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Build-Attempted21: python-falcon (3d 18h 26m, bm-wb-03), patat (1d 22h 58m, bm-wb-03)
Building11: cjs (+b3, 1h 22m, bm-wb-03)
Built11: cpuburn (153d 4h 34m, bm-wb-03)
Installed4341: klystrack (151d 7h 41m, bm-wb-03), certmonger (151d 7h 41m, bm-wb-03), rust-libgit2-sys (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), motion (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), nq (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), validns (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), nabi (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), ompl (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), xbill (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), tomoyo-tools (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), 11: metapixel (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), madplay (151d 1h 41m, bm-wb-03), geis (150d 19h 28m, bm-wb-03), sockperf (150d 19h 28m, bm-wb-03), libirman (150d 7h 9m, bm-wb-03), opencollada (147d 9h 18m, bm-wb-03), iptables-netflow (147d 4h 54m, bm-wb-03), libp11 (147d 4h 54m, bm-wb-03), rust-getopts (146d 23h 26m, bm-wb-03), kphotoalbum (146d 4h 43m, bm-wb-03), 21: libpng1.6 (144d 21h 28m, bm-wb-03), dateutils (144d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), unace (144d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), dmidecode (143d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), libunistring (143d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), rust-syslog (143d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), proxychains-ng (143d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), rust-quickcheck (143d 7h 39m, bm-wb-03), kxstitch (141d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), libdap (140d 16h 36m, bm-wb-03), 31: globus-gridmap-callout-error (139d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), janus (139d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), shadow (136d 7h 38m, bm-wb-03), libpinyin (136d 7h 38m, bm-wb-03), lastpass-cli (136d 7h 38m, bm-wb-03), pygrib (136d 2h 40m, bm-wb-03), augeas (+b1, 135d 23h 35m, bm-wb-03), sqlcipher (+b1, 135d 22h 10m, bm-wb-03), gnupg2 (+b1, 135d 19h 35m, bm-wb-03), pybigwig (+b1, 135d 14h 11m, bm-wb-03), 41: consolation (135d 14h 11m, bm-wb-03), tasksh (+b1, 135d 14h 11m, bm-wb-03), yap (+b1, 135d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), beef (+b1, 135d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), cadaver (+b1, 135d 5h 22m, bm-wb-03), pinfo (+b1, 135d 5h 22m, bm-wb-03), atftp (+b1, 135d 5h 22m, bm-wb-03), sqlite (+b1, 135d 1h 37m, bm-wb-03), fuzz (134d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), gftp (+b1, 134d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), 51: ergo (134d 7h 37m, bm-wb-03), convlit (134d 7h 37m, bm-wb-03), ngraph-gtk (+b1, 134d 5h 24m, bm-wb-03), glpeces (132d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), c-ares (132d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), swayidle (132d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), psi-plus (131d 1h 32m, bm-wb-03), eso-midas (129d 14h 43m, bm-wb-03), python-http-parser (129d 14h 43m, bm-wb-03), gpg-remailer (129d 7h 41m, bm-wb-03), 61: libjaylink (128d 13h 42m, bm-wb-03), happy (127d 13h 40m, bm-wb-03), flrig (127d 13h 40m, bm-wb-03), kronometer (125d 8h 55m, bm-wb-03), libmaa (124d 16h 14m, bm-wb-03), jugglemaster (124d 16h 14m, bm-wb-03), python-depinfo (121d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), pglogical (121d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), erlang-jose (121d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), man2html (120d 13h 40m, bm-wb-03), 71: rust-gtk-rs-lgpl-docs (120d 1h 43m, bm-wb-03), pyx3 (119d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), rust-crossbeam-deque (117d 7h 37m, bm-wb-03), rust-sha3 (117d 7h 37m, bm-wb-03), rust-curl (117d 1h 32m, bm-wb-03), php-ds (116d 13h 33m, bm-wb-03), golang-github-spf13-cobra (116d 7h 34m, bm-wb-03), bind9 (+b1, 115d 19h 31m, bm-wb-03), siridb-server (115d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), focuswriter (115d 13h 41m, bm-wb-03), 81: golang-github-golang-mock (115d 12h 59m, bm-wb-03), cmocka (113d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), perdition (112d 13h 37m, bm-wb-03), chafa (111d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), gemmlowp (111d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), montage (+b1, 111d 7h 39m, bm-wb-03), libcroco (110d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), emu8051 (110d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), rust-bufstream (110d 1h 28m, bm-wb-03), citadel-client (110d 1h 28m, bm-wb-03), 91: utfcheck (110d 1h 28m, bm-wb-03), rust-lzw (110d 1h 28m, bm-wb-03), xdo (110d 1h 28m, bm-wb-03), rust-tiff (109d 19h 25m, bm-wb-03), rust-pcre2-sys (109d 16h 33m, bm-wb-03), protozero (109d 16h 33m, bm-wb-03), python-httptools (109d 16h 33m, bm-wb-03), fuse-emulator (108d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), usbrelay (108d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), r-cran-urltools (107d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), 101: r-cran-mcmc (107d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), r-cran-colorspace (107d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), r-cran-brglm (107d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), rquantlib (107d 7h 29m, bm-wb-03), aoeui (106d 7h 30m, bm-wb-03), stacks (105d 19h 26m, bm-wb-03), xapian-bindings (103d 19h 28m, bm-wb-03), allegro4.4 (103d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), xdelta (103d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), flextra (103d 7h 32m, bm-wb-03), 111: erlang-p1-xml (102d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), sanlock (102d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), gigolo (101d 13h 34m, bm-wb-03), xfce4-mailwatch-plugin (+b1, 100d 19h 28m, bm-wb-03), apcupsd (99d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), python-tinycss (99d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), rust-bigdecimal (97d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), cpl-plugin-vimos (96d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), libextractor (95d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), quickfix (95d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), 121: console-braille (95d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), osmpbf (95d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), cpl-plugin-hawki (94d 7h 16m, bm-wb-03), binaryen (94d 7h 16m, bm-wb-03), btfs (94d 5h 24m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), ncl (+b1, 93d 1h 22m, bm-wb-03), olm (92d 13h 27m, bm-wb-03), xcape (92d 5h 22m, bm-wb-03), globus-xio-gridftp-multicast (90d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), hitori (90d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), 131: libbpp-raa (88d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), gretl (88d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), rust-parking-lot-0.7 (88d 1h 28m, bm-wb-03), ballerburg (87d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), dtkcore (87d 7h 29m, bm-wb-03), doublecmd (87d 7h 29m, bm-wb-03), deutex (87d 7h 29m, bm-wb-03), qjackctl (87d 7h 