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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Build-Attempted101: acfax (+b9, 40d 19h 55m, test2019), appstream (27d 8h 53m, test2019), ros-kdl-parser (27d 8h 24m, test2019), ros-urdf (27d 8h 7m, test2019), libcacard (16d 10h 20m, test2019), libgrokj2k (13d 2h 21m, test2019), libaio (12d 22h 39m, test2019), geary (12d 21h 57m, test2019), cairo-dock-plug-ins (12d 8h 35m, test2019), inn2 (5d 3h 2m, test2019)
Building31: pd-beatpipe (+b2, 40d 16h 59m, test2019), wmcoincoin (+b1, 38d 3h 59m, test2019), kdevelop-php (35d 22h 44m, test2019)
Built21: cryfs (14d 8h 11m, test2019), dpdk (7d 2h 21m, test2019)
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Uploaded11: gnuradio (3h 13m, test2019)