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The time indicates for how long a package is in the given state.

Auto-Not-For-Us1426Too many results, cannot display
BD-Uninstallable4541: haskell-vty (276d 15h 32m), ants (276d 15h 30m), gfcui (276d 15h 29m), libguestfs (276d 15h 28m), xcp-storage-managers (276d 15h 27m), xen-api-libs (276d 15h 25m), haskell-shakespeare-js (276d 15h 10m), haskell-shakespeare-text (276d 15h 8m), haskell-snap (276d 15h 6m), haskell-snap-loader-dynamic (276d 14h 57m), 11: haskell-snap-loader-static (276d 14h 55m), haskell-snaplet-acid-state (276d 14h 53m), haskell-src-meta (276d 14h 47m), haskell-syb-with-class (276d 14h 45m), haskell-syb-with-class-instances-text (276d 14h 43m), haskell-tasty-th (276d 14h 26m), haskell-test-framework-th (276d 14h 24m), haskell-test-framework-th-prime (276d 14h 23m), haskell-th-extras (276d 14h 23m), haskell-th-lift (276d 14h 21m), 21: haskell-th-orphans (276d 14h 19m), haskell-type-level (276d 14h 4m), haskell-vector-th-unbox (276d 14h 2m), haskell-wai-app-file-cgi (276d 14h 1m), haskell-wai-app-static (276d 13h 51m), haskell-wai-websockets (276d 13h 49m), haskell-web-routes-boomerang (276d 13h 47m), haskell-web-routes-th (276d 13h 41m), haskell-xml-hamlet (276d 13h 39m), haskell-yesod (276d 13h 37m), 31: haskell-yesod-auth (276d 13h 21m), haskell-yesod-auth-account (276d 13h 19m), haskell-yesod-auth-oauth (276d 13h 17m), haskell-yesod-bin (276d 13h 17m), haskell-yesod-core (276d 13h 15m), haskell-yesod-default (276d 13h 13m), haskell-yesod-form (276d 12h 59m), haskell-yesod-json (276d 12h 57m), haskell-yesod-markdown (276d 12h 55m), haskell-yesod-newsfeed (276d 12h 45m), 41: haskell-yesod-persistent (276d 12h 43m), haskell-yesod-routes (276d 12h 41m), haskell-yesod-static (276d 12h 35m), haskell-yesod-test (276d 12h 34m), hbro (276d 12h 32m), hbro-contrib (276d 12h 15m), hdevtools (276d 12h 13m), lambdabot (276d 12h 11m), libdr-tarantool-perl (276d 11h 54m), libjdic-java (276d 11h 44m), 51: mediawiki2latex (276d 11h 33m), mia (276d 11h 31m), miaviewit (276d 11h 30m), mighttpd2 (276d 11h 30m), mod-proxy-html (276d 11h 28m), ocropus (276d 11h 26m), openni-sensor-pointclouds (276d 11h 20m), openni-sensor-primesense (276d 11h 18m), openvdb (276d 11h 16m), orpie (276d 11h 9m), 61: pymia (276d 11h 7m), python-pyxenstore (276d 11h 5m), rss2irc (276d 10h 28m), semidef-oct (276d 10h 26m), spice-xpi (276d 10h 24m), sugar-hulahop (276d 10h 24m), view3dscene (276d 10h 22m), xcp-vncterm (276d 10h 20m), xen-api (276d 10h 14m), xserver-xorg-video-glide (276d 10h 12m), 71: yi (276d 10h 10m), zypper (276d 10h 3m), cabal-debian (276d 10h 1m), debian-installer (276d 9h 59m), gdc-4.6 (276d 9h 33m), giira (276d 9h 31m), gnat-4.4 (276d 9h 29m), haskell-diagrams-cairo (276d 9h 22m), haskell-diagrams-gtk (276d 9h 21m), haskell-diagrams-lib (276d 9h 19m), 81: haskell-diagrams-svg (276d 9h 18m), haskell-gitlib (276d 9h 17m), haskell-hopenpgp (276d 9h 15m), mlton (276d 9h 8m), agda (276d 9h 6m), android-platform-build (276d 9h 4m), arrayprobe (276d 8h 57m), crmsh (276d 8h 55m), deal.ii (276d 8h 53m), epiphany-extensions (276d 8h 27m), 91: fitgcp (276d 8h 25m), flexbar (276d 8h 23m), fuse-umfuse-ext2 (276d 8h 17m), fuse-umfuse-fat (276d 8h 15m), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (276d 8h 14m), ganeti (276d 8h 13m), ghc-mod (276d 8h 11m), ghdl (276d 8h 9m), guest-templates (276d 8h 2m), haskell-acid-state (276d 8h), 101: haskell-boomerang (276d 7h 58m), haskell-cabal-file-th (276d 7h 51m), haskell-chart (276d 7h 49m), haskell-chell (276d 7h 47m), haskell-chell-hunit (276d 7h 21m), haskell-chell-quickcheck2 (276d 7h 19m), haskell-clientsession (276d 7h 17m), haskell-convertible-text (276d 7h 12m), haskell-data-accessor-template (276d 7h 10m), haskell-data-lens-template (276d 7h 8m), 111: haskell-data-object-yaml (276d 7h 7m), haskell-dav (276d 7h 5m), haskell-dependent-sum-template (276d 7h 3m), haskell-derive (276d 6h 56m), haskell-esqueleto (276d 6h 54m), haskell-fb (276d 6h 52m), haskell-fclabels (276d 6h 45m), haskell-file-embed (276d 6h 43m), haskell-file-location (276d 6h 41m), haskell-generic-deriving (276d 6h 15m), 121: haskell-geniplate (276d 6h 13m), haskell-hamlet (276d 6h 11m), haskell-happstack-authenticate (276d 6h 7m), haskell-happstack-data (276d 6h 5m), haskell-happstack-hsp (276d 6h 3m), haskell-happstack-ixset (276d 6h 1m), haskell-happstack-state (276d 5h 59m), haskell-haxr (276d 5h 58m), haskell-hint (276d 5h 50m), haskell-hledger (276d 5h 48m), 131: haskell-hledger-chart (276d 5h 45m), haskell-hledger-vty (276d 5h 40m), haskell-hledger-web (276d 5h 38m), haskell-hopenpgp-tools (276d 5h 36m), haskell-hsx-jmacro (276d 5h 14m), haskell-hsx2hs (276d 5h 12m), haskell-io-choice (276d 5h 10m), haskell-ixset (276d 5h 9m), haskell-jmacro (276d 5h 7m), haskell-safecopy (276d 5h 5m), 141: haskell-process-conduit (276d 5h 5m), haskell-persistent-template (276d 5h 5m), haskell-notmuch-web (276d 5h 5m), haskell-shakespeare-i18n (276d 5h 5m), haskell-monad-logger (276d 5h 5m), haskell-memoize (276d 5h 5m), haskell-shakespeare-css (276d 5h 5m), haskell-repa (276d 5h 5m), haskell-persistent (276d 5h 5m), haskell-pointedlist (276d 5h 5m), 151: haskell-reform-hamlet (276d 5h 5m), haskell-persistent-postgresql (276d 5h 5m), haskell-postgresql-simple (276d 5h 5m), haskell-persistent-sqlite (276d 5h 5m), haskell-mueval (276d 5h 5m), haskell-reform-hsp (276d 5h 5m), haskell-shakespeare (276d 5h 5m), haskell-options (276d 5h 5m), haskell-lens-aeson (276d 5h 5m), haskell-cabal-file-th (276d 5h 1m), 161: haskell-path-pieces (276d 5h 1m), xcp-vncterm (276d 5h 1m), haskell-chart (276d 5h 1m), orpie (276d 5h 1m), mlton (276d 5h 1m), geant321 (276d 5h 1m), haskell-hledger-interest (276d 5h 1m), haskell-hledger-web (276d 5h 1m), haskell-hamlet (276d 5h 1m), gtk-vnc (276d 5h 1m), 171: haskell-wai-app-file-cgi (276d 5h 1m), haskell-tls-extra (276d 5h 1m), haskell-convertible-text (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-json (276d 5h 1m), mighttpd2 (276d 5h 1m), haskell-type-level (276d 5h 1m), haskell-shakespeare-js (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-form (276d 5h 1m), sugar-hulahop (276d 5h 1m), haskell-syb-with-class (276d 5h 1m), 181: ghdl (276d 5h 1m), intel-gpu-tools (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-core (276d 5h 1m), haskell-happstack (276d 5h 1m), haskell-hledger-vty (276d 5h 1m), xen-api (276d 5h 1m), haskell-test-framework-th (276d 5h 1m), github-backup (276d 5h 1m), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (276d 5h 1m), haskell-http-conduit (276d 5h 1m), 191: haskell-syb-with-class-instances-text (276d 5h 1m), debian-installer (276d 5h 1m), xen-api-libs (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod (276d 5h 1m), mercurial-buildpackage (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-static (276d 5h 1m), paw (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-routes (276d 5h 1m), haskell-ixset (276d 5h 1m), icedtea-web (276d 5h 1m), 201: haskell-persistent-sqlite (276d 5h 1m), haskell-test-framework-th-prime (276d 5h 1m), haskell-happstack-state (276d 5h 1m), gnat-4.4 (276d 5h 1m), haskell-shakespeare-text (276d 5h 1m), xcp-storage-managers (276d 5h 1m), haskell-llvm (276d 5h 1m), haskell-haxr (276d 5h 1m), guest-templates (276d 5h 1m), phantomjs (276d 5h 1m), 211: gdb-msp430 (276d 5h 1m), haskell-data-accessor-template (276d 5h 1m), haskell-authenticate (276d 5h 1m), fuse-umfuse-fat (276d 5h 1m), libdr-tarantool-perl (276d 5h 1m), haskell-shakespeare-i18n (276d 5h 1m), buildapp (276d 5h 1m), haskell-happstack-ixset (276d 5h 1m), getdp (276d 5h 1m), haskell-tls (276d 5h 1m), 221: haskell-file-embed (276d 5h 1m), haskell-chell (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-persistent (276d 5h 1m), libtango (276d 5h 1m), eztrace (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-markdown (276d 5h 1m), haskell-github (276d 5h 1m), haskell-data-object-yaml (276d 5h 1m), haskell-wai-app-static (276d 5h 1m), ghc-mod (276d 5h 1m), 231: fuse-umfuse-ext2 (276d 5h 1m), cabal-debian (276d 5h 1m), haskell-cprng-aes (276d 5h 1m), haskell-fclabels (276d 5h 1m), haskell-happstack-data (276d 5h 1m), haskell-warp-tls (276d 5h 1m), haskell-shakespeare (276d 5h 1m), haskell-shakespeare-css (276d 5h 1m), libjdic-java (276d 5h 1m), haskell-clientsession (276d 5h 1m), 241: gitit (276d 5h 1m), haskell-reactive-banana (276d 5h 1m), haskell-persistent (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-default (276d 5h 1m), haskell-acid-state (276d 5h 1m), saga (276d 5h 1m), semidef-oct (276d 5h 1m), haskell-options (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-auth (276d 5h 1m), haskell-happstack-server (276d 5h 1m), 251: xserver-xorg-video-glide (276d 5h 1m), mclibs (276d 5h 1m), scilab-scimax (276d 5h 1m), haskell-yesod-test (276d 5h 1m), haskell-hakyll (276d 5h 1m), haskell-boomerang (276d 5h 1m), haskell-persistent-template (276d 5h 1m), gfcui (276d 5h 1m), haskell-hledger-chart (276d 5h 1m), haskell-postgresql-simple (276d 5h 1m), 261: 0ad (276d 5h 1m), openais (276d 4h 56m), mod-proxy-html (276d 4h 56m), fuse-umfuse-fat (276d 4h 56m), guest-templates (276d 4h 56m), woo (276d 4h 56m), sra-sdk (276d 4h 56m), libfcgi-ruby (276d 4h 56m), gdc-4.6 (276d 4h 56m), xen-api (276d 4h 56m), 271: libkrb5-ruby (276d 4h 