29m, bm-wb-03), tintii (86d 13h 26m, bm-wb-03), ale (85d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), 141: dconf (85d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), gpsim (84d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), xdvik-ja (84d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), android-file-transfer (83d 7h 30m, bm-wb-03), r-cran-geometry (83d 7h 30m, bm-wb-03), lnav (82d 13h 18m, bm-wb-03), traverso (82d 7h 18m, bm-wb-03), libnl (+b1, 81d 7h 19m, bm-wb-03), gpppon (+b1, 81d 1h 30m, bm-wb-03), python-jswebkit (+b1, 80d 19h 21m, bm-wb-03), 151: ho22bus (+b1, 80d 19h 21m, bm-wb-03), gpyfft (80d 13h 27m, bm-wb-03), opencsg (79d 22h 1m, bm-wb-03), libmng (+b1, 79d 21h 24m, bm-wb-03), nvclock (+b1, 79d 13h 23m, bm-wb-03), rasqal (+b1, 79d 7h 16m, bm-wb-03), libassa (78d 13h 26m, bm-wb-03), parlatype (78d 13h 26m, bm-wb-03), givaro (78d 13h 26m, bm-wb-03), mir-core (78d 13h 26m, bm-wb-03), 161: apngasm (77d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), breezy (76d 13h 37m, bm-wb-03), grilo (76d 13h 37m, bm-wb-03), lix (+b1, 76d 7h 27m, bm-wb-03), python-numpy (75d 1h 27m, bm-wb-03), hepmc3 (74d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), sdl-image1.2 (74d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), libtool (73d 19h 17m, bm-wb-03), mtdev (73d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), pslib (+b1, 72d 22h 55m, bm-wb-03), 171: petitboot (+b1, 72d 19h 27m, bm-wb-03), xtel (+b1, 72d 19h 27m, bm-wb-03), sslh (72d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), bogl (72d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), kconfig (72d 8h 48m, bm-wb-03), kwindowsystem (72d 8h 48m, bm-wb-03), liblouisutdml (72d 1h 29m, bm-wb-03), kjsembed (71d 19h 26m, bm-wb-03), kemoticons (71d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), startpar (71d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), 181: darcs (70d 7h 25m, bm-wb-03), cylc (69d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), libcloudproviders (69d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), libopenhmd (68d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), aegisub (68d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), aptly (67d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), github-backup (67d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), r-cran-raster (67d 7h 29m, bm-wb-03), kcompletion (67d 1h 30m, bm-wb-03), kiconthemes (66d 19h 25m, bm-wb-03), 191: r-cran-curl (65d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), mate-screensaver (65d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), veyon (65d 7h 27m, bm-wb-03), gst-plugins-base1.0 (64d 19h 22m, bm-wb-03), atomix (64d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), lxml (64d 7h 26m, bm-wb-03), ember (63d 1h 30m, bm-wb-03), kded (62d 19h 22m, bm-wb-03), rsibreak (62d 19h 22m, bm-wb-03), ruby-prometheus-client-mmap (62d 7h 28m, bm-wb-03), 201: cinnamon-control-center (62d 7h 28m, bm-wb-03), libsoxr (60d 19h 22m, bm-wb-03), gnome-books (+b1, 60d 19h 22m, bm-wb-03), partclone (60d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), ddd (60d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), adcli (60d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), x2x (60d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), zipios++ (60d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), freealut (59d 17h 44m, bm-wb-03), r-cran-htmltools (59d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), 211: bossa (58d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), cppcheck (58d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), kolourpaint (56d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), hugo (56d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), libvirt (56d 1h 25m, bm-wb-03), nnn (55d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), libnet-ldns-perl (+b2, 55d 7h 25m, bm-wb-03), libfcgi-perl (+b4, 55d 1h 31m, bm-wb-03), libdigest-jhash-perl (+b4, 55d 1h 31m, bm-wb-03), libfuse-perl (+b3, 55d 1h 31m, bm-wb-03), 221: libtext-bibtex-perl (+b2, 55d 1h 31m, bm-wb-03), libunix-mknod-perl (+b2, 55d 48m, bm-wb-03), safe-hole-perl (+b5, 55d 48m, bm-wb-03), libzerg-perl (+b2, 55d 48m, bm-wb-03), libperlio-utf8-strict-perl (+b4, 54d 23h 38m, bm-wb-03), ossp-uuid (+b6, 54d 19h 19m, bm-wb-03), libasync-interrupt-perl (+b1, 54d 19h 19m, bm-wb-03), libhtml-strip-perl (+b5, 54d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), pidgin (+b1, 54d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), findimagedupes (+b1, 54d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), 231: libnet-patricia-perl (+b6, 54d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), libunicode-map8-perl (+b6, 54d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), libcrypt-gcrypt-perl (+b4, 54d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), libapache-db-perl (+b4, 54d 7h 28m, bm-wb-03), feersum (+b1, 53d 22h 42m, bm-wb-03), libdevel-callparser-perl (+b3, 53d 19h 20m, bm-wb-03), jq (53d 13h 32m, bm-wb-03), gnome-maps (53d 13h 32m, bm-wb-03), mapserver (+b1, 53d 7h 26m, bm-wb-03), audiocd-kio (52d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), 241: x265 (52d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), dolphin-plugins (+b2, 52d 1h 31m, bm-wb-03), paprefs (+b8, 52d 1h 31m, bm-wb-03), iagno (51d 13h 25m, bm-wb-03), kio (50d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), rust-hyper-tls (50d 1h 26m, bm-wb-03), daemonize (48d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), kmplot (48d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), gnome-calendar (+b1, 48d 1h 26m, bm-wb-03), gpaste (45d 19h 28m, bm-wb-03), 251: liberasurecode (45d 13h 34m, bm-wb-03), snd (45d 13h 34m, bm-wb-03), rust-os-pipe (44d 15h 38m, bm-wb-03), python-pyeclib (44d 15h 38m, bm-wb-03), rust-libmount (44d 13h 34m, bm-wb-03), stress (43d 13h 32m, bm-wb-03), gnome-screenshot (43d 13h 32m, bm-wb-03), netmrg (+b2, 43d 1h 33m, bm-wb-03), frr (+b3, 43d 1h 33m, bm-wb-03), bedops (42d 13h 33m, bm-wb-03), 261: pymca (41d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), hidapi-cffi (41d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), pyfai (+b1, 41d 7h 33m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), mate-session-manager (40d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), python-pyo (39d 19h 28m, bm-wb-03), ros-laser-geometry (39d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), radsecproxy (+b1, 39d 7h 15m, bm-wb-03), rust-atk-sys (39d 7h 15m, bm-wb-03), rust-pangocairo-sys (39d 1h 25m, bm-wb-03), rust-pangocairo (38d 19h 21m, bm-wb-03), 271: rtmpdump (+b1, 38d 7h 23m, bm-wb-03), python-enet (38d 7h 23m, bm-wb-03), perl (38d 1h 26m, bm-wb-03), pp-popularity-contest (+b3, 38d 1h 26m, bm-wb-03), plasma-nm (+b1, 37d 19h 25m, bm-wb-03), libproc-processtable-perl (37d 13h 27m, bm-wb-03), network-manager-openconnect (+b4, 37d 7h 30m, bm-wb-03), peony-extensions (37d 7h 30m, bm-wb-03), rdup (37d 4h 25m, bm-wb-03), libsbml (+b2, 36d 7h 20m, bm-wb-03), 281: sgf2dg (35d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), coda (35d 13h 28m, bm-wb-03), limesuite (35d 8h 10m, bm-wb-03), ossim (34d 13h 29m, bm-wb-03), sirikali (33d 13h 22m, bm-wb-03), bambootracker (33d 13h 22m, bm-wb-03), haskell-groups (+b3, 32d 21h 3m, bm-wb-03), haskell-uglymemo (+b3, 