d 4h 26m, test2019), php-smbclient (+b1, 560d 4h 26m, test2019), php-ps (+b2, 560d 4h 26m, test2019), 91: supercollider-sc3-plugins (+b1, 548d 5h 25m, tried 2 times, test2019), gcl (541d 4h 23m, test2019), meta-gnome3 (+b2, 521d 22h 20m, test2019), epstool (+b7, 521d 22h 20m, test2019), xfig (+b4, 521d 22h 20m, test2019), gv (+b3, 521d 22h 20m, test2019), pilot-link (+b1, 516d 4h 22m, test2019), nwall (+b1, 516d 4h 22m, test2019), gnugo (+b1, 516d 4h 22m, test2019), coldfire (514d 16h 54m, test2019), 101: tdl (514d 16h 54m, test2019), passwordsafe (496d 10h 20m, test2019), pam-u2f (496d 10h 20m, test2019), android-sdk-meta (496d 10h 20m, test2019), gcab (496d 10h 20m, test2019), xymon (496d 4h 17m, test2019), babeltrace (496d 4h 17m, test2019), apt-setup (496d 4h 17m, test2019), sdl-image1.2 (496d 4h 17m, test2019), libtk-img (496d 4h 17m, test2019), 111: bzip2 (496d 4h 17m, test2019), sendmail (496d 4h 17m, test2019), pulseaudio (496d 4h 17m, test2019), libapreq2 (469d 4h 19m, test2019), xmltooling (342d 10h 22m, test2019), git-lfs (342d 10h 22m, test2019), nyancat (342d 10h 22m, test2019), ntpsec (342d 10h 22m, test2019), pykaraoke (342d 4h 14m, test2019), guile-2.2 (341d 22h 22m, test2019), 121: opensmtpd (324d 4h 14m, test2019), mew (251d 10h 20m, test2019), taglib (251d 10h 20m, test2019), corosync (251d 10h 20m, test2019), fuse3 (251d 10h 20m, test2019), filezilla (251d 10h 20m, test2019), megatools (251d 10h 20m, test2019), purple-discord (251d 10h 20m, test2019), netqmail (236d 10h 22m, tried 2 times, test2019), imagemagick (199d 4h 21m, test2019), 131: libopenmpt (180d 4h 19m, test2019), clamav (167d 10h 19m, test2019), zipios++ (167d 10h 19m, test2019), lirc (167d 10h 19m, test2019), pillow (167d 10h 19m, test2019), ruby-json (167d 10h 19m, test2019), net-snmp (153d 10h 21m, test2019), efax-gtk (+b10, 142d 16h 12m, test2019), facter (111d 16h 16m, test2019), gnome-shell (111d 10h 3m, tried 2 times, test2019), 141: blueman (79d 22h 23m, test2019)