56m), sugar-hulahop (276d 4h 56m), ginkgocadx (276d 4h 56m), haskell-convertible-text (276d 4h 56m), mlton (276d 4h 56m), ghdl (276d 4h 56m), rapmap (276d 4h 56m), hbro-contrib (276d 4h 56m), spades (276d 4h 56m), foobillard (276d 4h 56m), 281: arrayprobe (276d 4h 56m), camitk (276d 4h 56m), haskell-notmuch-web (276d 4h 56m), gnat-4.4 (276d 4h 56m), fuse-umfuse-ext2 (276d 4h 56m), libopengl-ruby (276d 4h 56m), ocropus (276d 4h 56m), ariba (276d 4h 56m), ncbi-vdb (276d 4h 56m), srst2 (276d 4h 56m), 291: mingw32 (276d 4h 56m), semidef-oct (276d 4h 56m), trinityrnaseq (276d 4h 56m), openscad (276d 4h 56m), gfcui (276d 4h 56m), soya (276d 4h 56m), libnora-ruby (276d 4h 56m), xen-api-libs (276d 4h 56m), crac (276d 4h 56m), libdr-tarantool-perl (276d 4h 56m), 301: hbro (276d 4h 56m), haskell-data-object-yaml (276d 4h 56m), haskell-shakespeare-i18n (276d 4h 56m), itksnap (276d 4h 56m), haskell-yesod-json (276d 4h 56m), haskell-hledger-vty (276d 4h 56m), haskell-happstack-state (276d 4h 56m), haskell-process-conduit (276d 4h 56m), haskell-happstack-data (276d 4h 56m), ovito (276d 4h 56m), 311: haskell-comonads-fd (276d 4h 56m), haskell-hledger-chart (276d 4h 56m), haskell-shakespeare-css (276d 4h 56m), haskell-shakespeare-text (276d 4h 56m), utopia-documents (276d 4h 56m), haskell-hamlet (276d 4h 56m), haskell-shakespeare-js (276d 4h 56m), plastimatch (276d 4h 56m), haskell-happstack-ixset (276d 4h 56m), gubbins (276d 4h 56m), 321: libodbc-ruby (276d 4h 56m), herwig++ (276d 4h 56m), libaugeas-ruby (276d 4h 56m), libuconv-ruby (276d 4h 56m), libvcflib (276d 4h 56m), libfusefs-ruby (276d 4h 56m), goldencheetah (276d 4h 56m), thepeg (276d 4h 56m), xserver-xorg-video-glide (276d 4h 56m), fsm-lite (276d 4h 56m), 331: salmon (276d 4h 56m), rhmessaging (276d 4h 56m), portslave (276d 4h 56m), llvm-toolchain-snapshot (276d 4h 56m), giira (276d 4h 56m), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (276d 4h 56m), clang (276d 4h 56m), otb (276d 4h 56m), ants (276d 4h 56m), linux-signed (276d 4h 56m), 341: libjdic-java (276d 4h 56m), yade (271d 19h 49m), urweb (266d 14h 57m), haskell-happstack-ixset (208d 20h 50m), libuconv-ruby (208d 20h 50m), haskell-comonads-fd (208d 20h 50m), libfcgi-ruby (208d 20h 50m), ants (208d 20h 50m), haskell-happstack-state (208d 20h 50m), xen-api (208d 20h 50m), 351: haskell-happstack-data (208d 20h 50m), libodbc-ruby (208d 20h 50m), haskell-shakespeare-i18n (208d 20h 50m), portslave (208d 20h 50m), libopengl-ruby (208d 20h 50m), camitk (208d 20h 50m), clang (208d 20h 50m), libaugeas-ruby (208d 20h 50m), haskell-hledger-chart (208d 20h 50m), mod-proxy-html (208d 20h 50m), 361: hbro (208d 20h 50m), haskell-shakespeare-css (208d 20h 50m), haskell-shakespeare-text (208d 20h 50m), xserver-xorg-video-glide (208d 20h 50m), sugar-hulahop (208d 20h 50m), fsm-lite (208d 20h 50m), semidef-oct (208d 20h 50m), ocropus (208d 20h 50m), libjdic-java (208d 20h 50m), hbro-contrib (208d 20h 50m), 371: openscad (208d 20h 50m), linux-signed (208d 20h 50m), giira (208d 20h 50m), guest-templates (208d 20h 50m), fuse-umfuse-ext2 (208d 20h 50m), gdc-4.6 (208d 20h 50m), arrayprobe (208d 20h 50m), mlton (208d 20h 50m), ghdl (208d 20h 50m), gnat-4.4 (208d 20h 50m), 381: openais (208d 20h 50m), rhmessaging (208d 20h 50m), haskell-yesod-json (208d 20h 50m), xen-api-libs (208d 20h 50m), haskell-convertible-text (208d 20h 50m), llvm-toolchain-snapshot (208d 20h 50m), quorum (208d 20h 50m), fuse-umfuse-fat (208d 20h 50m), libdr-tarantool-perl (208d 20h 50m), haskell-shakespeare-js (208d 20h 50m), 391: haskell-data-object-yaml (208d 20h 50m), haskell-hledger-vty (208d 20h 50m), soya (208d 20h 50m), gfcui (208d 20h 50m), mingw32 (208d 20h 50m), libkrb5-ruby (208d 20h 50m), libnora-ruby (208d 20h 50m), foobillard (208d 20h 50m), libfusefs-ruby (208d 20h 50m), haskell-process-conduit (208d 20h 50m), 401: haskell-notmuch-web (208d 20h 50m), haskell-hamlet (208d 20h 50m), psortb (206d 14h 35m), tpm-tools (189d 14h 39m), ulogd (169d 7h 8m), sambamba (153d 14h 27m), debug-me (153d 14h 27m), crac (150d 14h 35m), fw4spl (138d 8h 8m), itksnap (138d 8h 8m), 411: icedove (130d 21h 1m), libvcflib (128d 14h 36m), freebayes (123d 14h 36m), gitaly (122d 8h 8m), urweb (115d 2h 38m), ginkgocadx (109d 14h 35m), nifti2dicom (105d 17h 6m), gubbins (102d 14h 36m), debian-installer (101d 6h 58m), appstream-generator (100d 14h 36m), 421: ncbi-vdb (83d 14h 36m), php-apc (81d 6h 37m), xhprof (81d 6h 37m), networkmanagement (68d 3h 42m), opencryptoki (67d 14h 15m), belcard (59d 13h 39m), algobox (58d 8h 32m), trinityrnaseq (53d 14h 37m), srst2 (52d 14h 43m), ovito (51d 14h 40m), 431: qtwebview-opensource-src (44d 8h 36m), ariba (43d 14h 38m), debian-installer (42d 8h 43m), aufs-tools (38d 8h 43m), sra-sdk (38d 8h 43m), firefox-esr (37d 2h 56m), rapmap (29d 8h 38m), salmon (29d 8h 38m), libseqlib (27d 14h 35m), virtualjaguar (27d 14h 35m), 441: spades (24d 14h 38m), plastimatch (23d 8h 42m), qupzilla (23d 8h 42m), fracplanet (22d 14h 41m), goldencheetah (21d 14h 43m), grantlee-editor (20d 8h 42m), thunderbird (20d 3h), aufs (16d 14h 40m), otb (14d 14h 40m), pep8-simul (13d 14h 34m), 451: libfabric (7d 14h 20m), vite (5d 14h 29m), tetzle (4d 14h 41m), woo (2d 13h 13m)