32d 19h 18m, bm-wb-03), haskell-base-prelude (+b3, 32d 13h 23m, bm-wb-03), haskell-tagged (+b1, 32d 13h 23m, bm-wb-03), 291: haskell-cond (+b3, 32d 13h 23m, bm-wb-03), python-qt4 (32d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), haskell-http (+b2, 32d 6h 29m, bm-wb-03), qtimageformats-opensource-src (32d 4h 33m, bm-wb-03), qtdeclarative-opensource-src (31d 19h 22m, bm-wb-03), qtwebsockets-opensource-src (31d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), gpx (31d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), hdbc-sqlite3 (+b2, 31d 10h 34m, bm-wb-03), haskell-hspec-contrib (+b2, 31d 10h 34m, bm-wb-03), haskell-gloss-rendering (+b1, 31d 7h 18m, bm-wb-03), 301: haskell-nanospec (+b2, 31d 7h 18m, bm-wb-03), haskell-unix-time (+b1, 31d 1h 28m, bm-wb-03), haskell-psqueues (+b1, 30d 20h 4m, bm-wb-03), haskell-hashable-time (+b3, 30d 20h 4m, bm-wb-03), haskell-hashtables (+b1, 30d 20h 4m, bm-wb-03), rust-ucd-trie (30d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), haskell-zeromq4-haskell (+b3, 30d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), haskell-math-functions (+b1, 30d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), haskell-load-env (+b1, 30d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), gnome-flashback (30d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), 311: haskell-tasty-hunit (+b3, 30d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), haskell-pipes-zlib (+b3, 30d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), haskell-cairo (+b1, 30d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), texmaker (+b1, 30d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), proftpd-mod-case (+b1, 30d 7h 31m, bm-wb-03), haskell-recursion-schemes (+b1, 30d 4h 30m, bm-wb-03), octave-control (30d 2h 9m, bm-wb-03), haskell-log-domain (+b3, 29d 19h 20m, bm-wb-03), haskell-text-short (29d 19h 20m, bm-wb-03), haskell-wl-pprint-annotated (+b2, 29d 19h 20m, bm-wb-03), 321: haskell-hslua (+b1, 29d 16h 29m, bm-wb-03), pd-creb (+b6, 29d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), pd-ext13 (+b5, 29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), pd-boids (+b5, 29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), haskell-pwstore-fast (+b2, 29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), haskell-ircbot (+b1, 29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), pd-moonlib (+b3, 29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), haskell-uri-bytestring-aeson (29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), slv2 (+b3, 29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), golang-github-fernet-fernet-go (29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), 331: haskell-descriptive (+b2, 29d 7h 21m, bm-wb-03), haskell-lambdabot-reference-plugins (29d 1h 29m, bm-wb-03), haskell-cborg (29d 1h 29m, bm-wb-03), haskell-binary-tagged (+b1, 29d 1h 29m, bm-wb-03), haskell-wai-logger (29d 1h 29m, bm-wb-03), haskell-http-client (28d 23h 20m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), haskell-userid (28d 23h 20m, bm-wb-03), haskell-jwt (+b1, 28d 19h 18m, bm-wb-03), phyml (28d 15h 35m, bm-wb-03), haskell-aeson-extra (+b1, 28d 15h 35m, bm-wb-03), 341: lttoolbox (28d 14h 9m, bm-wb-03), golang-glide (+b15, 28d 14h 9m, bm-wb-03), git-crypt (+b17, 28d 13h 26m, bm-wb-03), sunpy (28d 7h 16m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), dcfldd (28d 7h 16m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), inspircd (28d 1h 28m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), stellarium (28d 1h 28m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), haskell-ifelse (+b3, 28d 1h 28m, bm-wb-03), haskell-cgi (+b1, 27d 19h 12m, bm-wb-03), kdb (27d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), 351: haskell-time-manager (27d 13h 24m, tried 2 times, bm-wb-03), sonic-visualiser (27d 9h 24m, bm-wb-03), haskell-github (27d 7h 34m, bm-wb-03), haskell-skein (+b3, 27d 1h 29m, bm-wb-03), haskell-monad-logger (27d 1h 29m, bm-wb-03), gir-to-d (23d 16h 52m, bm-wb-03), pg-checksums (23d 16h 52m, bm-wb-03), ros-rosconsole (22d 13h 37m, bm-wb-03), ros-rospack (22d 13h 37m, bm-wb-03), haskell-retry (+b3, 21d 10h 44m, bm-wb-03), 361: stylish-haskell (21d 10h 44m, bm-wb-03), haskell-language-javascript (20d 13h 38m, bm-wb-03), r-bioc-affyio (20d 13h 38m, bm-wb-03), r-bioc-rbgl (20d 7h 33m, bm-wb-03), konversation (20d 7h 33m, bm-wb-03), groonga (+b1, 20d 1h 26m, bm-wb-03), mediaconch (+b1, 19d 19h 28m, bm-wb-03), ros-collada-urdf (+b1, 19d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), fort-validator (19d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), jni-inchi (19d 7h 28m, bm-wb-03), 371: r-bioc-cner (18d 19h 27m, bm-wb-03), haskell-config-ini (18d 15h 59m, bm-wb-03), mediawiki2latex (18d 15h 59m, bm-wb-03), fritzing (+b1, 18d 7h 32m, bm-wb-03), webdis (+b1, 18d 1h 30m, bm-wb-03), kcontacts (17d 13h 32m, bm-wb-03), kmbox (17d 7h 27m, bm-wb-03), python-pybedtools (17d 7h 27m, bm-wb-03), libkf5libkdepim (16d 19h 30m, bm-wb-03), libxml2 (16d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), 381: kf5-kdepim-apps-libs (15d 19h 27m, bm-wb-03), libkf5eventviews (15d 7h 32m, bm-wb-03), burgerspace (14d 13h 33m, bm-wb-03), lzd (14d 13h 33m, bm-wb-03), golang-golang-x-tools (14d 13h 33m, bm-wb-03), prelude-manager (14d 1h 32m, bm-wb-03), lazy-object-proxy (13d 13h 33m, bm-wb-03), gpsd (13d 13h 33m, bm-wb-03), bcolz (13d 13h 33m, bm-wb-03), rust-percent-encoding (12d 19h 34m, bm-wb-03), 391: asymptote (12d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), nghttp2 (12d 13h 39m, bm-wb-03), rust-idna (12d 7h 29m, bm-wb-03), docker.io (11d 19h 32m, bm-wb-03), opensmtpd-extras (11d 15h 24m, bm-wb-03), r-cran-rms (11d 15h 24m, bm-wb-03), rust-glob (11d 9h 4m, bm-wb-03), uuidm (+b1, 9d 11h 30m, bm-wb-03), ppxlib (+b2, 9d 7h 40m, bm-wb-03), pa-bench (+b4, 9d 7h 40m, bm-wb-03), 401: pxp (9d 7h 40m, bm-wb-03), lwt-log (9d 4h 41m, bm-wb-03), ocaml-lastfm (+b1, 9d 4h 41m, bm-wb-03), why3 (+b1, 9d 1h 47m, bm-wb-03), med-fichier (8d 22h 50m, bm-wb-03), rust-synstructure (8d 21h 52m, bm-wb-03), rust-gumdrop-derive (8d 21h 52m, bm-wb-03), rust-stdweb-derive (8d 20h 49m, bm-wb-03), libmatemixer (8d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), rust-structopt-derive (8d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), 411: r-cran-digest (8d 13h 31m, bm-wb-03), pandoc (8d 1h 39m, bm-wb-03), rust-structopt (8d 15m, bm-wb-03), libsolv (7d 13h 17m, bm-wb-03), r-cran-amelia (7d 13h 17m, bm-wb-03), network-manager (6d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), trafficserver (6d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), starpu (+b1, 6d 7h 25m, bm-wb-03), simpleburn (+b8, 5d 19h 30m, bm-wb-03), fcitx-qt5 (5d 13h 30m, bm-wb-03), 421: subversion (4d 1h 31m, bm-wb-03), rust-rusty-tags (3d 19h 25m, bm-wb-03), libbfio (3d 7h 28m, bm-wb-03), votca-tools (2d 13h 32m, bm-wb-03), an (1d 19h 18m, bm-wb-03), python-psutil (1d 19h 18m, bm-wb-03), bgpdump (1d 19h 18m, bm-wb-03), xastir (1d 19h 18m, bm-wb-03), liblouis (1d 19h 18m, bm-wb-03), haskell-git-lfs (1d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), 431: wsjtx (1d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), iraf (1d 13h 24m, bm-wb-03), at-spi2-atk (1d 6h 56m, bm-wb-03), libt3widget (1d 47m, bm-wb-03)
Uploaded11: gcc-9 (+b1, 58m, bm-wb-03)