Build-Attempted4381: dumb-init (212d 20h 37m, bm-wb-01), fakechroot (212d 20h 29m, bm-wb-03), libgit2 (212d 20h 26m, bm-wb-04), docker.io (212d 20h 21m, bm-wb-02), globus-gssapi-gsi (212d 20h 20m, bm-wb-01), libexplain (212d 20h 17m, testbuildd), isatapd (212d 20h 16m, bm-wb-02), vite (212d 20h 15m, testwandboard), idba (212d 20h 11m, bm-wb-04), libecap (212d 20h 6m, testbuildd), 11: myproxy (212d 19h 59m, testwandboard), htseq (212d 19h 57m, bm-wb-03), openhpi (212d 19h 56m, bm-wb-04), liquidsoap (212d 19h 29m, bm-wb-02), nestopia (212d 19h, bm-wb-03), sbcl (212d 18h 52m, bm-wb-01), gnome-control-center (212d 18h 44m, testwandboard), python-pysam (212d 18h 40m, testbuildd), spice-gtk (212d 18h 36m, bm-wb-02), openvswitch (212d 18h 25m, bm-wb-04), 21: mpqc3 (212d 13h 9m, testwandboard), aspectc++ (212d 12h 38m, testwandboard), bino (212d 12h 11m, testwandboard), libmateweather (212d 11h 14m, testwandboard), gfccore (212d 11h 7m, mb-lxc-01), tbb (212d 11h 5m, mb-lxc-01), acovea (212d 11h 3m, mb-lxc-01), mercurial-buildpackage (212d 11h 1m, mb-lxc-01), ocamlgsl (212d 10h 59m, mb-lxc-01), uclibc (212d 10h 59m, testbuildd), 31: atig (212d 10h 53m, mb-lxc-01), cde (212d 10h 51m, mb-lxc-01), ck (212d 10h 50m, mb-lxc-01), cpl-plugin-xsh (212d 10h 39m, mb-lxc-01), doomsday (212d 10h 29m, mb-lxc-01), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (212d 10h 21m, testbuildd), freefoam (212d 10h 20m, mb-lxc-01), gravit (212d 10h 15m, mb-lxc-01), haskell-comonads-fd (212d 10h 11m, mb-lxc-01), haskell-debian (212d 10h 6m, mb-lxc-01), 41: gambc (212d 10h 2m, bm-wb-04), haskell-trifecta (212d 10h, mb-lxc-01), ibam (212d 9h 55m, mb-lxc-01), htslib (212d 9h 55m, bm-wb-04), ioapps (212d 9h 52m, mb-lxc-01), libodbc-ruby (212d 9h 49m, mb-lxc-01), libfusefs-ruby (212d 9h 47m, bm-wb-04), libopengl-ruby (212d 9h 45m, mb-lxc-01), libtango (212d 9h 42m, bm-wb-04), getdp (212d 9h 41m, testbuildd), 51: lierolibre (212d 9h 38m, mb-lxc-01), msrtool (212d 9h 37m, bm-wb-04), numactl (212d 9h 31m, testbuildd), open-axiom (212d 9h 30m, bm-wb-04), openmprtl (212d 9h 30m, mb-lxc-01), pgloader (212d 9h 26m, mb-lxc-01), portslave (212d 9h 24m, mb-lxc-01), patchelf (212d 9h 24m, bm-wb-04), pulseview (212d 9h 17m, mb-lxc-01), pyfftw (212d 9h 11m, bm-wb-04), 61: pyside-mobility (212d 9h 9m, mb-lxc-01), qtjsbackend-opensource-src (212d 8h 58m, mb-lxc-01), python-pysam (212d 8h 53m, bm-wb-04), openni (212d 8h 52m, testbuildd), qtop (212d 8h 46m, mb-lxc-01), slang-slirp (212d 8h 44m, mb-lxc-01), sra-sdk (212d 8h 42m, mb-lxc-01), rhmessaging (212d 8h 38m, bm-wb-04), utopia-documents (212d 8h 30m, mb-lxc-01), varnish-agent (212d 8h 26m, bm-wb-04), 71: vmkit (212d 8h 23m, mb-lxc-01), wmmail (212d 8h 20m, mb-lxc-01), xhprof (212d 8h 10m, mb-lxc-01), sdrangelove (212d 7h 58m, testbuildd), wesnoth-1.8 (212d 7h 54m, bm-wb-04), 3dldf (212d 7h 32m, mb-lxc-01), rheolef (212d 6h 53m, mb-lxc-01), groonga (212d 6h 43m, testbuildd), pocl (212d 6h 34m, bm-wb-04), kamailio (212d 6h, mb-lxc-01), 81: diagnostics (212d 5h 57m, bm-wb-01), gfccore (212d 5h 55m, bm-wb-01), libseccomp (212d 5h 51m, bm-wb-02), nacl (212d 5h 51m, bm-wb-01), uclibc (212d 5h 49m, bm-wb-01), washngo (212d 5h 45m, bm-wb-01), acovea (212d 5h 44m, bm-wb-01), gdc-4.6 (212d 5h 40m, bm-wb-01), ht (212d 5h 37m, bm-wb-01), jscoverage (212d 5h 33m, bm-wb-01), 91: ocamlgsl (212d 5h 30m, bm-wb-01), openimageio (212d 5h 20m, bm-wb-02), xulrunner (212d 5h 18m, bm-wb-01), arrayprobe (212d 5h 16m, bm-wb-01), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (212d 5h 11m, bm-wb-01), aufs-tools (212d 5h 10m, bm-wb-01), ax25mail-utils (212d 5h 9m, bm-wb-01), booth (212d 5h 6m, bm-wb-01), altos (212d 5h 4m, bm-wb-02), bowtie2 (212d 5h 2m, bm-wb-01), 101: cde (212d 4h 59m, bm-wb-02), cqrlog (212d 4h 54m, bm-wb-01), fio (212d 4h 53m, bm-wb-01), crossfire (212d 4h 49m, bm-wb-02), gambc (212d 4h 46m, bm-wb-01), gtkterm (212d 4h 41m, bm-wb-01), haskell-safecopy (212d 4h 38m, bm-wb-01), htp (212d 4h 36m, bm-wb-01), ibam (212d 4h 32m, bm-wb-01), lambdabot (212d 4h 24m, bm-wb-01), 111: lusca (212d 4h 19m, bm-wb-01), hyperestraier (212d 4h 12m, testwandboard), megaglest (212d 4h 11m, bm-wb-01), nikwi (212d 4h 7m, bm-wb-01), msrtool (212d 4h 7m, testwandboard), ocropus (212d 4h 4m, bm-wb-01), gnuradio (212d 4h 3m, bm-wb-02), portslave (212d 4h 2m, bm-wb-01), python-fftw (212d 3h 59m, bm-wb-01), open-axiom (212d 3h 54m, testwandboard), 121: qgis (212d 3h 48m, bm-wb-01), pyside-mobility (212d 3h 47m, bm-wb-02), scilab-overload (212d 3h 41m, bm-wb-01), scli (212d 3h 38m, bm-wb-02), rhmessaging (212d 3h 36m, testwandboard), skyeye (212d 3h 36m, bm-wb-01), slang-slirp (212d 3h 34m, bm-wb-02), sra-sdk (212d 3h 29m, bm-wb-02), wmmail (212d 3h 25m, bm-wb-01), ztex-bmp (212d 3h 22m, mb-lxc-01), 131: urjtag (212d 3h 16m, bm-wb-02), thoggen (212d 3h 12m, testwandboard), cernlib (212d 2h 52m, mb-lxc-01), wesnoth-1.8 (212d 2h 30m, mb-lxc-01), freefoam (212d 2h 13m, mb-lxc-01), vnc4 (212d 2h 12m, testwandboard), nipy (212d 1h 30m, bm-wb-02), osmose-emulator (212d 1h 15m, bm-wb-02), patat (212d 1h 2m, testwandboard), stopmotion (212d 30m, bm-wb-02), 141: trinity (212d 25m, bm-wb-02), python-apt (212d 19m, testwandboard), trilinos (211d 23h 41m, bm-wb-02), gfccore (211d 23h 33m, bm-wb-02), libqglviewer (211d 23h 19m, bm-wb-02), acovea (211d 23h 13m, bm-wb-02), ceph (211d 23h 12m, bm-wb-03), mingw32-binutils (211d 23h 7m, bm-wb-02), ocamlgsl (211d 23h 2m, bm-wb-03), apf (211d 23h 2m, bm-wb-02), 151: asterisk-chan-capi (211d 22h 56m, bm-wb-03), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (211d 22h 41m, bm-wb-02), bagel (211d 22h 40m, bm-wb-03), bio-eagle (211d 22h 29m, bm-wb-03), cde (211d 22h 21m, bm-wb-03), bino (211d 22h 20m, bm-wb-02), ck (211d 22h 18m, testwandboard), yade (211d 22h 11m, mb-lxc-01), consul-migrate (211d 22h 10m, bm-wb-02), criu (211d 22h 7m, mb-lxc-01), 161: djbdns (211d 22h 6m, mb-lxc-01), cross-binutils (211d 22h 2m, bm-wb-02), cpl-plugin-xsh (211d 22h 2m, testwandboard), efitools (211d 21h 57m, bm-wb-02), eclipse-titan (211d 21h 50m, mb-lxc-01), ezquake (211d 21h 43m, testwandboard), compiz (211d 21h 40m, bm-wb-03), freefoam (211d 21h 39m, mb-lxc-01), grpc (211d 21h 35m, mb-lxc-01), haskell-cryptol (211d 21h 30m, mb-lxc-01), 171: form (211d 21h 21m, bm-wb-02), haskell-type-level (211d 21h 15m, mb-lxc-01), intel-processor-trace (211d 21h 12m, mb-lxc-01), ioapps (211d 21h 10m, mb-lxc-01), gambc (211d 21h 9m, testwandboard), jocaml (211d 21h 7m, mb-lxc-01), libmlx5 (211d 21h 5m, mb-lxc-01), ibam (211d 21h 4m, bm-wb-02), libb2 (211d 21h 2m, testwandboard), libnunc-stans (211d 21h 2m, mb-lxc-01), 181: libretro-mupen64plus (211d 20h 53m, bm-wb-02), golang-1.8 (211d 20h 52m, bm-wb-03), libtango (211d 20h 49m, mb-lxc-01), logkeys (211d 20h 48m, bm-wb-02), listaller (211d 20h 42m, mb-lxc-01), mdp-src (211d 20h 41m, bm-wb-02), libsoundio (211d 20h 37m, bm-wb-03), mensis (211d 20h 36m, mb-lxc-01), mpi-testsuite (211d 20h 33m, bm-wb-02), msrtool (211d 20h 31m, bm-wb-03), 191: ne10 (211d 20h 29m, mb-lxc-01), nsd3 (211d 20h 26m, mb-lxc-01), numactl (211d 20h 24m, mb-lxc-01), open-axiom (211d 20h 21m, mb-lxc-01), openmpi1.6 (211d 20h 12m, mb-lxc-01), orpie (211d 20h 9m, mb-lxc-01), ngs-sdk (211d 20h 5m, bm-wb-03), percona-xtradb-cluster-galera-2.x (211d 19h 55m, bm-wb-03), osrm (211d 19h 52m, mb-lxc-01), networkmanagement (211d 19h 48m, bm-wb-02), 201: perftest (211d 19h 47m, bm-wb-03), pgloader (211d 19h 42m, mb-lxc-01), php-apc (211d 19h 41m, bm-wb-02), pocl (211d 19h 35m, mb-lxc-01), prboom (211d 19h 28m, bm-wb-02), pyside-mobility (211d 19h 27m, mb-lxc-01), qtjsbackend-opensource-src (211d 19h 20m, mb-lxc-01), qutecsound (211d 19h 15m, mb-lxc-01), rt-app (211d 19h 13m, mb-lxc-01), pinot (211d 19h 8m, bm-wb-03), 211: qstopmotion (211d 19h 5m, bm-wb-02), ruby2.1 (211d 19h 2m, mb-lxc-01), slang-slirp (211d 19h 1m, bm-wb-03), sortmerna (211d 19h, mb-lxc-01), snap-aligner (211d 18h 59m, bm-wb-02), tlsdate (211d 18h 56m, mb-lxc-01), ulogd (211d 18h 53m, bm-wb-02), varnish-agent (211d 18h 52m, mb-lxc-01), tarantool (211d 18h 50m, bm-wb-03), wiredtiger (211d 18h 42m, mb-lxc-01), 221: wmmail (211d 18h 39m, bm-wb-03), xf86-video-msm (211d 18h 38m, mb-lxc-01), yp-tools (211d 18h 36m, mb-lxc-01), sdrangelove (211d 18h 34m, testwandboard), wesnoth-1.8 (211d 18h 32m, bm-wb-02), xhprof (211d 18h 31m, bm-wb-03), 3dldf (211d 17h 54m, mb-lxc-01), monav (211d 17h 54m, bm-wb-02), slic3r-prusa (211d 17h 23m, mb-lxc-01), rivet (211d 17h 11m, bm-wb-03), 231: cone (211d 17h 4m, testwandboard), trafficserver (211d 16h 50m, bm-wb-02), sflphone (211d 16h 35m, mb-lxc-01), firefox (211d 16h 19m, mb-lxc-01), iceweasel (211d 15h 46m, bm-wb-02), tulip (211d 14h 58m, bm-wb-03), libsis-jhdf5-java (211d 13h 47m, mb-lxc-01), krita (211d 13h 31m, testwandboard), sagemath (211d 12h 40m, bm-wb-03), apophenia (211d 5h 16m, testbuildd), 241: libzypp (211d 4h 12m, bm-wb-04), globus-proxy-utils (211d 2h 40m, testbuildd), aeskulap (200d 14h 23m, bm-wb-02), jetty (190d 20h 43m, bm-wb-01), postgresql-9.1 (158d 14h 19m, mb-lxc-01), mariadb-10.1 (142d 16h 38m, bm-wb-04), xen (125d 20h 40m, bm-wb-01), tcpdump (125d 9h 2m, mb-lxc-02), tcpdump (123d 8h 58m, mb-lxc-02), qemu (104d 18h 5m, bm-wb-02), 251: libxfont (101d 8h 53m, mb-lxc-02), librsb (101d 3h 54m, bm-wb-04), mysql-5.5 (88d 20h 6m, testbuildd), openjfx (87d 18h 43m, mb-lxc-01), git-annex (77d 2h 58m, bm-wb-03), apr (70d 20h 54m, mb-lxc-02), libreoffice (69d 19h 19m, testwandboard), patat (68d 16h 17m, bm-wb-04), astyle (68d 15h 59m, bm-wb-04), horst (68d 15h 34m, mb-lxc-02), 261: funguloids (68d 15h 33m, mb-lxc-01), libecap (68d 15h 29m, mb-lxc-01), docker.io (68d 15h 27m, bm-wb-02), lizardfs (68d 15h 25m, bm-wb-03), mpqc3 (68d 15h 10m, bm-wb-02), zfs-fuse (68d 15h 4m, mb-lxc-01), xcffib (68d 14h 53m, bm-wb-02), ruby-json (68d 14h 48m, bm-wb-03), acl2 (68d 13h 35m, mb-lxc-02), courier (+b2, 68d 11h 10m, testwandboard), 271: haskell-hashable-extras (+b1, 68d 10h 48m, testwandboard), haskell-cabal (+b1, 68d 10h 30m, bm-wb-03), gammaray (+b3, 68d 10h 20m, testbuildd), libaudio-tagger-perl (+b6, 68d 10h 10m, testbuildd), pgespresso (+b1, 68d 9h 57m, bm-wb-03), syslog-ng-incubator (+b3, 68d 9h 56m, mb-lxc-02), vdr-plugin-epgsync (+b1, 68d 9h 54m, mb-lxc-02), vdr-plugin-games (+b1, 68d 9h 52m, mb-lxc-02), vdr-plugin-infosatepg (+b1, 68d 9h 50m, mb-lxc-02), vdr-plugin-osdteletext (+b1, 68d 9h 48m, mb-lxc-02), 281: vdr-plugin-remoteosd (+b1, 68d 9h 40m, testbuildd), vdr-plugin-skinenigmang (+b2, 68d 9h 40m, mb-lxc-02), vdr-plugin-sudoku (+b1, 68d 9h 38m, mb-lxc-02), vdr-plugin-spider (+b1, 68d 9h 32m, testbuildd), openjfx (68d 8h 57m, bm-wb-01), baitfisher (68d 8h 35m, bm-wb-01), bio-eagle (68d 8h 22m, bm-wb-03), libbiod (68d 8h 4m, bm-wb-01), ngs-sdk (68d 7h 56m, testwandboard), mrs (68d 7h 55m, bm-wb-03), 291: reprozip (68d 7h 47m, testwandboard), gfccore (68d 7h 38m, testwandboard), libqglviewer (68d 7h 19m, testwandboard), acovea (68d 7h 13m, testwandboard), utopia-documents (68d 7h 12m, bm-wb-03), mingw32-binutils (68d 7h 6m, testwandboard), ocamlgsl (68d 7h 4m, bm-wb-03), apf (68d 6h 58m, bm-wb-03), audacious-analog-vumeter-plugin (68d 6h 38m, bm-wb-03), libqt4pas (68d 6h 31m, bm-wb-01), 301: bino (68d 6h 9m, bm-wb-03), compiz (68d 5h 48m, bm-wb-01), openjdk-8 (68d 5h 13m, mb-lxc-02), consul-migrate (68d 4h 53m, mb-lxc-02), cone (68d 4h 47m, testbuildd), cpl-plugin-xsh (68d 4h 47m, mb-lxc-02), djbdns (68d 4h 46m, mb-lxc-02), efitools (68d 4h 40m, bm-wb-03), criu (68d 4h 27m, testbuildd), ezquake (68d 4h 20m, bm-wb-03), 311: freefoam (68d 4h 15m, mb-lxc-02), golang-github-mailru-easyjson (68d 4h 12m, mb-lxc-02), haskell-protobuf (68d 3h 56m, mb-lxc-02), haskell-th-utilities (68d 3h 48m, mb-lxc-02), gambc (68d 3h 47m, bm-wb-03), krita (68d 3h 38m, testwandboard), haskell-type-level (68d 3h 37m, mb-lxc-02), ibam (68d 3h 27m, bm-wb-03), iceweasel (68d 3h 23m, mb-lxc-01), ioapps (68d 3h 20m, mb-lxc-01), 321: intel-processor-trace (68d 3h 19m, bm-wb-03), jocaml (68d 3h 11m, bm-wb-03), libmlx5 (68d 3h 5m, bm-wb-03), kubernetes-addon-heapster (68d 3h 3m, mb-lxc-02), firefox (68d 2h 58m, testbuildd), libretro-mupen64plus (68d 2h 58m, mb-lxc-02), libnunc-stans (68d 2h 57m, bm-wb-03), jellyfish (68d 2h 51m, mb-lxc-01), listaller (68d 2h 51m, mb-lxc-02), libtango (68d 2h 49m, testbuildd), 331: libsoundio (68d 2h 47m, bm-wb-01), gecko-mediaplayer (+b6, 68d 1h 32m, testwandboard), gnome-mplayer (+b10, 68d 1h 27m, mb-lxc-01), totem-plugin-arte (+b5, 68d 1h 2m, bm-wb-01), mensis (68d 39m, bm-wb-03), msrtool (68d 32m, mb-lxc-02), ne10 (68d 25m, mb-lxc-02), nsd3 (68d 22m, mb-lxc-02), numactl (68d 20m, mb-lxc-02), open-axiom (68d 6m, bm-wb-01), 341: openmpi1.6 (68d 1m, mb-lxc-01), orpie (68d 1m, testwandboard), percona-xtradb-cluster-galera-2.x (67d 23h 53m, testbuildd), pgloader (67d 23h 51m, mb-lxc-02), monav (67d 23h 50m, bm-wb-03), prboom (67d 23h 43m, testwandboard), pinot (67d 23h 40m, mb-lxc-01), qstopmotion (67d 23h 22m, bm-wb-03), osrm (67d 23h 19m, bm-wb-01), pyside-mobility (67d 23h 14m, testbuildd), 351: me-tv (+b2, 67d 22h 33m, mb-lxc-02), qutecsound (67d 21h 42m, mb-lxc-02), ruby2.1 (67d 21h 26m, mb-lxc-01), qtjsbackend-opensource-src (67d 21h 24m, testbuildd), sdrangelove (67d 21h 9m, mb-lxc-01), slang-slirp (67d 21h 7m, mb-lxc-01), tarantool (67d 21h 1m, mb-lxc-01), tendermint (67d 20h 50m, mb-lxc-02), tlsdate (67d 20h 30m, bm-wb-01), traildb (67d 19h 44m, mb-lxc-02), 361: trafficserver (67d 19h 41m, bm-wb-01), varnish-agent (67d 19h 35m, mb-lxc-01), vc (67d 19h 32m, bm-wb-01), trilinos (67d 19h 27m, mb-lxc-02), wmmail (67d 19h 23m, mb-lxc-02), xf86-video-msm (67d 19h 18m, mb-lxc-02), yp-tools (67d 19h 16m, mb-lxc-02), wesnoth-1.8 (67d 19h 4m, bm-wb-03), sflphone (67d 18h 48m, testbuildd), cvc4 (67d 17h 48m, mb-lxc-01), 371: libsis-jhdf5-java (67d 17h 44m, bm-wb-03), tulip (67d 17h 44m, bm-wb-01), guile-2.2 (66d 5h 8m, testbuildd), iannix (65d 8h 17m, bm-wb-03), rcmdr (63d 12h 47m, bm-wb-04), belr (63d 11h 55m, mb-lxc-01), python-pybedtools (63d 11h 28m, bm-wb-04), gringo (62d 11h 30m, mb-lxc-01), rpm2html (+b1, 60d 22h 58m, bm-wb-01), clasp (60d 12h 47m, bm-wb-03), 381: bagel (58d 11h, bm-wb-03), yorick (+b8, 57d 7h 52m, bm-wb-03), steadyflow (+b4, 56d 19h 43m, mb-lxc-01), longomatch (+b3, 56d 18h 55m, bm-wb-03), rygel (54d 12h 8m, bm-wb-03), haskell-cryptol (54d 11h 30m, bm-wb-03), libffado (53d 13h 56m, mb-lxc-02), agda (53d 10h 44m, testbuildd), smalt (52d 13h 49m, mb-lxc-02), skytools3 (+b1, 50d 1h 22m, mb-lxc-01), 391: plv8 (+b1, 50d 1h 17m, bm-wb-01), eclipse-titan (47d 5h 5m, bm-wb-03), silx (46d 10h 46m, bm-wb-04), ltsp (40d 7h 47m, bm-wb-02), memcached (39d 13h 46m, mb-lxc-01), rheolef (39d 11h 2m, testbuildd), yara (37d 5h 41m, mb-lxc-01), packagesearch (+b5, 36d 21h 35m, bm-wb-03), fuse-umfuse-iso9660 (36d 8m, mb-lxc-01), abiword (35d 17h 41m, bm-wb-02), 401: libqtdbustest (+b3, 33d 22h 22m, bm-wb-02), wiredtiger (33d 4h 42m, mb-lxc-01), librdmacm (+b1, 26d 8h 16m, mb-lxc-02), pocl (24d 11h 13m, bm-wb-04), node-srs (+b3, 20d 13h 22m, bm-wb-03), peewee (20d 4h 51m, bm-wb-01), fastd (+b1, 16d 3h 58m, bm-wb-04), os-autoinst (+b6, 16d 3h 35m, testwandboard), coturn (15d 14h 27m, mb-lxc-01), chezscheme (15d 13h 48m, mb-lxc-01), 411: perftest (15d 13h 46m, bm-wb-02), qtoctave (+b6, 14d 8h 16m, mb-lxc-02), alt-ergo (13d 11h 37m, bm-wb-01), syncthing (11d 7h 37m, bm-wb-03), ksudoku (11d 3h 59m, mb-lxc-02), kubrick (11d 3h 51m, mb-lxc-01), ruby2.5 (11d 3h 50m, testwandboard), otags (11d 3h 46m, mb-lxc-02), octave-tisean (11d 3h 7m, bm-wb-01), rcs (9d 7h 17m, bm-wb-03), 421: i2pd (9d 6h 50m, bm-wb-03), hol-light (+b1, 8d 8h 14m, mb-lxc-01), ocaml-deriving (+b3, 8d 1h 56m, mb-lxc-02), ppx-core (+b1, 7d 20h 11m, bm-wb-02), mdp-src (7d 11h 37m, testwandboard), restic (5d 13h 51m, bm-wb-02), ocamlnet (+b3, 4d 4h 57m, mb-lxc-02), singular (+b15, 4d 4h 12m, bm-wb-01), flint (+b1, 4d 4h 2m, bm-wb-04), kscope (+b5, 4d 2h 26m, testwandboard), 431: nepomuk-core (+b5, 4d 1h 46m, mb-lxc-02), libguestfs (+b1, 3d 19h 3m, testwandboard), sexplib310 (+b1, 3d 8h 22m, testwandboard), geany-plugins (+b3, 2d 1h 5m, bm-wb-02), memleax (1d 11h 47m, mb-lxc-01), sasview (1d 11h 1m, testbuildd), qtwebkit-opensource-src (1d 10h 20m, bm-wb-03), iem-plugin-suite (10h 39m, bm-wb-02)
Building61: openldap (230d 21h 4m, bm-wb-04), ycmd (212d 20h 3m, bm-wb-01), xbmc (212d 3h 25m, bm-wb-01), nifti2dicom (211d 20h 30m, testwandboard), unbound (101d 4h 34m, bm-wb-03), asterisk-chan-capi (100d 1h 44m, mb-lxc-02)
Built351: cpuburn (277d 4h 7m, testwandboard), criu (277d 3h 56m, testwandboard), doublecmd (277d 3h 8m, bm-wb-04), grub2 (277d 1h 41m, testwandboard), jocaml (277d 10m, bm-wb-03), xf86-video-msm (276d 22h 17m, bm-wb-03), iceweasel (275d 23h 20m, bm-wb-03), xf86-video-msm (275d 20h 25m, testwandboard), cpuburn (275d 19h 47m, testbuildd), grub2 (275d 12h 28m, bm-wb-03), 11: gcc-mozilla (275d 10h 17m, testwandboard), cpuburn (273d 22h 58m, bm-wb-02), kvmtool (273d 19h 57m, bm-wb-02), openni-sensor-pointclouds (273d 15h 40m, bm-wb-02), openni-sensor-primesense (273d 15h 28m, bm-wb-03), julia (273d 9h 40m, bm-wb-03), neovim (270d 20h 19m, bm-wb-01), sympa (270d 14h 34m, bm-wb-04), qtwebengine-opensource-src (221d 22h 5m, bm-wb-01), cpuburn (206d 22h 59m, testbuildd), 21: antpm (191d 14h 17m, bm-wb-01), libaudio-ecasound-perl (+b5, 172d 19h 43m, bm-wb-04), coinor-symphony (141d 20h 25m, mb-lxc-02), kvmtool (124d 7h 4m, mb-lxc-02), openni-sensor-pointclouds (107d 12h 33m, mb-lxc-01), openni-sensor-primesense (107d 12h 24m, mb-lxc-01), ck (105d 2h 26m, bm-wb-02), linux-4.9 (+b2, 78d 20h 42m, mb-lxc-01), chromium-browser (64d 22h 10m, mb-lxc-01), qtwebengine-opensource-src (35d 14h 18m, bm-wb-03), 31: chromium-browser (33d 8h 31m, bm-wb-03), haskell-yesod-auth-hashdb (+b1, 30d 1h 30m, testbuildd), getfem++ (+b7, 19d 16h 4m, testwandboard), gdm3 (+b5, 12d 13h 10m, testwandboard), libint (4d 9h 14m, bm-wb-03)
Failed1011: partman-efi (+b6, 215d 20h 6m, wbadm), uucpsend (+b14, 215d 20h 3m, wbadm), astroml-addons (+b6, 212d 7h 12m, wbadm), betaradio (+b8, 201d 23h 1m, wbadm), garmin-plugin (+b11, 201d 20h 50m, wbadm), cbmplugs (+b8, 201d 20h 48m, wbadm), gimp-dimage-color (+b8, 201d 20h 46m, wbadm), gimp-gap (+b4, 201d 20h 45m, wbadm), gluas (+b9, 201d 20h 44m, wbadm), libreoffice-voikko (+b17, 200d 7h 29m, wbadm), 11: shellex (+b8, 200d 7h 28m, wbadm), audtty (+b2, 198d 22h 3m, wbadm), baloo-widgets5 (+b5, 198d 22h 1m, wbadm), buzztrax (+b4, 198d 21h 59m, wbadm), facedetect (+b3, 198d 21h 57m, wbadm), dradio (+b4, 198d 21h 55m, wbadm), farstream-0.2 (+b3, 198d 21h 53m, wbadm), freetuxtv (+b4, 198d 21h 52m, wbadm), gimp-dcraw (+b5, 198d 21h 49m, wbadm), gimp-plugin-registry (+b11, 198d 21h 49m, wbadm), 21: gogglesmm (+b6, 198d 21h 47m, wbadm), intone (+b15, 198d 21h 35m, wbadm), knowthelist (+b8, 198d 21h 34m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-argustv (+b2, 198d 21h 33m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-dvbviewer (+b2, 198d 21h 32m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-hts (+b2, 198d 21h 31m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-iptvsimple (+b2, 198d 21h 30m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-njoy (+b2, 198d 21h 29m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-mythtv (+b2, 198d 21h 27m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-nextpvr (+b2, 198d 21h 27m, wbadm), 31: kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi (+b2, 198d 21h 26m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-wmc (+b2, 198d 21h 24m, wbadm), libplayer (+b2, 198d 21h 22m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-pce-fast (+b5, 198d 21h 20m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-psx (+b5, 198d 21h 19m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-vb (+b5, 198d 21h 19m, wbadm), libretro-beetle-wswan (+b5, 198d 21h 18m, wbadm), libretro-gambatte (+b5, 198d 21h 17m, wbadm), ontv (+b7, 198d 21h 14m, wbadm), picard (+b2, 198d 21h 11m, wbadm), 41: vagalume (+b4, 198d 21h 9m, wbadm), kplayer (+b8, 198d 20h 11m, wbadm), mplayerthumbs (+b5, 198d 20h 11m, wbadm), npapi-vlc (+b13, 198d 20h 9m, wbadm), ogmrip (+b7, 198d 20h 8m, wbadm), smtube (+b8, 198d 20h 6m, wbadm), vdr-plugin-mp3 (+b14, 198d 20h 3m, wbadm), videotrans (+b6, 198d 19h 59m, wbadm), xine-plugin (+b6, 198d 19h 58m, wbadm), xine-ui (+b2, 198d 19h 57m, wbadm), 51: homer-api (+b11, 168d 18h 12m, wbadm), db-defaults (+b14, 167d 21h 31m, wbadm), ikiwiki-hosting (+b12, 167d 21h 29m, wbadm), gimp-texturize (+b2, 167d 18h 42m, wbadm), gxine (+b9, 167d 18h 40m, wbadm), libretro-bsnes-mercury (+b8, 167d 18h 36m, wbadm), libretro-desmume (+b8, 167d 18h 36m, wbadm), paprefs (+b14, 167d 18h 32m, wbadm), parole (+b15, 167d 18h 28m, wbadm), pdfsandwich (+b5, 167d 18h 26m, wbadm), 61: projectm (+b10, 167d 18h 24m, wbadm), vokoscreen (+b5, 167d 18h 21m, wbadm), wmauda (+b2, 167d 18h 21m, wbadm), gutenprint (+b2, 167d 17h 54m, wbadm), oar (+b12, 167d 17h 53m, wbadm), mysqmail (+b9, 152d 2h 35m, wbadm), couriergrey (+b12, 152d 2h 32m, wbadm), asterisk-espeak (+b4, 133d 20h 40m, wbadm), asterisk-flite (+b5, 133d 20h 40m, wbadm), asterisk-opus (+b3, 133d 20h 40m, wbadm), 71: kraft (+b10, 129d 17h 56m, wbadm), kdepim4 (+b9, 129d 17h 54m, wbadm), libkpeople (+b9, 129d 17h 53m, wbadm), akonadi-googledata (+b14, 129d 17h 49m, wbadm), kontactinterface (+b5, 128d 20h 7m, wbadm), psimedia (+b7, 121d 4h 8m, wbadm), mercurial-buildpackage (+b4, 111d 18h 21m, wbadm), cl-clx-sbcl (+b6, 92d 7h 17m, wbadm), acetoneiso (+b6, 89d 15m, wbadm), arachne-pnr (+b3, 81d 20h 23m, wbadm), 81: boost-defaults (+b9, 81d 20h 21m, wbadm), ecopcr (+b2, 81d 20h 20m, wbadm), kodi-pvr-hdhomerun (+b3, 81d 19h 7m, wbadm), apache-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind (+b8, 75d 20h 49m, wbadm), astroml-addons (+b8, 75d 20h 45m, wbadm), backuppc (+b9, 75d 20h 43m, wbadm), gadmin-samba (+b8, 75d 20h 40m, wbadm), nautilus-share (+b21, 75d 20h 40m, wbadm), gnome-twitch (+b5, 75d 8h 53m, wbadm), pitivi (+b4, 75d 8h 52m, wbadm), 91: python-cdo (+b4, 75d 8h 48m, wbadm), xfswitch-plugin (+b21, 70d 20h 16m, wbadm), cortina (+b16, 70d 20h 13m, wbadm), kaffeine (+b2, 67d 22h 36m, wbadm), apache-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind (+b7, 54d 19h 40m, wbadm), gadmin-samba (+b7, 54d 19h 38m, wbadm), wiipdf (+b7, 33d 4h 2m, wbadm), meta-gnome3 (+b4, 32d 21h 26m, wbadm), pida (+b28, 20d 5h 28m, wbadm), vim-command-t (+b21, 18d 17h 57m, wbadm), 101: systemd-shim (+b7, 3d 18h 36m, wbadm)
Installed46849Too many results, cannot display
Uploaded61: libtasn1-3 (276d 19h 33m, bm-wb-04), iceweasel (275d 21h 41m, testwandboard), golang-defaults (202d 8h 38m, bm-wb-02), 389-dsgw (+b12, 118d 2h 34m, bm-wb-04), massxpert (+b1, 58d 7m, mb-lxc-01), maildir-filter (11h 53m, mb-lxc-01)